Clever Facebook 7th Birthday Scam

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Facebook users are  being lead to believe that they can get a free pair of shoes as a special gift from Facebook as a birthday celebration.

To redeem your gift all you have to do is verify your Facebook account by logging into Facebook mobile.
There is even a video showing you how to do this to make it seem even more realistic and because it is quite tricky to find your facebook mobile email.  You then have to complete a survey (which is how they earn their money)  This should always be an alarm for users, surveys on Facebook are usually dodgy.
Another alarm for us, is that you never get anything for free – free iPad click here, how often do you see that, do you click it? Free shoes? No pictures or sizing?  Apparently there is also one of these that has free T-shirts.
If you do this you have allowed the scammer to use your Facebook account and post status updates or upload videos to your profile as they now have your facebookmobile email address, which is what this is used for.
If you were scammed you need to change  or refresh your Facebook mobile email address right away, at the same address as the scammers told you go to.
Hope this helps