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Transfer books from Amazon Kindle to Kindle Fire HDX

KindleThe Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet is one of the latest Amazon Fire tablets boasting a perfect-colour HDX display and a fast 2.2Ghz quad-core processor for console-quality graphics. Storage on this kiddy is either 16GB or 32GB however, you get unlimited Cloud storage for all of your amazon content.   Talking of Amazon content, we suspect if you buy a Kindle HDX you will still want to read your ebooks on your new Kindle.  We found it difficult to Transfer books from Amazon Kindle to Kindle Fire HDX as it wasn’t as easy or the same as transferring from one Kindle to another.

The Kindle Fire HDX doesn’t come with any instructions in the box as such but it does have a special MAYDAY button which allows on-device tech support which a free.  There is also a help function on the device but this was explaining to us how to transfer the books one by one, and with hundreds of books this wasn’t an option. So, with a bit of trial and error  we found a quick way to transfer files to a Kindle fire HDX

Moving eBooks to New Kindle

First you need to plug in both of your Kindles to your PC and when the Autoplay box comes up click “Open folder to view files”  autoplay


If the auto play doesn’t pop up then you need to open windows explorer and click on the Kindle to view the Internal Storage – Double click the Internal Storage to view the folders inside.
Transfer books from Amazon Kindle to Kindle Fire HDX

In your original Kindle you will find many less folders than in the new Kindle and this is where things are different.  I’m not sure if it is the same for the Kindle Fire HD or even the 8.9 but I would assume so.  For the Kindle fire your books are in the Documents file folder but you need to place them now in the new Kindle Fire HDX Books file folder – NOT in the documents folder. 

Its Simple to Transfer books from Amazon Kindle to Kindle Fire HDX

1 – Open your Kindle Documents folder and copy the contents of the folder by using the – cut, copy paste function.  Do not just copy the complete folder but the contents in the folder.

2 – Open your Kindle Fire HDX Books folder and paste the content of the folder on to a blank space – making sure that you haven’t clicked a folder by mistake.

A box will pop up telling you how long it will take to transfer the items, this usually is much much quick than you are told, and the box disappears when done.  However, please leave your both of your Kindles connected for about another 10mins or so until you see the books in your new Kindle as we found it took a while for the Kindle to show some types of files and or folders.  Maybe just us, but I wouldn’t disconnect, just to be safe.

We could not find any instructions on how to bulk Transfer books from Amazon Kindle to Kindle Fire HDX . This might not be the only solution but we found it quickly and easily and done in a few minutes. I hope this helps someone trying to do this as there is nothing worse getting something for Christmas and having to wait to sort out problems.


Facebook Safety Tips

Graph Search – Facebook Safety Tips

facebookgraphWith Facebook’s Graph Search being launched in its beta to everyone who uses Facebook in U.S English –  its always helpful to have a few Facebook Safety Tips.  People will be able to search for photos, places, and interests on Facebook, so these are the items you need to concentrate on, although Facebook said that it will be that everything eventually will be searchable . Nothing will appear in Graph Search unless you want it to, your privacy will remain intact as long as you use Facebook Correctly (So they say).   Graph search is personalised so if I searched for concerts my friends have been to, if someone checked in at say The Who concert at Wembley Arena like they did, it would appear in my search along with others of my friends that checked in at similar venues.

How do I protect my privacy in Graph Search

It all depends on how you post your statuses, photos, or posts to Facebook. Its your choice who you want to share your content with.

Posting it as the first option is Public .. (Public is just that, it will appear in a public Graph Search)

If you want to keep your posts more private then you have the following options.

facebook graph safetyYou can set it to post to only friends.

Friends except acquaintances 

Only me or Custom, you might want to just share it with a few friends or a Facebook Group.

Who can see my posts on Facebook Graph Search

On Facebook you can set the above setting to always point to one thing – such as Friends unless you change it.   You can change that and other settings in Privacy short cuts, under – Who can see my future posts.
Click The Padlock next to home on your name.


