Create a whiteboard animation video with VideoScribe

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create whiteboard imagesWith Videoscribe by Sparkol you can create a whiteboard animation video in minutes.   Sparkol actually call them “scribe videos”  – basically its where you bring illustrations and stories to life that replicates a stop-motion capture type of drawing.

Jon Air founded Sparkol in  2008 and I only just found them!  The team are based near Bristol in the UK and they have really created something fantastic here to help anyone even without any technical knowledge to create marketing videos, instructional talks or stories at a low price.

The Power of Images

Videos are the best way to get your message across quickly.  Short animated videos seem to catch our eye, and because we have a limited attention span we need something that doesn’t bore us silly or become too much information for us to take in.  Thats where whiteboard animation comes in, using pictures and words or audio you can grab someones attention and say what you need to say in 1 minute.   And with VideoScribe as long as you have the script you can make the video in just a few minutes.

Luckily Sparkol offer a 7 day trial so that you can actually go and test it, and there are a few differences between the 7 day trial and the full version which are.

  • Full desktop edition for PC & Mac
  • No watermarks or VideoScribe or Sparkol branding
  • Support service
  • Unlimited online storage space
  • Full HD output & fast rendering
  • Render at any frame rate
  • Use your own “hands” or any image to draw elements
  • Output as Quicktime™ MOV or Flash FLV
  • Output to JPG or transparent PNG image sequence for editing
  • Full commercial use of images including Pro libraries
  • Full commercial use of all music & fonts
  • Resell whole or part videos created commercially (see full terms)
  • Sparkol Pro newsletter
  • Get all updates as they come out
  • Also what I like is that if you can draw little sketches you can add SVG images.

How to create a whiteboard animation video

So you’ve signed up, downloaded the software and you are ready to go – when you first log in you will see some saved demonstration videos left for you to look at the process. When you are ready click create on the right hand side.

how to create whiteboard videos

Here it tells you what some of the buttons are, but don’t be frightened clicking the others, it always warns you before it deletes anything permanently.


 You then have your blank canvas to add your images .. from:-

  • Favourites
  • The VideoScribe library
  • Your Computer
  • Dropbox
  • or the Web



The next button along is where you add text, which you just type straight into the box.  The Music button add music 🙂  The Microphone is to add audio and the Cog changes the paper, the hand or pen you are using to scribe – vignette and to manage fonts.

Something important to know or remember is that with each image or text you place you can adjust the camera view to zoom in or set it how you want it to view that part of the story. This button is located at the far right at the bottom and is lit up when you click on the part that you want to set the camera on.


The only thing I felt was missing with this video software is that you don’t have a back button as you do with most illustration software such as illustrator or even MSPaint.

You can preview your video at any time by clicking the Play button – Middle top left and the next button is to share it, which can be confusing because you need to go over to the far left and click the green tag and here you will see how to save a videoscribe video.

There are lots of great video tutorials on how to create a videoscribe video but I just wanted to show you here the basics of how easy it really is. This was my first video which I made in minutes, and I’d never used software like this before. Now that I know more I plan to make something better but at the time, I thought it was amazing and I hope you like it. You can save your self ££££££ by just learning a few easy steps and create a whiteboard animation video yourself.

Check it out now, you can get your free seven day trial of video scribe HERE