Face to Face Business Meetings with CityHour

Face to Face Business Meetings with CityHour

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face to face business meetingsOver this last week or so I’ve been investigating  just how easy it is to set up Face to Face Business Meetings with CityHour. I was asked by Alex Lubinsky CEO of TrueBear Corporation to test out the CityHour application (which is available on iOS) to share with you what it does. Yes, this is a sponsored post, as I explained in my last post about CityHour – I am being paid to be a Brand Ambassador for just a short while. Which is fantastic as I love telling you about great applications to help you with your business.

City Hour Makes Setting up Meetings so Simple

We all know that social media and business networking is very important to our business.  Establishing a connection, interacting with our contacts and getting to know them is all important in creating trust and/or friendships.  However, CityHour expands those connections and takes them that step further, with ease.  No longer are our connections just a number but they are a prospect that wants to meet us.

In this post I’m going to show you just how CityHour works to connect you to those important business leaders that are open to connecting face to face with you. Yes, there are people out there just like you that actually do want to connect in person.

First you need to download the application – CityHour

How to use CityHour

Install it and Log in with LinkedIn and let CityHour sync with LinkedIn to add your profile details and your connections, it will then find everyone with the application and hopefully people will connect to you or you can do this.  You can also sync with your address book.

What do all the buttons mean?

CityHour profile

Find People – Finding people is easy – you can locate and meet people based on common topics, industries, goals and locations.

Calendar – With the Calendar you can see all of your meetings and also sync them with your iPhone calendar. 

Contacts – This is all the people that you have connected with on the app – you can send these people private messages from here also. 

As the application automatically adds your details, there is very little work for you to do, with regard to completing your profile.  CityHour tells you then how complete your profile is and shows you what other information you need to add, as you can see mine here is only 80% done.  So I have a few more pieces of information to add.

Face to Face Meetings

As its a new application of course even though I have 1500 connections on LinkedIn not many have this application yet – so it only found 21 people to connect with.  Immediately one person added me to their contacts. This of course will work much better, when everyone has installed the application, and they will – we just need to let them know how great the app is.

Face to Face Meetings

How to set up face to face business meetings with CityHour

Say you are in Town and have a couple of hours to kill in between meetings, rather than waste that time, you can see if anyone is available – One way to do this is – from the profile page – as you see on the above image, we can ask Omar to meet us – or anyone else in the same way – what you need to do is from there Select a Venue – you can add a personal message here – and select a time – this will then be sent to the person for him to accept.  You can even schedule meetings around the world and CityHour will handle all time zone conversions. (Very handy for me, as I always get those times wrong)

CityHour meeting

In My Meetings I will now see this

CityHour (4)

So that’s how easy it is, hopefully the person will send you a message back saying that they are available to meet you and off you go to your power meeting to conquer the world or to maybe just have some relaxation time with a contact.

This app is only available on the iPhone right now but the iPad app is on its way and so is the Android version.

Soon you will also be able to log in via Facebook.

You can download this app for free on iTunes

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.