Other Facebook Safety Tips

Here in the Privacy shortcut sections – as you can see, you have lots of Facebook privacy settings that are easy to set up – if you are concerned about 1 or 2 status updates or images that you have posted already then you need to go to Use Activity Log – which will be available if you click more settings.  And on the left there it says – Use Activity Log.

If you are concerned about all of your Facebook posts – for instance you have posted them all to public without realising and now want them all set to friends only – you can do that by clicking – Limit Past Posts


You should familiarise your self with the rest of the privacy options on Facebook if you don’t know about them. It’s especially worth it if you are concerned about what will be seen in Graph search.  In this section, there are many options, like preventing tagged posts appearing on your wall or to review tags before they appear on Facebook.

You should also check your about me section, where you might want to remove any personal details such as address.

So now you have those few Facebook safety tips your privacy is somewhat protected to according to Facebook, however as we know, nothing is private on the Internet anymore.  Maybe just remember that when posting something you do not want everyone to see or know about.


Hope this helps

Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts


Let it be said, I love new technology and trying out new stuff but I do not like Windows 8 and I’m glad that I only have it on my laptop – to be honest I couldn’t cope without the Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts so I wanted to share them with you.  Yes, there are apps you can download now to add a start button but once you get used to using the shortcut keys, I don’t think you will need it.

Windows 8 has introduced some great new technologies with their latest operating system, however for me in everyday use the new user interface just isn’t user friendly especially when you are using a keyboard and mouse, everything just takes too many clicks.

Essential Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts

windows start button

Think of your windows key as your start button – it is usually located between the Ctrl and the Alt key on the bottom row of your keyboard. Sometimes however the Windows Key is in the middle of then keyboard. However, its not difficult to spot with the windows logo on it. 


So, let’s start from you using your browser and you want to search for something.

Press – Windows Key + and just start typing (the text will go directly in the search box)

Press the Windows Key + D –  to get back to your browser.

Press the Windows Key + F – If you want to search for a file.

Press the Windows Key + X – to get to to advance system options, such as Run, Task Manager or Device manager.

Press the Windows Key + E – to open My computer

Press the Windows Key + Q to open the list of Apps or Charms.

Press the Windows Key + Prt Sc and a Snap shot of your screen will be sent to your screenshot folder in Pictures.

Press the Windows Key + I – to shutdown Windows 8

Or go to the desktop and press Alt F4

 Pin most used apps or programs to task bar


Another very important trick for Windows 8 with apps is that you can pin the apps you use often to the task bar.

Right click the icon and it opens up a bar at the bottom, click pin to task bar. If you decide that you want to remove it, right click the icon on the task bar and unpin the program from taskbar.

As I use it more, I will find some other ways to make life easier, it feels a nuisance to have to do this but its just that we have been used to the start bar for 20 years, we have to just rework our brain.

If you really don’t want to use the Windows 8 Keyboard shortcuts and you really want a start button you can download free for Windows 8 – Pokki to get your start menu back – I’ve not tried but it looks pretty good.

I hope these help you, they really have made my life easier.

If you have any other good tips or tricks for Windows 8 – I would love to hear them. Please post below.




Online Tracking – How to cover your tracks

Big Brother is watching you.

With the new Facebook Search starting to roll out, people are talking a lot about online privacy and online tracking.  There’s a difference of opinion with people I speak to about online tracking, some say – I don’t care I have nothing to hide, let them track me, and others are paranoid that search engines, website and even social networks are tracking our every move.  How do you feel, that while you are leaving this digital footprint you are also leaving a digital trail.

What information is tracked?

  • Online Purchases
  • Searches
  • Social networking activities
  • Profile information
  • IP Addresses
  • Browser histories

How are we tracked online?

