How to Blog with Medium

There are many ways you can set up a blog, but first we are going to talk about how to blog with Medium.  Medium was co-founded by Ev Williams of Twitter fame and launched in Beta in August 2012 and has turned out to be very popular with a wide range of different writers.

What is Medium

There has been some contention over the years as what Medium actually is because it’s very different from anything we have used before.  It’s not really a magazine, or a discovery site like Scredible its not even a media site or a blog website like WordPress but it is a blogging platform of sorts.  In a very far-fetched way, I might liken it to Tumblr, with the same sort of themes but Tumblr as a microblogging platform has mostly gone visual now, whereas Medium is for words, you can add some images but it’s mainly for reading and writing.  For bloggers, writers, journalists or anyone that wants to use it to tell their story, or have something useful to share.  Medium, however, encourages quality over quantity with their algorithm so the best posts will be seen first as chosen by editors picks.    You can upvote posts like you do in Reddit, similar to likes in Facebook I guess and these posts appear amongst the most popular blogs among readers.

Medium is different to a blogging platform such as WordPress because there are no sidebars, plug-ins or widgets, there is no branding so nothing to customise.   Medium software is a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get WYSIWYG user interface which has all the formatting you need to make your posts look wonderful but not too much that is distracts you from writing.

You don’t need lots of friends or followers to get started with Medium, everyone is in the same boat, writing with each other.  You have no commitment to post every day, every week or every year even, you can write when you feel like it, without fear that your posts will not be seen if you don’t keep posting to keep your website alive.  This is why we thought you could be very interested to find out how to blog with Medium.

How to Blog with Medium

Right lets get started – Sign up to Medium using either your Twitter account, Facebook account, Google Account or an email address.  Note: if you sign up with Twitter or Facebook your followers and friends will be imported if they are using Medium so already you will have a network or friends.  I signed up with Twitter and from my 15k followers  2k are already on Medium.  Also your image and bio will be taken from Twitter but you can edit these by clicking your profile picture and clicking edit.


Once you have signed up you will see at the top – HOME TOP STORIES BOOKMARKS where you can read other blogs and on the right hand side is Search and Write a Story.   To start a blog posts click on Start a Story, this takes you straight into the editor.

Click Title – to add the title of your article

To start writing your blog click Tell your Story.

Formatting on Medium

When you highlight a word or a selection of words you get a pop-up selection where you can

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Link
  • Create an H1 headline
  • Create an H” headline
  • Quotes

or write a private note


Adding Images

Click the at the side of the editing page

Here you will see a pop up which enables you to

  • add an image
  • add a video
  • add an embed
  • or add a new part – which means line breaks.

You also have some Keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + Alt + 1 Bigger headline
Ctrl + Alt + 2 Smaller headline Ctrl + B Bold
Ctrl + Alt + 5 QuoteTwo styles of quotes Ctrl + I Italic
* Space Bulleted list Ctrl + K Turn into a linkWorks for text and images
1 . Space Ordered list

When you are happy with your content you can click Publish in the top right hand corner.  Don’t forget to add your tags as this is how you will be found on Medium

If you realise you’ve made a mistake then you can edit – by clicking the edit button in the top right hand corner of the post.

Blogging on Medium is really as simple as that!

You can also reblog your own posts to Medium as a whole or as a reblog (as per wordress) where only part of your content is shown with a link to the rest on your website – I created this one just to test out how it works for the purposes of this post, it looks pretty nice, although I didn’t add any images.  Make money with your influence

There is a lot more to Medium than I have posted so far – this post was really just to show you How to blog on Medium and as you can see its really simple and easy to do.

Please share your Medium links here with me – so that we new users can get to see how the professionals do it.

Thanks for reading.


How to Remove Yourself as Admin on WordPress

How to Remove Yourself as Admin on WordPress So you want to know how to remove yourself as admin on WordPress blogs – you’d think this would be simple but as I found out there are couple of extra steps you need to do before you can just remove yourself as a WordPress user on a blog if you set it up.

