Changes / and how to use Google url shortener

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Google have recently made some small changes to their URL shortener

To shorten a URL

You just paste your long URL in the space provided and it gives you your shortened URL at the side.

Its much easier now to copy to clipboard, no longer to you have to highlight and then right-click copy. Now when you shorten your URL it immediately appears already highlighted and you just press Control+C   or Command+C for Macs.

Also you don’t have to wade through unwanted links to find the link you are looking for any more, you can select URL’s to delete on your dashboard. And just leave the URLs you want to keep an eye on.  Even though you delete t hem from your dashboard they can still be used and clicked on.  You can also add them back if you want.

If you wanted to see analytics for your shortened URL you can just type them in with a + at the end.

I haven’t used this shortener for a while, now but I think I shall go back to it again, its nice and easy and you get lots of information.

Hope this helps.