Dropbox – A good use of cloud computing.

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When @Lucasblack mentioned on Twitter what he was doing with Dropbox I was immediately excited (it doesn’t take much I know) and I downloaded it instantly.

What is Dropbox

In case you don’t know yet, (Its been around since 2007 and I admit that I missed it) Dropbox is a file hosting service which uses cloud computing so that you can store and share files on the internet.
In simple terms, you never have to remember your memory key/stick USB drive again, you just save your files here and have instant access to them where ever you have a Dropbox or access to the internet,  BRILLIANT!

Share and Save files

I have my little blue box on my iphone, my personal PC and a computer at work, and anything I save there I can access and work on right away, also you can share any files you want, you can share them publicly and you can control who can access the shared folders.
Now I have it, I’m not sure how I managed without it.

Keep your files safe

Just say, you’ve put your important files on your USB drive and argh, its lost or broke, and or your PC went down, (it was a bad day!) Log on to another computer and access all of your files still safe and sound in a fluffy white cloud.  Also if you go to a computer where Dropbox isn’t installed you can access your files easily from the web www.dropbox.com.
You are able to sync any type or size of file on Windows, Mac or Linux computers – and it automatically syncs when new files or changes are deleted. I love that when you next go to whatever pc you are using a message comes up telling you that you have new files or changed files.
2gbs of storage is free – you can gain more by inviting friends and other methods or you can pay for up to 100gb’s
What’s more if you or someone else deletes a file by mistake, you can retrieve it for 30 days and Dropbox does a back-up automatically without you doing a thing, magical!
Dropbox now not only have Apple apps (a must for the ipad btw) but apps for Android and Blackberry is coming very soon !
More simply
Okay – after reading this my cousin Lisa still didn’t get it, so I explained it like this, when she wants to work on something at home from work, she emails it to herself and then has to log into her email and downloads it. But with Dropbox all you need to do is save it in the Dropbox and when you get home and turn on your computer it says new file in Dropbox click that and voilà, there it is ready and waiting for you, now Lisa understands, and I hope that you do.

Wikipedia adds this

Power users have devised a number of innovative uses for and mash-ups of the technology that expand Dropbox’ functionality. These include: sending files to a Dropbox viaGmail; using Dropbox to syncIMchat logs; andBitTorrentmanagement.

Dropbox is also a useful tool for password syncing and maintenance, since most people have multiple passwords. The name of the Dropbox folder can be changed using PyDopboxPath, apythonscript. 
Dropbox does so much I can’t fit it all here but see this..
Beyond the Basics http://bit.ly/cGWxNv
Where can I download Dropbox 

To download Dropbox go to www.dropbox.com – and click download – and they even give you illustrated instructions on how to install it.
Fantastic, I just love it!