How to Remove Yourself as Admin on WordPress

You might want to do this if you set up a blog on your WordPress account for someone else – or as a joint venture and now you want the other people or person to be admin or even owner of the WordPress blog.

How to Remove Yourself as Admin on WordPress

First then you need to have other users listed as admins on the blog. If you haven’t already then you need to go to

  • Users
  • Add New User
  • Put in their email and wait for them to respond.

Next you need to change all of the posts that are authored by you to the new person.

You can do this by going to

  • Posts
  • Click your Author Name
  • Click the Title box
  • Click Edit
  • Click Apply
  • And Bulk Edit to new Author

Then you need to Transfer your blog to the other user.

Do this by going to My Blogs Page 

Click Transfer Blog which is in the list under the address of the blog

How to Remove Yourself as Admin on WordPress

Type the User name or email address of the new user

Go to your email – you should have an email asking if this is correct

Dear User,

You recently selected to transfer your blog ‘‘ to the user ‘Techieminx’.

If you really want to transfer this blog click the link below. You will not be asked to confirm again so only click this link if you are 100% certain:

Remember that once you confirm the transfer you will no longer have any control over the blog.
Thanks for using the site,
All at

Click the link and confirm.

Your Blog Transfer is Successful.

And you will see that the blog has now gone from your list of sites on your wordpress account – and thats  How to Remove Yourself as Admin on WordPress


promote your blog

How to promote your blog

promote your blogSo you’ve started your blog and wonder if it’s all worth the effort…You feel like you are just writing for yourself.  No-one is reading it, no-one is sharing it, and definitely no-one comments on the words that you bled painstakingly on to the page.  You just need to know how to promote your blog.

Don’t get discouraged it all takes time, if you build it they will come!

You just need to shout a bit louder!

How to get more readers for your blog.

That’s the question often asked by bloggers, and even myself – I do get a nice amount of views on my website, I am very pleased my views especially as I am writing less and less now. It’s not a huge amount but it’s certainly enough to know that viewers are finding my posts and I am helping people.  However, we always want more people to visit our website and read our posts, otherwise why are we doing it.  Sometimes we do need to put in a bit more effort.


Of course the website needs to be Search Engine Optimisation friendly – which is a whole blog post in itself but you can get plugins or widgets to help with this – just search on Google – I use All in One SEO for self-hosted WordPress.  It contains so many tools it’s just amazing.


You do need to use keywords or phrases – these are strings of words or a word that people might search for on search engines such as “Who is stalking me on Facebook”  but don’t be tempted to put loads of keywords in a blog post as this is classed as keyword stuffing and you will get penalised by search engines.  Google used to have a great keyword search, but they’ve changed it now and its not so helpful but it can still help –

Another little tip is – I’m told that Google concentrates more on the first 60 words of your post so make sure your keywords are there.

Ok, so now we come to – how to promote your blog

You must share your content on social networks and various platforms – make sure you have AT LEAST accounts on

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • MySpace
  • – Meddle is quite new but you can post your blog here and it will send to Facebook and twitter – and then you can share your whole meddle profile on many networks.  – makes it easy to share to these networks if you want an easy way – it will send one post with one click to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Buffer, Yammer,, and Viadeo. Although I do prefer to share manually so that I can create some interesting text and or engagement the first time, I might use later.

Share your content on Bookmarking sites such as

  • Stumbleupon
  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • Delicious
  • Fark

To name a few, there are many more that might better suit your needs.

So, there is a basic start for you.  If you aren’t doing at least some these things then there is little wonder you are not getting many views.  Now you have some information on the subject of how to promote your blog, once you get into the swing of sharing it, you will find many more places.