Mostly by cookies – no not the cookies mum bakes, but the little text files that are downloaded on to your PC the first time you visit a website. This could just be so next time you go to visit that website it knows you were there before, which is useful for us and them as the page opens quickly and we can store our password. Useful for them as they know how many visitors they’ve had and where the visitors come from and other information.   In some cases the cookies will determine what information you see on the screen, such as adverts or less helpful things.

Have you ever noticed that the price of the flight you were looking at earlier in the day had gone up when you went back to actually book?  Not coincidence I think.

Get used to it – there is no privacy online

Its the age we live in, as its not just online we are tracked, our credit cards are tracked, our moves are tracked via Traffic Cams. There is sound surveillance, DNA and Facial recognition, many different types of surveillance. Amazing really how all criminals aren’t caught and put in prison with all of this technology, we can’t do much about that but we can do some thing about online tracking.

Two simple steps to help to prevent online tracking.

Go to your cookie settings and set them to expire when you exit your browser

When browsing the web us HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) when ever you can – you can actually enable these on Twitter, Facebook and Gmail.  Look in settings for use a secure connection https.

Check out this detailed infographic about Online tracking from Backgroundcheck.Org

Online Tracking  You re Being Watched   Background Check

Are you worried about online tracking ?  What measures to you take to stop it?

Lets us know.

Hope this helps

How to insert iFrame on WordPress, without a plugin or a widget

What is an iFrame

An iFrame which stands for Inline Frame,  nothing to do with iPod iPhone or any Apple product – is an HTML code that creates a window that is embedded on to your website from another website – The thing about iFrames is that the web designer can change an iFrame content without you even knowing and years ago were subject to hackers placing malicious iFrame codes. However, usually you know the source of the code and are happy to use it on your website.

Recently I wanted to use an iFrame for a post I was writing about HugtrainUSA who are raising money and awareness for mental health this christmas – and the code was created with pictures and a donation button that when pressed took you directly to the site to donate, this is so much better than just a link.

This is the code pasted into Visual

<iframe src=”;participantID=5418″ width=”252″ height=”252″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>&lt;a href=”;#038;participantID=5418″&gt;Make a Donation!&lt;/a&gt;</iframe>

How to insert an iFrame on WordPress

I was typing as I usually do in Visual not HTML – I copied and pasted the link but it didn’t work, I’ve embedded many videos from youtube so I didn’t understand why this code wouldn’t work.  I searched Google to understand a bit more about and I found many Plug-ins and widgets and ideas, then I started to read about HTML and I tried this…..

I switched to HTML – pasted the code and pressed publish (the rest of the post was complete it was just this iFrame that wasn’t working) Hey presto it was there. There is only one thing you need to remember and that is not to change back to Visual display for some reason it doesn’t work again.

Here is the code pasted into HTML

It doesn’t get more simple than that, I do not know the why or how I just know it worked perfectly – so if you can’t get your iframe to work on wordpress, try this.

Hope this helps



How do I remove the Ask toolbar from Google Chrome

How do I remove the Ask toolbar from Google Chrome

I’m not sure how I got this darn thing, but I have been downloading a few different drawing packages so I’m assuming I allowed it entry from something there.

What was happening is that every time I put a word in the address bar (omnibox) – whereas normally it would bring up Google search – this annoying Ask search thing would come up.

Look what happens when I type in Walk Off The Earth in the address bar……   <– see my review there – Great Band


These are Asksupports instructions that didn’t work for me but they might for you.

To remove the Ask Tool Bar from Chrome

– In an open Chrome browser, click on the Wrench In the top right-hand corner of the browser window.
– Hover over Tools In the menu that appears and click on Extensions.
– Locate the Ask extension and click the Remove button next to it.
– Click Uninstall In the box that appears.
– Close and re-open your browser.To reset your Chrome homepage, please follow the steps listed below:- Click the Wrench icon on the toolbar.
– Select “Options” (Preferences on Mac and Linux; Settings on a Chromebook).
– Click the “Basics” tab and find the “Home page” section.
– Enter your desired homepage in the section labeled “Open this page”To reset your default search provider for Chrome, follow these steps:- Continuing under the “Basics” tab, select the search engine you want to use from the dropdown box next to the “Search” label.
– If the search engine you want to use doesn’t appear in the menu, click “Manage search engines”.
– In the “Search Engines” window that appears, make your selection from the list provided.
– Click the “Make Default” button that appears next to your selection and your choice will be saved.


