Drunk Tweeting

Drunk Tweeting

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Remember drunk dialing? Or did you prefer drunk texting? The slightly craftier version of drunk dialing, which enabled you to be either incognito or at least not seen in your moment of mortification – and you didn’t have to pay the consequences immediately. Typically in those instances it was only one person that you offended or had to apologise too.

Well, now there is another craze taking over where you can offend or show yourself up in public to countless numbers of people at once – it’s called drunk tweeting using Twitter.com

There are two websites dedicated to drunken tweeting www.dweeting.com you can even follow them on twitter I believe, where they retweet the best drunken tweets and http://www.twitdrunk.com/ which has pictures too, so if you are really embarrassing you might find yourself lucky enough to be listed. Although scarily, on twitdrunk there is a page where you can send an anonymous tweet, which is a bit dangerous to be honest, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that – but there are a few sites for this anonymous activity anyway.

If you want you can buy a robot to send drunken tweets for you when you are too drunk to tweet!


 Twitter words meaning – tweeting when drunk:

  • Twinking – a mixture of tweeting and drinking
  • Twit-faced – I don’t have to explain that do I?
  • TWI – Tweeting while intoxicated
  • TUI – Tweeting under the influence
  • Intoxitweeting
  • And the best one – Three tweets to the wind.

You can get stickers too!

Famous people are getting caught out drunken tweets all the time – noticeably these two that made headlines

Check Out These X-Rated Tweets! Khloe K. Gets Drunk & Poses As Her Brother.


Don’t read that link if easily offended.

The trouble is, normally there are many people following you – someone will see your dweets and remember them – even if you realize 30 seconds later and deleted all – the damage is done, normally I guess you wouldn’t realise until the morning when everyone you respect and once respected you has already read your tweet or tweets – and maybe even retweeted for all to see – even when you have deleted the offending tweet, sometimes they seem to stay on Google.

Usually it’s just a little bit of fun – we all laugh about the silly things people say – sometimes people can’t type at all and you rarely take any notice of the garbled nonsense.Or they might declare their undying love for someone, which could be very embarrassing for all concerned.

I notice a lot of people lately tweeting things like – going to a party, if I’m on at 2am tweeting just ignore me thanks – or people saying that they won’t be taking their phone to the pub/party/rave up – but then when they arrive home, with the kebab in hand, the first thing they do is go on twitter to tell all of the exceptional evening they had.

I personally think it’s hilarious and if people are going to get uppity about it, they are prudes but then I’ve never had anyone be rude or abusive to me which I have heard happens. Normally though people are happy, just chilling, having a laugh and relaxing with a drink. Oh and maybe sharing some music. 🙂

I saw Paris Hilton has a new single called Drunk Text so she must know all about it 🙂

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