Color, Photo-sharing application – How do I… ?

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There’s been so much hype about the social networking image sharing application Color, I’d be surprised if you had not read about it yet. The hypemeter went off the scale similar to the cabbage patch kids hype of many years ago.
Color is available for iphone and Android now: Color enables you to share photos or videos in group albums, with people at the same events as you.  You have to be within 150ft of each other, however I believe they might be lengthening this distance. You don’t have to add people to your network, this will be automatic due to the fact you are in the same vicinity with strangers (or friends) at the same event as you: sms and text are even available.
You could just use it sitting at home, if people near you are also doing the same thing, this seems pointless to me, but I can see the novelty for events or concerts and the like.
Many complaints have been already flying around the net regarding this application, maybe they pushed it out too soon; there has already been some updates, and no doubt there will be some more.
Problems I’ve seen reported and the solutions.

How do you delete photos from Color?  –  You just swipe the picture using the iphone.
I’ve seen an inappropriate photo! –  Report it, the user will be blocked forever.
I was blocked because my friend reported my photo for a joke! – Your photo will be checked and if clean you will be unblocked and your friend may get blocked for incorrect reporting.
I don’t see people in the app that should be here! – Try restarting the application.

Here is an album @bennparr, @loic and @kris were sharing  – this looks fun. At the top you can see who is at the party using the application.
You can share these albums to Facebook or Twitter.
And here is Robert Scoble @scobleizer trying out the application, he said that he was feeling a bit lonely over there in Silicon Valley but I’m sure he isn’t now after posting that.
It seems a lot of people have been trying out Color but will it stay?
Have you been using Color yet? Did you like it?
(Shame they spelt it wrong 🙂 )