Do You Need a New Social Media Strategy

Do You Need a New Social Media Strategy

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Do you need a new social media strategy ?

Is your social media strategy not working?  Do you need a new social media strategy.  Sometimes, the things you planned into your strategy do not work, if after a few months you have no engagement because you haven’t built the foundations, its time to realise this and move on.

It could be just that your social media program is fine but it just needs refining a little or just a little more time.  Yes, a good social media strategy does take time and effort to see rewards but are you spending time doing the right thing?  We’ve listed just 6 reasons that you might need a new social media strategy, perhaps you are doing some of these things and didn’t even realise why they weren’t working.

6 reasons you might need a new social media strategy

1 – Do you even have a social media strategy?  Having a plan is essential, just opening a string of accounts and not doing anything about them, is worse than not even having social media networks in the first place. Have you researched which social networks you need to be involved in?  You need to have a plan, who are your audience, what do they want to see, when do they want to see it, why would they want to connect with you?

2 – Do you think that you need thousands of followers and keep asking anyone and everyone to follow you – or worse are you buying fake followers?  You need targeted followers, people in your niche. Having 8000 followers on Twitter when you’ve just arrived looks really bad, and its so easy to tell if they are fake, and it won’t help your business.  Also having a large amount of followers and not following back is bad, do you want to engage or just be worshiped?  You need the correct audience to create engagement or there is no point in wasting your time, posting updates for robots or people that are not interested to read. Measure behavior not numbers!

3 – Have you totally completed all the sections of your social media profiles, not having great images as your cover photos or real pictures as your profile pictures. Including a bio and your website are also essential. Especially on Google+ you can fill out lots of useful information on Google+ including verifying your business and google authorship, two of the most important things a business on social media needs.

4 – Are you scheduling all of your posts and not being available in real time .. Ok, you can’t be there every second of the day – but just to schedule posts at the beginning of the week and leave it til the next week is not going to hack it, I would say don’t even bother at all.  Social media is about real time interaction and about talking about things that are happening now, not last Friday.

5 – Are you constantly talking about yourself or your business, just posting your own blog posts, again and again – just pure adverts. Do you connect with someone and immediately send them a link about your business, don’t! This is social media which isn’t advertising, marketing or sales –  its time to learn the difference. Listen to your audience, what are people saying, what do they want from you?  What are your competitors doing and saying?

6 – Do you send auto DM’s?  People don’t like them, as much as people say that they work – most people just find them spam, and that’s what they are embarrassing spam and not what social media is about.

If you can tick any of these boxes, its time to stop and and sort it out before it is too late –  maybe it true that you need a new social media strategy