Hope this helps

Who needs to comply to the new EU Cookie Regulations

EU Cookie Regulations

I know many people are confused about the EU cookie regulations, you are not alone. We are all confused and amazed that it is even a law.   I will try to keep this short and simple as I know you guys get bored with lots of text, however, it won’t be easy.

Some still think it’s not a real law – this is because the media has not made much noise about the Cookie regulations so here are a few links that might help BBC –  The Telegraph – <- Information from here will be in blue text.

We can only hope and pray that this ridiculous law is overturned, but as it stands – it IS a law already.

Firstly can I say cookies are not viruses – there is nothing wrong with cookies, we all use them, most websites store them for one reason or another, I will explain more further down.

The Cookie law came from The Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations, PECR –  which were changed on 26 May 2011 to include Regulation 6 which are the new regulations.

Who has to comply with the EU Cookie Regulations. 

If you are in Europe which includes the UK (oddly) and have a website or blog – even if it is hosted somewhere else then you are liable.

Even though this is my main self-hosted WordPress website – I have many more that I use that I am concerned about. Which include Blogspot, Blogger, WordPress, Posterous. Tumblr. I hoped that I wouldn’t need to comply on the free hosted non-business blogs as for a start I don’t actually own them – but I read this on the website.

The Regulations do not define who should be responsible for providing the information and obtaining consent. Where a person operates an online service and any use of a cookie type device will be for their purposes only, it is clear that that person will be responsible for complying with this Regulation.

Make up your own mind on that, to me that looks like I am liable, but as yet I have not found any plug-ins for blogger or similar sites to use, it seems the American companies are saying its not their problem. But we are in the UK and have a UK audience..

What are the EU cookie regulations?

The new EU cookie law was brought into effect May 2011 but it was clear that the UK was not ready – So the government had no choice but to give us all another year to sort ourselves out.  Now that time has come. Doesn’t a year go by fast?

The whole reason for this law is that they think that consumers have a limited understanding of cookies and how to manage them. So it was decided that we have to…

  • Inform readers that there are cookies on the website
  • Inform readers what those cookies are
  • Allow readers to acknowledge cookie use before using the website.

The main problem here is that a small disclaimer is not enough – the cookie regulations do not state it has to be a pop-up or a message bar, but you need to adhere to the above stipulations.

Something like we have on this site here

What are cookies

A cookie is a small file, typically of letters and numbers, downloaded on to a device when the user accesses certain websites. Cookies allow a website to recognize a user’s device.
This information is taken from for more see:

There are many types of cookies…

Session cookies – allow websites to link the actions of a user during a browser session. They may be used for a variety of purposes remembering what a user has put in their shopping basket as they browse around a site. They could also be used for security when a user is accessing internet banking or to facilitate the use of webmail. These session cookies expire after a browser session so would not be stored longer term. For this reason, session cookies may sometimes be considered less privacy intrusive than persistent cookies.

Persistent cookies – are stored on a user’s device in between browser sessions which allows the preferences or actions of the user across a site (or in some cases across different websites) to be remembered. Persistent cookies may be used for a variety of purposes including remembering users’ preferences and choices when using a site or to target advertising.

First and third-party cookies – Whether a cookie is ‘first’ or ‘third’ party refers to the website or domain placing the cookie. First party cookies in basic terms are cookies set by a website visited by the user – the website displayed in the URL window. Third-party cookies are cookies that are set by a domain other than the one being visited by the user. If a user visits a website and a separate company sets a cookie through that website this would be a third party cookie.

It all sounds very confusing right, ok – simply, these are the types of cookies that need to comply.

  • If you are using social buttons – say for Facebook – twitter – google+
  • If you have a login system
  • If you have any Ads
  • If you use Analytics like – Stat counter or Google Analytics
  • If you use a comment system as I do – Discus.

Since 2003 anyone using cookies has been required to provide clear information about those cookies. In May 2011 the existing rules were amended. Under the revised Regulations the requirement is not just to provide clear information about the cookies but also to obtain consent from users or subscribers to store a cookie on their device.

