How to fix – This webpage is not available

From time to time you might get this page that pops up on Google Chrome, or any browser really – This webpage is not available.   This is the fix for the Chrome browser – Webpage not available but it will work on others also. Google Chrome for some reason cannot load the requested page, most of the time we probably just ignore it and move on to the next page that we want to view, however sometimes there is a simple fix. First check the URL – Do you have the correct extension such as .com or .co. uk […]

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How to review and delete Facebook apps

Some people have been asking How to review and delete Facebook apps.  Overtime we forget how many applications that we have allowed access to Facebook – For which our friends information and our own information is being stored by some of these apps and we might not even be using them any more. You probably don’t even realise how many applications you have connected to your Facebook account – I know I add a lot but I had no idea how many.  Maybe it was a one off that you allowed an application to Facebook and you’ve now forgotten about. […]

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How to add the new header photo on Twitter 2014

Changes have been made recently on our favourite social network, we now have a new header photo on Twitter plus there is a whole new web profile experience.  This new experience is rolling out to all users, however most are not editing their profiles because they have no idea how to add the new header photo on Twitter. About the New Profile and New Header Photo on Twitter People have complained that Twitter is just trying to be like Facebook because Facebook is more popular – but Twitter say they are just making your profile more dynamic and visual. The […]

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heartbleed do i need to change my passwords

Heartbleed – Do I need to change my passwords ?

We are all asking because of Heartbleed – do I need to change my passwords. Its been said that many platforms are already sending out emails to customers suggesting that users change their passwords. Heartbleed is a bug that causes a vulnerability in OpenSSL which allows information to be stolen over the last 2 years.  It was called Heartbleed because of the name of the heartbeat extension that when exploited leaks information.  So its like the heart bleeding – get it? Argh darn Heartbleed – Do I need to change my passwords ? This is an email that I got from IFTTT  which […]

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transfer books kindle file hdx

Transfer books from Amazon Kindle to Kindle Fire HDX

The Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet is one of the latest Amazon Fire tablets boasting a perfect-colour HDX display and a fast 2.2Ghz quad-core processor for console-quality graphics. Storage on this kiddy is either 16GB or 32GB however, you get unlimited Cloud storage for all of your amazon content.   Talking of Amazon content, we suspect if you buy a Kindle HDX you will still want to read your ebooks on your new Kindle.  We found it difficult to Transfer books from Amazon Kindle to Kindle Fire HDX as it wasn’t as easy or the same as transferring from one Kindle […]

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Facebook Safety Tips

Graph Search – Facebook Safety Tips

With Facebook’s Graph Search being launched in its beta to everyone who uses Facebook in U.S English –  its always helpful to have a few Facebook Safety Tips.  People will be able to search for photos, places, and interests on Facebook, so these are the items you need to concentrate on, although Facebook said that it will be that everything eventually will be searchable . Nothing will appear in Graph Search unless you want it to, your privacy will remain intact as long as you use Facebook Correctly (So they say).   Graph search is personalised so if I searched […]

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