You don’t care about your Klout score until its GONE!

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Although some people maintain that the Klout scores mean nothing, its amazing how many users went into shock earlier today when they found out that their Klout score had been reduced  to a measly 1 !!

I did notice that mine had strangely gone down but only by from 64 to 60  I’m not sure if that is included in this drama sadly 🙂

It turned out Klout did have a problem seemingly partly due to the fact that they have an increasing 75 million social media profiles! wow!

Klout were quickly on the scene though by sending out tweets saying – its not you its us, and fixing the Klout scores now with an announcement on Klouts blog here. does seem to be up and running but there is a still message at the top of the page saying that maintenance is still being done, so hopefully all will be fixed soon if it is not already.

Is it that you don’t care about the Klout score til its gone?  🙂