Disqus – is it for me? – (help required)

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I need some advice here please, – as its you, the readers that will be either commenting or not commenting.

I’ve recently added Disqus – A Comment System, to my blog, I’ve been using Disqus for a while myself as a few of the blogs that I read use it, and so when I comment it is saved on my account, which I really like. All of your comments and others replies and comments on your blogs are all kept in one place.  You can set it up so you are emailed when a comment arrives and even reply just via email.

As you can see, it all looks very nice, and there are lots of options to like or tweet or post on Facebook easily, this shows once you start to type.

Yet, if you don’t like it and won’t use it to comment, then I won’t keep it, you can log in via Facebook or Twitter easily I think, so not having an account shouldn’t be a problem, or is it? I don’t how many people will even bother with it.

Add ons including analytics
Integrate all of your websites.
Create your own theme
Moderate your comments, by approving, deleting, and marking comments as spam
Specify who can comment
Screen Comments
Restrict words
Whitelist/blacklist options – add the good or the bad to these.
Search is comprehensive – search on a username or email

They have recently updated and renewed parts of it.

There is just so much you can do, that I even haven’t even looked into yet and so I think  I would like to keep in on here.  Already it seems there was a price to pay, (without losing new comments) I appear to have lost my previous comments, although they are still in my dashboard and on a widget that I have at the side, they are gone from my posts.  Which is sad, so if anyone know’s how to get those back I’d be grateful, in the meantime I’ll keep looking.

So, what do you think? ………Dump it or keep it?

Please would you comment and let me know if you hate it, won’t use it or love it – or aren’t bothered. I would really love to know.  I am assuming however that if you hate it, you won’t actually use it to tell me!

Hope you can help 🙂