What to do next

  • Check what cookies you use
  • Decide where you need consent
  • Decide how to obtain consent

How do I know what cookies I use?

In Chrome…

Click the Spanner – Click Tools – Click Developer Tools.

A box comes up at the bottom – Click resources – and Cookies.  Here you will see a list of what cookies you store.

Once you know what you do, how you do it and for what purpose, you need to think about the best method for gaining consent. The more privacy intrusive your activity, the more you will need to do to get meaningful consent.

 You need to provide information about cookies and obtain consent before a cookie is set for the first time. Provided you get consent at that point you do not need to do so again for the same person each time you use the same cookie (for the same purpose) in future.

There are some solutions becoming available now but – make sure that it can list your cookies – show your terms – and let the reader click something to say that they have accepted before they use the website.

Mick Say explains this with much more depth – he has a good understanding of the requirements and says that there are some solutions around which don’t, in fact, meet the regulations – such as you need the user to physically accept the cookies – The online marketing academy offers a solution for small and large businesses and even for self-hosted bloggers here -> Eu Cookie Law 

I will keep looking for a solution for the blogger – Blogspot problem in the meantime maybe the best thing you can do is put a disclaimer and although this does not comply with the regulations, at least you are trying to conform which might help until there is a plug-in or a gadget available, that is up to you obviously I can’t really advise you on that.

Photo by Oksay


EU Cookie Regulations




Missing updates in Dashboard? – Its due to Google Friend Connect ! #RIP #GFC

Bloggers see the effects of losing Google friend connect.

In November the Senior Vice President of Operations for Google Urs Holze announced Google were spring cleaning, part of this cleaning involved terminating Google Friend Connect for non-blogger sites, such as WordPress. This retirement went into effect on the 1st of March and bloggers that did nothing about it are now losing many page views or unique visits from people that were only viewing from Google friend connect.

Google tried to encourage people to transfer subscribers to Google+ and to create Google+ page but we heard that many didn’t want to have to create more work for themselves and some don’t even like Google+

However, it might be something to think about as the future is clear, with the G+ button having a big impact on SEO and it all being connected with Google profiles, pages and especially business pages, I don’t think its something you want to miss out on as a blogger.

What they didn’t suggest is Google Reader,  many use Google Reader to keep up to date with their favorite blogs or websites.

An easy way to get people to subscribe to your blog/website on their reader is to add a Google+ button to your website – or even better to add the AddToAny: Subscribe Button plug in and with one click you get added to a persons Google reader.

If you have been thinking that you haven’t received some updates in your Blogger or blog spot dashboard then you have probably lost some non-blogger blogs, if you have Google reader you should add them to it, as soon as you can, if you don’t use it, now might be the time.

What is Google Reader.

(Google reader is a Web-based aggregator that reads from Atom and RSS feeds)

Google reader allows you to subscribe to the feeds of all the blogs that you love to read, and updates everyday so that you have the latest blogs sent straight to your feed.

With Google reader you can

  • Sort your Blogs into groups for easy reading by using folders.
  • Read in two views, expanded and list – and if you want to go to the source of the story you click the headline.
  • Easily share with others.
  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts 

You can add people to your Google Reader a number of ways

  • Searching in Google reader
  • Entering the RSS or Atom Feed, which you have find click on the RSS logo on the website
  • Clicking the buttons on a website.
Have a look the buttons on the techieminx main page – I’ve added all three – right at the bottom on the right.
You can even add a plug in on WordPress that shows the latest blogs on your reader.

What is iGoogle

iGoogle is your personalised Google home page for adding your favorite blogs, news sites, weather sites, photos, usually by using iGoogle Gadgets, here you would put anything that is most important to you. You can even add your Google reader to iGoogle.  This is nice to play around with, this is just for you, no one else sees it.

