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Another old drawing – done in Illustrator – first I drew the minis then the VW – put them all together here, on a street.  I liked how it turned out.

The Flintstones

Another very old picture that I drew in MS Paint, of the kids from the Flintstones – Bam Bam and Pebbles 🙂

The Flintstones is an animated, prime-time American television sitcom that was broadcast from September 30, 1960 to April 1, 1966 on ABC. The show was produced by Hanna-Barbera ProductionsThe Flintstones was about a working-class Stone Age man’s life with his family and his next-door neighbor and best friend.

The show’s continuing popularity rested heavily on its juxtaposition of modern everyday concerns in the Stone Age setting

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Twitter galleries launched some users want disabled

Twitter User Galleries

User galleries on Twitter aggregate the images you’ve uploaded in your Tweets into an organized page where you can view all of your most recent images.
The images included in user galleries can come from TwitteryFrogTwitPic, Instagram and other image sharing services supported in Twitter’s details pane.

Technical Limitations of User Galleries:

  • User galleries will display up to 100 most recent images in your Tweets, in chronological order.
  • Video thumbnails will not be included. Tweets with video links will not be included in user galleries.
  • Images in Tweets will not be displayed if the Tweet was sent before January 1, 2010.

This is how your profile page will now appear, and you won’t see more pictures until you click view all, and then it looks like the screenshot above.

Fantastic right?  ….. Maybe not so great, people have started to see the new Twitter user gallery on their profiles today and are asking how to remove it.  They don’t like their photos being on their profile page.  Another problem that I have just discovered is that if you manually retweet or click on a tweetthis link so that the tweet appears in your feed as a Via; that photo appears in your gallery as recent photos and its not even your photo.

As usual with new features on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook you are immediately opted in,  whether or not you want the new feature.  From what I’ve seen, users just want the choice, it might not be that they do not like the feature but they would like to chose if they want their photos displayed permanently or not.

The only options in settings are…

Also on the Twitter help page on All about user galleries it just refers to removing one photo by deleting the tweet, this could be tedious if you wish to remove them all.

So, as to how do I remove Twitter photo gallery from my profile it seems that as yet we cannot. Perhaps as User Galleries have only just launched it could be that Twitter will allow the option to remove or disable photo galleries for those that don’t wish to have this option.  I do  hope so.

I don’t mind about the photos being on my profile, I put them on Twitter to share with everyone anyway – well apart from one picture that I posted to one person directly but even so sending a photo to Twitter can be seen by anyone.   However I do not like being opted in to all changes especially when it comes to privacy.

Hope this helps,  I will update if there is a way to stop pictures from appearing on your profile.



Twitter Money Scam Hacks Your Account

We are seeing these words too much on Twitter at the moment – I’ve been hacked!

Be warned – The Twitter make money fast scam hacks your account

This scam or variations on the same theme is still going around Twitter, its been floating around for at least a month now so its spreading viciously.

How I made $$$ working from home

Make money working from home

Working from home leads to shocking money results

How I got rich on Twitter

These appear in your DM (Direct messages) from friends, so you think that they are real – and after you click them to see what it is, it starts sending out DM’s to all of your friends, and before you know it people are telling you, that you got them hacked too.  Followers are likely to unfollow and blame you for this.

I must say that is so easy to get sucked into clicking these things, as they are from friends and we’d all like to make a fast buck, but there is one thing to remember, if it was legit would your friend DM  you a link about it, or would he just tell you.

Its the same old story – we’ve seen it before recently in the Is this blog about you scam  and Is this your in this photo and Someone said a bad thing about you – all designed to trick you into clicking the link.

You do see other similar blogs floating around twitter about making money from home which aren’t hacking into your account but they are still scams.  One has been around for years, the article that looks like a newspaper report about how this woman makes £££ from doing hardly anything.  These sort of get rich quick schemes, usually require you to either pay money up front and/or to scam other people into doing so.

So.. the rule is here – Be very careful what you click in your DM’s  if you are unsure about it but think oh that looks interesting, send a message to the person and ask, did you just send me this message.  9 times out of 10 they will say OH NO I’ve been hacked.

To fix this – Change your password – and tell your friends not to click any DM’s from you.

Hope this helps


Google+ add verification badges to Celeb profiles

Google plus has finally added the ability to verify your account if you are a public figure or a celebrity – in the same way that Twitter does, so that you know if you following/circling/talking the “real thing”.

All you need to do to confirm the verification is roll your mouse over the tick beside the name and you will see that is is verified like I have on Dolly Parton’s account above.

Its happened many times on Twitter, where someone has thought they are following a celebrity, word gets out and suddenly everyone is following this fake person. Sometimes it takes a while on Twitter for celebrities to get verified I don’t know if that is them not applying for it or Twitter taking a long time.  Hopefully Google won’t take too long in “rolling” verification’s out.

Wen-Ai Yu from Google shared this information last night on her G+ account they are calling them verification badges Google are only allowing this on public figures, celebrities and people who are in a large number of circles at present, but they are working on expanding this to more people, so the rest of us might be able to verify our own accounts eventually.

