website errors costing your business hits

Are these website errors costing your business HITS!!

We are often asked to review websites for customers, to find out exactly why the website isn’t getting any hits.  This usually means the website is not being found on Google search or other search engines because of website errors.  It’s easy to find out if you have website errors costing your business hits. With the holiday season coming up fast for e-commerce businesses it’s even more important that these websites are fully optimized. Not being found on Google or being on page 10 and having pages that load slow, is not going to help business.  First people have to be able […]

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We had a website challenge – The Windsor Caper

Its not often that you get a customer that wants a new website but has no idea what they want or even to have any input in it, this was our  website challenge. “I completely trust you to create something amazing” This can be often be good or bad. So, first we gave him our ideas and a few images of what he might expect, and he was thrilled so we got right to it. Its actually a fascinating story so I thought I would share it with you. Author Gerda Weissman Klein 90 year old Gerda Weissmann Klein is […]

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