Daybreak Games Closing Down Landmark Game Servers

Daybreak Games Closing Down Landmark Game Servers

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6 months after the official launch of Landmark Game, Daybreak Game Company have announced that they are closing the servers on February 21 2017.  The game will be no more.

There are many gamers that are very sad tonight, and some that are probably gloating.

Daybreak Games Closing Down Landmark Game Servers

To say this is a shock isn’t entirely true.  Its been on the cards for a while but loyal players, who have stuck by the game for 3/4 years, Players who have paid hundreds of pounds into the game just kept hoping and praying Landmark would be fixed. Landmark Game is the only game around like it, nothing else can replace it.   Players have been asking for updates for months because bugs were not being fixed and more bugs were appearing but Daybreak had gone silent.  (Cue cricket noise)  Daybreak weren’t even answering complaints or helping players at all. People who hand spent 100s of hours building creations before launch could not place them in the new build since launch, it was crazy. Daybreak were useless at community management before (since Daybreak  cut back on staff) but since launched it has been non-existent.


Daybreak Games Closing Down Landmark Game Servers

Today Landmark released this on the forums

Since Landmark first entered Alpha, we have been impressed by the creative talents in this community. You pushed the boundaries of what Landmark could do, and we are grateful for the time and energy you shared through your creations in this game.

While there is still time to enjoy Lumeria and the many worlds you’ve built within Landmark, we wanted to let you know what you will be seeing happen between now and February. Beginning today, Player Studio items will no longer be available for listing or for purchase in the Landmark Marketplace. Landmark will also no longer be available for purchase. All items in the Marketplace with a Daybreak Cash price will have their price reduced to 1 DBC.

The game servers, as well as the accompanying forums and social media channels, will be closed at 4:00PM Pacific Time on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your creative contributions to Landmark. 

Who gets refunds for Landmark Game?

The people that only bought this game 6 months ago – do they get refunds?  I know most of us have lost our money we paid in Alpha or Beta that’s the way it goes I guess with early access games is it? Maybe that’s the chance you take.  However, this game was launched, launched as a finished game in a bad state, when it should have never have been launched.  It was rushed, we all knew it, we think now it was a last stitch attempt to make some money and it didn’t work.   Loyal fans, who were basically screwed over thought these bugs would be fixed over time but no, the game was broken even more – isn’t there a law against that?  How can someone bring out a game, have people spend money on it and then take it away.   Isn’t that like buying a car and six months later Ford take it back because they don’t like it and you don’t get a refund.   Thinking about it what about the money spent in-game since launch, that too should be refunded in reality.

When landmark was launched, the size we could build was changed so buildings we made could not be put back up, so I had to sink my full-size Big Ben into the sea  – many players had this problem and they had great amazing builds, and little did we know that was just the start of our problems.

Daybreak Games Closing Down Landmark Game Servers

So it looks like the Everquest Next fans were right – after EverQuest Next was cancelled and Landmark was launched, they told landmark players that we would be sorry.  Landmark Game Launched – EverQuest Next Fans Give Bad Reviews

Yes, we are sorry – very sorry, upset and annoyed  –  don’t say I told you so…..

Daybreak Games Closing Down Landmark Game Servers