Double Whammy hack today – Spider Facebook Survey Scam and Bad thing about you on Twitter

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Double Whammy Scam today…

First up  – Facebook

There is a link appearing on twitter titled Omg Spider Under The Skin with a blogspot link, my friends have told me that they are seeing this so much on Facebook that it is getting annoying –  so its going viral – god knows why because as usual who on earth wants to watch that. ewww.

Its a another survey scam !

It first takes you to an age verification page, when you click this it shares the page to all of your friends. Next, you will be taken to a survey that promises that you could win gifts if you take part, you don’t, you just are paying the scammers for filling it out.

If you have clicked this then, remove all evidence of it on your news feed, and put out an apology saying it is fake, so no one else clicks it.  Then check your likes page and remove it from there, and I’d even change your password to be on the safe side.

If in doubt – DON’T CLICK !

Twitter – I recieved this one today, virtually the same as the Is this blog about you and Is this you in this picture.

Someone said this real bad thing about you in a blog – very tempting to click – but it is fake, when you click it, I assume you have to allow it access to your account and which it hacks and sends a DM to all or some of your friends.

If you have clicked this then check your allowed applications by going to …

Settings – applications – and revoke access to anything suspicious and change your password – and it would be nice if you told your friends its fake.


Hope this helps.