Enhance Your Twitter Presence With Twitter Conversational Ads

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This week Twitter introduced conversational ads so that advertisers can drive more earned media and create more brand influence.  It takes the standard promoted tweets that little bit further.

It seems there could be many changes at Twitter over the following months, which much controversy about the new Twitter10k where Twitter are talking about changing the 140 character limit to 10,000 – it sounds totally crazy that we would see all of those words in our feeds, so we believe that this will just be like Twitlonger, where you have to click a link to see the rest of the tweet, we’ve always found these pretty annoying but at least it won’t change what we see in our timeline, anyway – that’s another story.


What are Twitter Conversational Ads

The new ads from Twitter contain a call to action button with customisable hashtags to encourage conversation and engagement on the ads.   The call to action button opens a brand message when clicked and the user can then add their own message to the tweet and share it with their followers

twitter conversational ads


The user then gets a tweet from the brand from having engaged with the tweet.  This is turn creates a new tweet which then appears in the users followers timelines with the original photo or video.  So the brand gets extra earned media at no extra cost, as long as people do engage with the original tweet.

Twitter say that conversational ads are exclusive to Twitter and hopefully Twitter have made a big move here by increasing our engagement with our followers, friends or consumers, which we all know by now is great for RIO and brand awareness.

So it seems  you really can enhance your Twitter presence with Twitter conversational ads.

Fans love to interact with brands on social media and sadly some of the time, they do not get a response. In fact according to a report by Sprout Social – 7 in 8 messages to Brands are Ignored on Social Media.  With the correct team, the correct tools and the right Social Media Manager this should not be happening.      With Twitter conversational ads users that interact will get a response – even though this response initial response will be automatic,  We do hope Brands follow it  up with some human interaction.  However, it will be interesting to see how fans respond to these ads as we haven’t seen much excitement from Twitter Polls and they are free, yet although they give the consumer a way to be heard, there is no interaction.

It’ll be exciting to see how it works.

Conversational ads are currently in beta and available for select marketers and advertisers.