Domino’s Pizza app for iPad and iPhone by Sumo

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Yes, you can order Domino’s pizza from your iPhone, in minutes without even speaking to anyone.

I thought it was time I stopped blogging about Facebook for one second and blog about the Domino’s Pizza application on iTunes, seeing as I was asked so nicely.  This application was developed by Somo who states they are the leading independent European mobile marketing agency, specialising in strategy, design and build of mobile websites and applications.

As you may know I love a pizza and I normally order using the Domino’s online system, which the iPhone application is very similar to but  it has recently been improved, along with the launch of the iPad application.

Using the Domino’s Pizza app

Its very easy to use and I love the design.

When you first use it you put in your postcode and it finds your nearest store to collect or have delivered from.

You then choose what you want by scrolling through a carousel style pizza menu – actually pizzas, sides, desserts and drinks – similar to how your music scrolls.  Loving this!

The great addition here is the create your own; as you add your selection it adds it to the base that you have chosen so you can see how it will look, I love that!

Put in your address and other details.

Pay – which you can do buy cash, credit card, or paypal.  You can also put in any voucher codes that you may have.

And you even have a tracker and it tells you when its being cooked. There is a great page when you put the pizza in the oven and it comes out cooked.  On this section you also have the chance of getting a voucher code, for pizza offers but on this occasion I didn’t get one.   However if you register with your email – they send you codes all of the time.

See more on the video here – DominosPizzaUK 

So, fancy a pizza ?  Then get this application, its free and even fun to use.   I thought this would be really handy, if you were almost home on the train, and you could order pizza to pick up on the way or for when you got home, but I’ll probably just use it instead of the online one now.

My pizza was delivered within half an hour by the way and it was delicious!

Also available on android.