Google+ Update: Verification Badges for Profiles

This is a good step for Google plus, as there are always people that are going to try and pretend they are celebrities and that must be very difficult to police and annoying for fans who follow these types of people.

Hope this helps #googleplusupdates

Milna – a social media revolution!

The Milna application has been officially launched FREE on the  App store and the Android Market place.

Milna was the brainchild of  Prathap Chandran @notprathap who then involved  Aanjhan Ranganathan @tuxmaniac   his now business partner and Milna was born.

Milna is a location based social networking service which uses your 3G or Wifi and your GPS coordinates to communicate with fellow Milna users.

Say you want to find out what is going on in the local area, or are looking for a job or a great place to eat, you ask the users on Milna.

Do what you want to do. Together.

Never for a moment think you are alone. You’ll be surprised how many people around you want to do exactly what you want to.
Milna. Make it happen!


Know it from those around you. Just ask what you want to know. And get to know.


Sometimes you wish someone shared your dream. Someone who you could sit down over coffee and discuss how you want to make a difference. Do it.


The locals know the best. So why dont you ask them which is the best Sushi restaurant around?


There are days when you just want someone to listen to your wants and wishes. Reach out.

You simply download the application – create a new account and it automatically looks for your location.

It searches for All Wants within a certain radius – which you can reply to.

You can type in My Wants.

Update your profile and you are off.

You can learn more about Milna on their blog here    Website –  And Facebook page

Hope this helps






Malware Email spreading fast!

Hitting with force in your inbox at the moment is an email regarding a speeding ticket – Traffic Ticket – that you haven’t paid.   This email contains a Trojan horse, which is basically malware disguising itself as a safe program or application.

A Trojan horse…

 …may allow a hacker remote access to a target computer system. Once a Trojan has been installed, the hacker may have access to the computer remotely and perform various operations, limited by user privileges on the target computer system and the design of the Trojan.

Many people are reporting being caught by or receiving  this email – it is American so if you are not in America you should spot right away that something is not right but you still may be tempted to click!  Which is what they want – Trojans do not self-replicate like other viruses they are spread manually by you.

Just don’t open the attachment!

The email appears to come from a reputable source which of course is fake and is intended to frighten you into opening the attachment. Also another tell tale sign the same as on many Facebook scams is the spelling mistakes in the email.

We have seen something similar in the past and that was the Fake Parking Ticket Scam which also was included a Trojan horse attachment.

This is Traffic Ticket software is being spammed viciously to any email and any country right now some saying that they are received it more that once, so it is very likely that you will see this scam.

Always make sure your anti-virus protection is upto date.

Hope this helps





Facebook Phonebook – are my contact numbers on show?

Here we go again ..

There is some confusion on Facebook about your contact numbers from your phone showing on your Facebook profile – this has popped up again since the arrival of the new application from Facebook called “Facebook Messenger”  where you can IM people from Facebook.  (Maybe because you have to Sync your contacts to use it?)

There is a viral message appearing in our feeds that says …

All the phone numbers in your phone are now published on Facebook.  

This ability (contacts)  has been there since the “Facebook Phonebook” feature at least a year ago, maybe more.   We also had a similar viral message going around then which warned that it was a security threat.

This can only happen apparently if you have in fact sync’d your mobile application with Facebook.  Even though I have even searched through lots of my friends to see if I can see any of their friends phone numbers – There is no option to view other peoples contacts.

However! … I can see my own contacts numbers, which include some of my Facebook friends… strange as I have never with my knowledge done a sync, it even comes up with a huge warning when you click the sync saying are you sure that all of your friends want you to sync their numbers with Facebook, so I would have noticed.    I tried to see if I could see these numbers from another account that I have, and I could not.

So the worrying thing isn’t that I am sharing my friends numbers but that I can see  my Facebook friends numbers, do they realise that they are sharing these with me?  I am assuming that they can’t see mine, as in the beginning I had this option stopped but now I will have to check for certain.

According to Facebook these are the instructions to …

Remove phone contacts from Facebook. 

1. Top right of screen – Click Edit Friends

2. On the left – Click Contacts.

You will see here your mobile contacts, either from your phone or your friends numbers, that have apparently allowed their number to be shown.

3. On the right – Click visit this page.

4. Click Remove.

This takes sometime, so just leave it to work its magic.

you will see this message …..

When  you have done this removal it still appears to show the people that have evidently voluntarily shared their own number, I was going to show you how to check this but see what happens next….

This is weird, you used to be able to go in to Account – Privacy preferences –  Customise settings –  Contact information  to set privacy for your mobile number but that option, (on mine anyway) has disappeared, gone, vanished!

If anyone has any  light on that matter please share it with us.   If you do share you number is this option still there?

Facebook privacy is a worry …… we need to keep on checking these things and making sure that we  have our settings customised and keep checking back in case facebook change the game again!

On another note, or maybe the same, Facebook appears to have been having some issues over the last few hours, some people are complaining that they cannot post or cannot like, various problems are cropping up, when I tried to “like” something I had a message about problem with database. Others have said it just will not them them post at all.

