Emotely - the new social network with feelings

Emotely – the new social network with feelings

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EmoteEmotely - the new social network with feelings ly – the new social network with feelings, an app where your feelings count.  Emotely is a platform that enables users to express how they feel by sharing their emotions to the world.

Emotely has just released a new beta version on iOS which I saw on Betalist.com and  I knew I had to test it out.

I’ve just had a few mins with this app, it’s very easy to use but I thought I’d give a quick run down to how it works and let you  know about this new emotional application.

Emotely - the new social network with feelings


Emotely – the new social network with feelings

We know how people love to share how they are feeling with emotes, now they have their own social network to do just that.

Emotely - the new social network with feelings

How to sign up to Emotely

With Emotely you can just use your phone to sign up, sort of like you do with Whatsapp – or you can sign in with Twitter, Facebook or your email and a password.  I chose the email sign up route for testing, firstly because I don’t think Twitter is working as yet, and I didn’t want to use the others for testing, email and password is safe to begin with.

Once you have done that, you are are in!

Create your username and complete your profile.   And send your first #Memote I think that’s what the status update is called, although that seems like a widely used word, maybe it should change.

To create an update of your feelings you click the Emotely logo in the middle of your screen.   I love that logo by the way –  its a bit…  “Google” but it’s cool.

When you click the logo you are presented with two options

Emote or Ping

Ping seems to be a little bit like YO, there is even a Yo option!  I gather this is a private message,  I pinged someone but I had no idea who it was, and they followed me so that’s good.  My first follower!

You choose one of three preset messages to send to your friend

  • How you doing
  • Checking in
  • Yo

Or you can create your own message to let everyone know how you feel.


Emotes to choose from are

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Excited
  • Angry
  • Surprised
  • Afraid

but what I love about these is there is a slider so you can change your level of happiness, brilliant.

So, for instance – Happy goes from I’m feeling good all the way up to I’m feeling awesome. Then you can add hashtags.



On the next screen, you can add a description, location – and decide if you want to send to public or your followers

This is how it shares

THEN – you can share to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

If you update your profile with your profile picture the emotes appear with your picture on, if not they are emotion pictures like the one below.

When the emotes are posted, other people can click on

  • Love
  • Me too
  • Hug

and or comment on it.


I like the summary page, it’s  like analytics – it shows the percentage of people’s emotions

And they are going to be adding Maps and Trends.  I like that idea!

Okay, there is much more to come by the looks of it, and I do like Emotely – the new social network with feelings, I wasn’t sure I would from the description as I’m not a big fan of emotes or emoji but it’s much more than just posting emotes, it very interesting, I really like the interface and its working very smooth for  a beta.   I’ll bring you another update when its been updated a bit more.

You can sign  up to Emotely for free here