End-to-end encryption makes communication on WhatsApp finally private

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whatsapp-892926_1280End-to-end encryption makes communication on WhatsApp finally private – Whatsapp today have stepped up their privacy game by adding end-to-end encryption – it was one factor that was leaving them behind in the communication race with many other apps such as Telegram and Skype already using this method of secure communication.

What is end to end encryption (E2EE)

Whatspp end-to-end encryption was developed in collaboration with Open Whisper Systems.

What it actually means is that no one – apart from who you allow – can read your chat or listen to your phone calls via WhatsApp – not hackers, cyber criminals, an internet service provider, government or indeed any other third party.  What they call cryptographic keys are used to encrypt and decrypt the messages. Basically all messages, documents, photos, videos, voice messages  are secured with a lock and key, and no one else can get your secret number unless you allow it.

End-to-end encryption makes communication on WhatsApp finally private

The absence of end to end encryption hasn’t prevented the hoards of people using Whatsapp and signing up – with something like 1 billion users worldwide its quite surprising that Whatsapp has only just added end to end encryption but now they are saying that they are one of the few platforms to have full end-to-end encryption by default. You may need to update your app to get this addition to your security but it will be automatic.

You will get this message to confirm.

Messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption, which means WhatsApp and third parties can’t read or listen to them.

where you can verify, or learn more on the popup.

So, people that weren’t worried about the security on WhatsApp before probably won’t be excited about this update. However, I’m sure that we will now see a lot more people using WhatsApp who were using other communication systems previously, purely because they were concerned about the security on WhatsApp.

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