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Creating a website easily

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world-wide-web-extended-md (1)Creating a website can be cheaper and easier than you think.   If you have a business, want to be a blogger or have a product that you need to promote and you need to get online quick. There are a number of resources that you can use.

Using some platforms you might not get your own domain name, and it could be that it might not rank highly in search engines, due to SEO restrictions but the old saying something is better than nothing is true.

Professionally Designed Websites

Obviously the best way to go, is to get a professionally designed original website, which looks gorgeous and  you can add all the SEO tools that you need, your own logo and update and change to your hearts desire. You can buy your own domain name and a get a host and work on getting to number one in Google searches.  This might not be as expensive or as difficult as you think.  However some people find this too much to deal with, they just don’t understand how to keep the websites updated, they don’t the have time, the inclination or the cash.

If you really can’t afford this for your business or project then there are many alternatives.

Quick Build Websites

There are many quick build websites such as  website design by 1&1  who even offer a 30 day trial I notice.  To compare packages you can check out this list which has some more quick build websites

These type of websites are fairly simple to set up you just choose your template and a package and off you go, so you are creating a website from a template, no coding required.

Depending on the package some of  these sites can offer your own domain name or you have to have their own .com after your name in the web address. Some offer 24 hour support. And they say that they are easily updated by the user.   A few of the websites are just one-page sites and others offer free packages so check that out too.

Creating a website using free websites

There are many free websites available that you have probably heard of.  With these platforms you might find it difficult to get the name that you want as they are very popular and have many users – unless of course the business name or website name is original or unusual. You will still have Tumblr, wordpress or blogger in the URL though.


I have a few of these myself,  I must admit to being a website hoarder – I love them just for fun really and to network with other users. I do find websites very useful, this is why I am still amazed that many businesses don’t have a website, its like a 20 something not having a smartphone!     There are many, many other free website options you might like to use but I believe these are the most popular sites.

So, there you go, you don’t need to know how to code to begin creating a website, you just need to know which platforms to use, or you can just get a professional to do it for you.  There is really no excuse not to have any website at all – you have a big choice here, either professional, easy or free .. anyone and everyone can and should have their own online presence and that includes a website.