Everybody Panic Whats App is Down

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Whatsappdown for many users and we are flocking to other networks to check if its only us or just Virgin Media have broken it again.

Users are unable to send or receive chats we are just faced with the whirling “connecting” timer when we attempt to send or read a message.

Everybody Panic Whats App is Down

Whatsapp being down (not working) is one of the most talked about things on Twitter this evening as people cannot connect to their favourite chat app – some are even threatening to send SMS text messages to their friends and family.

At last check there were 1.58 MILLION tweets about Whatsapp

The website is it down right now – shows that it is actually working for some people.

Everybody Panic Whats App is Down

Whatsapp hasn’t tweeted for some time,  so we aren’t going to get an answer there – however we have seen tweets that have said its being worked on.

Everybody Panic Whats App is Down

The best thing though is just how creative everyone is being with their memes, gifs and images to show their boredom and panic of not being able to use Whatsapp.

Here are just a few…which I’ve collected.

Whatsappdown for many users

There are some people tweeting that’s it back up again but not for most of us it seems.
Keep calm everyone, I’m sure it will be working again soon.  “Bites Nails”