Hope this helps – if you can help too then please do.

Twitter and BBM involvement in UK riots

Riots that started in London have now spread to other British cities, such as Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Manchester.

It has been said that networks such as Facebook, Twitter and BBM have helped organise some of the riots.  Police say that the main culprit however is BBM; BlackBerrys Messenger service as it is/was thought that messages cannot be traced, although Blackberry have said that they will help police to trace people which is a little confusing?

I am surprised that if the police felt so strongly that BBM was to blame for the start of the London Riots that it still hasn’t been blocked, or shut down. Or is it now because now they have Blackberry to help track people, police want the looters to use it.

I assume though that police will see from phone records of those arrested, who those people have been contacted by or contacted to arrange the meet ups, via text or BBM.

I do believe that Twitter has been detrimental to the riots, but from a small minority of people,  mostly people thought they were helping.  Suffice to say that although this messaging didn’t help it certainly wasn’t the cause.

I did notice some strange tweets that could have been said to have been organising locations, from kids that had obviously just signed up to twitter. One particular tweet I contacted the Rt’r who uses the hashtag #croydon to retweet and sent the message to spam. Other messages with false information on riots being retweeted by others that thought it was actually happening.  It could be that looters turned up there to see what was going on, and it started from there.  This can be said of a lot rioted area’s.   Apart from that, there is a lot of rubbish being tweeted on twitter at the moment about UKriots; hit spam and don’t RT.

Please do not spread false rumours !

Obviously the real information on Twitter was very important for many people, we had live news of road closures and what places to avoid.  The main message  here is don’t re-tweet anything unless its 100% confirmed, its not helping its harming.   Even the police are putting this message out to users now.

The news isn’t all bad for Twitter though – since the start of this there has been a clean up operation organised though the hash tag #riotcleanup  or @riotcleanup which was the brain child of Dan Thompson from Worthing. This clean up operation has taken off so well, with Tweeters rushing out to help clean up our cities, it has now got the attention of the media and celebrities are even involved.

Facebook has  helped by first a looter proudly showing his loot on his profile pic – and secondly by police or users posting videos or photographs of looters or rioters, one already turned himself in after seeing himself in one of these videos.

Also the police are now all over twitter, giving out information and advice and more importantly posting videos and pictures of looters asking the Twitter community if they know who these people are, which everyone is sharing.

For the best information on UK riots and how to help –  follow the police on Twitter, don’t believe all the tweets you read.  Follow @metpoliceuk  @GMpolice @sussex_police @essexpoliceUK @northants999  @lancspolice to find your local police on Twitter a good way it to type in google police “area” twitter

Remember, don’t spread false rumours, its important.

Hope this helps

The death of Old Twitter is upon us! #saveoldtwitter


It’s almost a year since Twitter announced that it was changing to a newly re-engineered  They said you will be able to use it as a preview for a few weeks. You’ll be able to switch back and forth for a few weeks to get used to how it works.

I love new things, so I eagerly rushed over to New Twitter, only to be bitterly disappointed with what I saw.  So I switched back again, I did try it a few times knowing that the time will come that Twitter will make us change. However I just didn’t like New Twitter so I stuck with what I loved; Old Twitter.

Armegeddon arrives 

Then last night, in the dead of the night, we were informed by @twitter that Old Twitter is being dumped for New Twitter.



We  knew that it was getting closer to judgement day as the message at the top of the screen lately changed to read.

I know many people that have embraced the change over and they love the new interface.  I also know many that are not happy about being made to change to something they don’t like, if its not broke don’t fix it, as they say.

Its not just me, there are hundreds of people complaining on Twitter right now, there is even a campaign to save it #saveoldtwitter

Why don’t we like New Twitter

  • The stream text is much smaller
  • The stream text box is not central.
  • You cannot see older DM’s and they are set out awkwardly.
  • My main usage now requires more clicks than it did with Old Twitter.
  • Essentially for me its just the whole new interface, I don’t like to look at it, its too busy and cluttered with things I don’t need.

I agree it has a lot of new handy features, but I don’t need them – if I want to see a picture or a video I will click on it.  This is one of the reasons I prefer Twitter over other social networks, its clean, simple and easy to use.   Sadly this time is over.

I do like the Related content feature; where you can see additional information related to the tweet or the subject.

Loosing Old Twitter for me as you can tell is not a good thing and I’m not sure if I will grin and bare New Twitter or if I will again start using a different platform such as Seesmic which I use on my Tablet, or Hootsuite which I use at work or Tweetdeck which I have used in the past, or maybe something else.

Things change and we have to get over it, but why should I use something I don’t enjoy, if oldtwitter is really going then I need something else!

 Edit: At the weekend #oldtwitter was gone – since then I’ve used Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, New Twitter and something else that was such rubbish we won’t discuss it.  I’m not finding the change easy let us just say. 

Do you have any suggestions on what platforms are best ?

Also what is it, that you like about New Twitter, or do you just put up with it?  Maybe you can convince me 🙂