Did Google+ help with the Facebook improvements

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Yesterday The Facebook Blog  announced on a very mixed up post that they are making a “bunch of improvements” so that it is easier to share our posts and photos.   These improvements are starting to roll out over the next few days – you’ll know when you have them as you will see a prompt for a tour, which might not be a bad idea to do.  Hopefully I can make it clearer for you what the changes are.

Photos and Posts

Facebook are making the sharing options next to the posts and photos on a drop down menu instead of being on a settings page. These options were there already just not in the right place.  There are also more changes to help with privacy and sharing.  Which does make it look a little bit more like Google+ but I’ll leave that for you to decide.


This will help with people understanding who they share with, right here on your profile it actually says who are you are sharing this information with – I like this!

Photo Tags

If someone tagged you in a photo before and you didn’t want it you had to then go in to the photo and remove it, maybe days later which could be embarressing – Now however you will be notified and you can approve or reject the tag.   Anyone can now tag you in a photo, they do not even have to be your friend, but you have to approve it for it to show on your profile, but its not clear if it shows on their profile if you approve or not?

I like this

They have also moved the View Profile As button to the top of your profile page, instead of having it hidden away.


Facebook has now put icons and changed the word “Everyone” to “Public”  (Google+) on who you share with …   You can also now edit status updates or change who see’s the posts if you sent it out incorrectly. This could be both helpful and annoying.


The new feature here is that you can now check in to anywhere you don’t actually have to be there, you can say that you “would like to be” somewhere or that “you are going” somewhere, and now it is not restricted to mobile only.

So, basically most of these changes aren’t really new features but slightly changed or moved to a more accessible place, which is great, as still people do not understand Facebook privacy, perhaps these improvements will help.

Hope this helps