How to choose a mobile phone for a preteen

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The great variety of mobiles and their endless combinations and possibilities can make the process of choosing a mobile phone tedious and complicated, especially when you need to decide how to choose a mobile phone for a preteen.  In order to help you make the right choice, here in this article today, we have compiled a list of characteristics that a mobile phone for kids should have.


How to choose a mobile phone for a preteen



How to choose a mobile phone for a preteen

Characteristics of a mobile phone for the preteen

1. Quick dial menu for frequent numbers and an SOS button connected with emergency assistance services. There are already available on many phones in the market, these have the option of consecutively calling five predetermined telephone numbers until one of them responds.

2. Direct access button to messages and frequent contacts menu.

3. High call volume and conversation, or compatibility with hearing aids.

4. An adjustable screen so that it is possible to enlarge it until it adapts to the needs of the user.

5. Precision pencil or pointer for easy writing for smartphones with touchscreens that have no buttons.

6. The casing should be fall proof and the screen protected and resistant, or you can buy a protective cover.

Smartphone security for preteens

Add a layer of security to device:
Along with these characteristics, make sure that you put parental controls on their smartphones before handling it to the preteens. There are many options available in the market for parental control apps, but an upto date and most preferred by the majority of parents is FamilyTime parental control. Having this app in hand, parents can stay in the know of their kids’ digital conduct as well as their movements in the real world. With this app parents can view contact, SMS threads, call logs, applications, app preferences, the frequency of using a particular app, web history and much more.

FamilyTime App 

Along with these monitoring features, the app offers parental controls for example, with the app, parents can watchlist contacts, block unwanted or inappropriate apps, schedule auto screen locks and remotely lock devices, etc. In case of phone loss, parents can also track the location and disable the device to protect the data in it. Aren’t all these great features? These certainly are, and I think essential if your kids are going to have mobile phones.  So, what are you waiting for? Get the app now and before giving your preteen their first device, install your parental controls on it. You can get the trial version of the FamilyTime app with premium features from the Google Play store and iTunes. So, visit the app store to download the FamilyTime app.

In general, we usually suggest to buy phones direct from operating companies, but this is not the only option. If you want a specific device that is not available in the stores, you can search for it online to buy or use specialised mobile or telephone shops. In both cases, you can acquire the device and then get the tariff that best suits you with the mobile network operator of your choice, although previously you will have to make sure that the mobile is free, that is, that it works with any network.  We hope that helps you decide how to choose a mobile phone for a preteen.