So you would need to put all of you the blogs/websites that you need to keep up to date with on Google reader first.

I love Google but its really not fair that they have crushed people’s hard work by dumping Google friend connect.  I know about progress and that they gave warnings its still heartbreaking to read some of the stories out there in blogland.  Google haven’t actually confirmed if they are going to keep it forever on Blogger or blogspot by the way – so if I were you I would be prepared and get Google+ and Google reader and encourage others to do the same. Once set up, neither take any time at all, in fact they save time.

I’ve only brushed over the top of these options, if there is anything you want me to elaborate on please let me know.

Hope this helps.


Step by Step – How to use Triberr

Many people have been confused about the recent changes in Triberr and are asking how to use it now.

This post has been written for them – I was going use video – but I think its explained in two screen shots.

First – Log in to triberr  (I’m assuming these particular people have accounts and profiles set up) 

Click – Home (Ringed at the top here)

You will then see your Tribal Stream (Make sure this is lit up white under your name)

Under there it should say Oldest on top and Show All Tribesjust to be sure we are all on the same page. 

To read the post you just click the title.

Click – Approve (the big red button) This will put the post into a queue – mine is set to one post every 34mins – actually I prefer 1 hour – I’ll change that and show you as well. 

Click – Load Social Buttons – to share on other networks other than just Twitter.


When you have clicked Load Social Buttons you will see the option to tweet, f-like, +1, stumble, or share on linked In.  See below. You can click these to share the post on these networks.

I always Stumble the post if it has been added to Stumble-upon. And if I really like the post or its someone that always takes the time to share my posts – I will share on google or the others.

You will notice the Red Approve button is now Blue and says Approved.

You can also click the thumb to give some +Karma

Then you just move on to the next post which is directly underneath and do the same thing.

To change how often posts go through your twitter account

Click – Your user name top right – Settings – Content Settings

You will see there Maximum frequency you’ll share tribemates posts.

Change it to what you would like.

There has also been some problems on the Triberr site this week (which is why I’ve had that post for 3 days! ) but Dan has said that it should be all sorted out now see –

You can also auto post again – but that costs bones now, and you wouldn’t be able to share on other networks.

Hope this helps..

If you need further help or this wasn’t what you were expecting, please just ask me.

Thanks .


How to find an RSS feed on a Blogger Blogspot blog.

The reason for this post is that I wanted to add someones RSS feed to my new reader and for some reason they don’t have it displayed on their blog and this is how I found it

What is an RSS feed – This is a very detailed blog about what is RSS on Problogger, everything you need to know is there about RSS feeds.

How to find an RSS feed on a blogspot blog.

Blogspot, thought they would make this difficult to find for some reason as,  most blogs or websites you would just type /feed or /rss something like that at the end of the URL but blogger in its wisdom decided to use this….


So all you have to do is just add that to the end of the blogspot url like this…

This is my cousins awesome blog btw, about love, laughter, movies, books, reviews, and beauty, things she loves basically 🙂 

You can check that is it correct by typing that into your search bar, if its correct you will see something like this

