Compose music with the Isle of tune… Game?

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Ok, I admit it, this music sequencer has kept me busy for a couple of days now, (in my spare time) and I am addicted to it. I have Jim Hall the creator to blame for that, thanks Jim.  Its different than you’ve ever seen before. On Isle of tune, you create little cute islands, with roads, trees bushes and houses to compose your own music or mixes of other tracks.

This is my sons island that he made today currently no’3 in “today’s” chart (please click like, if you do like).

Revolving I like to move

Of course my sons island is much better than my effort

– Called Stairway to isles but it was my first try. Don’t laugh.  🙂   It seems really simple but as you get into it you find that actually its really quite tricky to create a masterpiece.

How to make your musical journey

When you first start you have an empty island with a tool bar at the bottom, here you will see everything you need to start creating your musical wonderland isle.

First you design your layout of road. 

Then you can add some trees or bushes, these are your notes – you adjust each one to a different note by clicking on them you can do this by using tone, or clicking keyboard and choosing a note. (Here you have even more options)

After that you can add a new road to create a drum beat with street lamps and or houses, and the last thing to  place is your car. 
You have available any amount of road, trees, bushes, etc but only 3 cars.
When you are ready you press go and the car on the road starts moving and as it passes by the objects this generates the sound.

Its easier to understand once you have looked through a few of the shared islands.

Here is my son at No. 13 on This Weeks Chart.

There are 3 save spaces to save your work and you can post your tunes to Twitter, Facebook, email, or share on the site.

Some musicians decorate the rest of their island even if they aren’t using it for sounds, to create a complete and fun filled island, they look brilliant.

Someone once compared this to Farmville so I didn’t even bother looking at it, but it is nothing at all like Farmville. The only part that is computer generated is the car moving around the track, apart from a few loop tracks that are supplied, the rest you have to create yourself.

There is only one problem, it needs a log in system. As you only get 3 saves per system, which isn’t many if you have a few people using one computer.

The fabulous news is that the App is coming to Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch very soon! Then I’ll have my own saves 🙂

You can find isleoftune on Twitter @isleoftune (followers seem to be going up fast) or on Facebook

Now, get composing, I’d love it if you posted your tunes here.   Hopefully they’ll be as bad as mine.
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