Facebook Allowing Apps To Access Users Phone Numbers and Addresses (update – not cancelled)

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When you are going to allow a Facebook application now you might see this …

… as Facebook has now allowed developers access to your private information. As announced on the developers blog page on Saturday here.   See updated information at the end. 

As you see can see its not only allowing the application access to your basic information but also your current address and mobile phone number.

Of course you can just click don’t allow on the permissions page (if you notice it)  or you can make sure that this personal information isn’t on Facebook in first place, which would be my advice. 

To make sure you have not got this information to share with third party applications.

Go to 
  • Profile (Top Right) 
  • Edit Profile (Top Right) 
  • Contact Information (Left menu) 

If you have your private information here then, delete it and click save changes at the bottom. 

Facebook obviously isn’t interested in our privacy, we know that by now, so its up to us to be vigilant and keep an eye out for these things. 

Update, Facebook has now posted a blog 

Improvements to Permissions for Address and Mobile Number

They say here not that they are cancelling this (as some reports have said) but just postponing it while they make some changes to make sure it is more clear for users to see more clearly when they are sharing their phone numbers and addresses. 
Quote “We look forward to re-enabling this improved feature in the next few weeks.”