I couldn’t see an Ask Extension in Google, then I was told it was a Foxit extension, well I didn’t have that either, so I disabled all extensions, and restarted, it was still there.

Then I looked in settings……

Click on the top right, of Google Chrome they say wrench but mine is just three lines.

Customise and control Google Chrome

Click settings

Look down the page to Search

Mine looked like this – DUH!

All I had to do is change Ask – to Google, and it was done, no restarting or anything.

So easy and yet, so annoying as it was thought to be an extension – I will now have to check that this doesn’t change when I restart my computer, which would mean I have a hijack somewhere, but for now, Google is back !

Now thats a search! 🙂


Hope this helps you too.



How to find your #UDID for your iPhone as #Anonymous posts 1,000,001 IDs on Pastebin #Antisec

It appears that Anonymous have posted 1,000,001 UDID’s from a total of 12,000,000 iOS devices that they “retreived”  from the FBI

This is the message on Pastebin – which they say had 370,000 hits 1 hour ago at the time of posting this.

The reason for this was to aparently expose the FBI Agent for having 12m Apple UDID on his laptop – why we wonder is the reason for this, are they being tracked?

On the Paste bin it says…..

why exposing this personal data?
well we have learnt it seems quite clear nobody pays attention if you just come
and say ‘hey, FBI is using your device details and info and who the fuck knows
what the hell are they experimenting with that’, well sorry, but nobody will care.
FBI will, as usual, deny or ignore this uncomfortable thingie and everybody will
forget the whole thing at amazing speed. so next option, we could have released
mail and a very small extract of the data. some people would eventually pick up
the issue but well, lets be honest, that will be ephemeral too.

There’s not much you can do about it as you can’t change your UDID but you can have a look to see if yours is on the list.

How to find your UDID

 1. Plug in your iPhone and open Itunes

2. Click on your device to see your iPhone Stats 

At the top it says – Name – Capacity – Software Version – Serial Number – PhoneNumber

3. Click Serial number and it will change to Identifier (UDID) this is the number that you need. 

Then according to anonymous you can download a decryptedfile of the pastebin entries to see if your UDID is on it.

From @anonymousirc –  – they say that they are working on a browsable version so you could just wait for that..


The Next Web have now published a safe way to find out on this Link


Anonymous say that they haven’t included any of your data as such –  in the document but hackers  could easily find out some information, such as your address.

This is what they actually say…

there you have. 1,000,001 Apple Devices UDIDs linking to their users and their
APNS tokens.
the original file contained around 12,000,000 devices. we decided a million would be
enough to release.
we trimmed out other personal data as, full names, cell numbers, addresses,
zipcodes, etc.
not all devices have the same amount of personal data linked. some devices
contained lot of info.
others no more than zipcodes or almost anything. we left those main columns we
consider enough to help a significant amount of users to look if their devices
are listed there or not. the DevTokens are included for those mobile hackers
who could figure out some use from the dataset.

That is about all we can do at the moment, we need two questions answered – from Apple – how to we protect our identities if the number has been posted.  And from the FBI  why do they have all of this information?

We will watch it unfold.








Where to find the URL or Link for a tweet or post on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more.

Many people ask me how to find the direct url or link or address – for a tweet on Twitter or posts from other social networks so that they can repost elsewhere – maybe for a mission in Empire Avenue for instance. So here is how to…

How to find the direct link of a tweet using

1. Click on your twitter name ( or someone elses) in your profile it will bring up a page that says view more tweets.


2. Find the tweet that you require, and hover over the right hand side – it will say details click that.

3. At the top in your url bar you will see the url for that post.  Note if it is one of your tweets you will not see the retweet button but if someone else see’s that link they will have the option to retweet.