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><rss xmlns:atom='' xmlns:openSearch='' xmlns:georss='' xmlns:gd='' xmlns:thr='' version='2.0'><channel><atom:id>,1999:blog-821247123802100396</atom:id><lastBuildDate>Fri, 20 Jan 2012 04:09:42 +0000</lastBuildDate><category>Charlotte</category><category>Club Tropicana</category><category>Swoon</category><category>Natalie Portman</category><category>Wuthering Heights</category><category>Edward Cullen</category><category>ITV2</category><category>Eddie Redmayne</category><category>Photo</category><category>90's</category><category>Movie</category><category>The Hills</category><category>Posh Spice</category><category>Take That Reunion.</category><category>Tom Cruise</category><category>Robbie Williams</category><category>Mick Hucknall</category><category>Nanny Pat</category><category>Royal Albert Hall</category><category>Destiny</category><category>dating</category><category>Handsome</category><category>Spice Girls</category><category>Kelly and Jack Osbourne</category><category>Phil Collins</category><category>Celestine Prophecy</category><category>Brother</category><category>New York</category><category>Isabel Losada</category><category>alanis morrisette</category><category>Tulisa</category><category>Wedding</category><category>Christmas</category><category>saggittarian</category><category>Madonna</category><category>josie gibson</category><category>Stephanie Meyer</category><category>Christina Aguilera</category><category>The best thing I never had</category><category>Atomic Kitten</category><category>journalist</category><category>Last Christmas</category><category>Snow</category><category>Love</category><category>Meg Ryan</category><category>George Michael</category><category>Cheryl Cole</category><category>Prince</category><category>girlie</category><category>heels</category><category>Kate Bush</category><category>Victoria Beckham</category><category>Simply Red</category><category>Someone like you</category><category>Kate Winslet</category><category>bloggers</category><category>George Clooney</category><category>Prince William</category><category>Golden Globes</category><category>Fairytale</category><category>NYC</category><category>quote</category><category>John James and Josie</category><category>Audrina</category><category>All the lovers</category><category>The Battersea Park Road to Paradise</category><category>Bridget Jones</category><category>Josh Holloway</category><category>Gym</category><category>Greek</category><category>Blackberry</category><category>Princess Diana</category><category>Princess and the Frog</category><category>DJ</category><category>new year</category><category>Obama</category><category>Grey's Anatomy</category><category>Love.</category><category>N-Dubz</category><category>Reunion</category><category>Marilyn Monroe</category><category>Smug marrieds</category><category>School</category><category>shoes</category><category>blonde</category><category>Kevin Truong</category><category>Rpyal Wedding</category><category>Single</category><category>jennifer grey</category><category>recycling</category><category>Britney Spears</category><category>Sex and the City</category><category>kisses</category><category>paradise</category><category>Top Gun</category><category>Jessica Biel</category><category>Yoga</category><category>McSteamy</catego

That’s all for now.

Hope this helps.

How to enable the new Blogger or Blogspot new threaded comments

Bloggers on Google’s Blogger blog sites have been asking the question for a long time, when will we get threaded comments like you can have on websites such as wordpress.

Now they can, today Blogger announced they have made another improvement to Blogger and that is that they new support threaded commenting.

Threaded commenting makes it much easier to see whether someone is actually just commenting on the blog or in fact replying to another comment.

This makes it much more likely for people to leave feedback on a blog as they can submit there on view on someone else’s response to your blog post.

For instance – on my blog problems with twitter on the iphone 4s

Bob might comment – This solution didn’t fix it for me, its still not working.

Janice can now reply to Bobs comment  – You must be doing something wrong, as it worked for me and hopefully Bob has clicked notify by mail of any updates to comments on this post – then Bob will see it and he could even reply back.

Where as before Janice would have written Bob you must be doing something wrong.  And now that comment could be far away from Bob’s comment and make no sense to anyone and now we have a discussion going on right on our blogs.

This should be enabled without you doing anything but you can check by going to

SettingsOther and click Full from the Allow Blog Feed drop down.

And then go to SettingsPosts and Comments and select Embedded from the Comment Location dropdown.

There are some problems however, bloggers are complaining that if you get a few blog comments it does take a long time to load the page.  Also some gadgets aren’t working, it is suggested that if this is happening that you reset the gadget to default.

If the new threaded comments are there but not working  – Helen, beauty blogger from Sparlz and Shine read that someone took off all of their gadgets and readded one by one to find the offending gadget, and it was the twitter gadget. Helen removed this and all its fine.

One more thing if you have  a custom template, not just a premade blogger template it seems you might not have the feature at all yet, some do and some don’t.

Enjoy the new feature bloggers 🙂

Hope this helps

Thanks to @tsunimee for her tweets 🙂

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