How to find a tumblr URL – Link

1. Find the post you want on your dash board by clicking your name first.

2. Hover over the top right hand corner, you will see that the corner curls up, click this.

3. The post then opens up with its own link at the top of the page.

How to find your facebook link or URL

1. Go to your Facebook Wall – timeline – find the post you want to retrieve the URL of.

2. Underneath your name you will see a time/date stamp – click that.

3. The post will open in its own window with its direct link. This one was actually to celebrate the fact that project forgive had reached their goal of $100.000 dollars. Although pledges are still welcome to help with funding.

How to find the direct Link or URL to a Google Plus post.

1. Find the post that you need the link from – and the same as Facebook, find the time-stamp.

2. Click this and it will take you to the new page which has the URL.

How to find the direct link or URL on Instagram

There are many ways to do this but if you are on the PC you can log in with – you simply click the picture that you want the link from. Statigram is a great way to view pictures or photos to like and comment on too.

How to find the direct link or URL of a YouTube Video

Again there are many ways – if the link isn’t at the top of the page you are viewing from then go to the video and click SHARE – you don’t have to share but it will bring up the link in a separate box.

I can’t think of any others that you might need right now but if there is another link you are trying to find please ask below and if I know I will tell you if not I will find out, and still tell you!

My good friend Seth from Nerd Enterprises also has videos to show  How to Link to a Tweet – (which he does slightly differently I noticed) and also How to link to a Post on Google Plus. You will also find he does many Quickbooks and Excel Tutorials which are useful too.

Here is one of those videos – in case you find that easier :

Seth is actually interviewing Chris Pirillo soon see more

Hope this helps!




How to find the IMEI on iPhone and other codes

While I was looking for my IMEI number on the iPhone I found a secret shortcut code list; codes that you dial into the phone.

Here are some of those codes – including…

How to find your iPhone IMEI number.

  •  *#06# – Displays your IMEI
  • *777# and tap Call – Account balance for prepaid iPhone#
  • *225# and tap Call – Bill Balance (Postpaid only)
  • *#43# and tap Call – Determine if call waiting is enable
  • *#61# and Press Call – Check the number for unanswered calls
  • *#67# and Press Call – Check the number for call forwarding when the iPhone is busy
  • *3282# and Press Call – See your data usage
  • *#31# and Press Call – Outgoing caller ID
  • *729 and Press Call – Make a payment
  • *67 and Press Call – Block caller ID
Cool tips and tricks huh?
You can get these and more from an iPhone application – Secrets for iPhone Lite 

Hope this helps

Merry Christmas

No sim card installed on 4s – not a new problem.

There have been many people complaining about the “No Sim Card installed” message on the apple iPhone 4s.

4S Design Flaw

Today we even saw a post about it on Engadget Some iPhone 4S owners reporting ominous ‘No SIM card installed’ messages suggesting that it could be a design flaw with the new iPhone.  Others are saying its a software problem, or many other reasons for it, the 4s is getting a real bad press now.

No Sim Card installed on mobile phone problem

However, the sad truth of the matter is that this has been going on since the iPhone was born, or at least the 3GS –  If you do Google search on the topic you see nothing but people asking for help or a fix or some way to solve this problem – even videos offering solutions.

This comment from 2007 on a forum discussing the iPhone problem made me laugh, if only they new 4 years later.

In truth, this isn’t even just an iPhone problem – as @niksargent said today – Every phone I’ve had has had this problem from time to time. In fact sonys have been worst. Not just an iphone thing.


Sadly, I don’t know what the solution is… there are many people saying – “Yes that fixed it!” for various different reasons.

The top fixes are.

  • Restart or reboot the iPhone
  • Keep reinserting the Sim card
  • Get a new sim card
The last one seems most popular but of course that is always a hassle and everyone wants a quick fix.  If I find out any more information I will of course edit this post with the results.
Hope this helps