How to get a custom URL for YouTube 2016

hands-589475_640 (1)When setting up your social media accounts, one of the most important assets you can have for your business is your own custom URL or Vanity URL.  These URLs will have your brand name (user name) in them and will establish your brand presence and brand recognition, also custom URL’s are great for SEO.

For instance

They should, of course, be all the same user name or at least as close as you can get it, and the shorter the better.   Some social networks are harder to get than others especially if they are more popular and YouTube has its own restrictions too as you will see.

Be sure also to get it right the first time, as some networks also do not allow you to change the custom URL once it is set up.

How to get a custom URL for YouTube 2016

Sign in to YouTube

Click on the Cog near your profile image – YouTube Settings

How to get a custom URL for YouTube

In the overview click on advanced


Under “Channel settings”, select the link to claim your custom URL.

In the “Get a custom URL” box, you’ll see the custom URL(s) that you’ve been approved for.

Depending on how you signed up for google or what Google pages you have attached will determine what URLs you are allowed to have.

So, that was just a quick guide to show you How to get a custom URL for YouTube – I hope it helped

Windows 10 changed date format on Excel

Windows 10 changed date format on ExcelHaving recently installed Windows 10 on my main PC I hadn’t had many problems.  Until I went to use some previously created Microsoft EXCEL documents. It was then I noticed that Windows 10 had completely changed the date format on Excel from English UK to American US date format.

So instead of showing dd/mm/yyyy it shows the US version mm/dd/yyyy on all of my Excel Documents.

Thankfully there is an easy solution – which is to install the “English (United Kingdom)” language pack.

It sounds crazy that we have to do that – but it saves having to alter the cells on all of our documents and its quick and easy to do.

Windows 10 changed date format on Excel

Don’t Panic

Its easy to change all of your documents back to UK date format on Excel

First go to Control Panel in Windows 10

Set the view to small icons so that you can see the folders

  • Click – Language
  • You will see English US highlighted
  • Click – English UK
  • Download and Install
  • Click – Yes
  • Go back to the Control Panel click MOVE UP on the UK version
    Windows 10 changed date format on Excel

Restart Excel and


You will also now notice that the time clock is back to 24hrs and beside the time – are the language preferences and you now have English UK

Your UK date formats are back!

See I told you there was no need to panic when Windows 10 changed date format on Excel !

How to remove multiple entries of local disc on iPhone iOS8

How to remove multiple entries of Local disc on iPhone iOS8It seemed that when I transferred my photos from my phone using Windows 7 explorer that I would get more and more Local disc entries on my phone – so I set about finding out –  How to remove multiple entries of Local disc on iPhone iOS8

These little files are just annoying little icons they don’t really take up much space just 0.4kbs per item but when  you start to get loads I guess its a waste of space.

I really don’t know why the Local disc icons are created in DCIM sub-folders on the iPhone but there they are. That is beyond my Techieminx ability 🙂  But they are annoying to get rid of it seems you can’t just delete them using the PC.

How to remove multiple entries of local disc on iPhone iOS8

My folders ended up looking like this..

How to remove multiple entries of Local disc on iPhone iOS8


The solution is pretty simple – all you need to go is to go to your iPhone Settings

Find and tap Safari

Tap Advanced

Tap Website Data

And scroll though these until  you find items like


These – slide your finger across and press delete.

Then next time you plug your iPhone into your PC – you will see they have gone.

Yay – Solved – How to remove multiple entries of local disc on iPhone iOS8

Hope this helps

20 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

googleI recently posted some more in-depth tips for Google Chrome and due to the popularity of that post here are 20 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome. Its good to get into the habit of using keyboard shortcuts if you can, its just faster and simpler to do many things.

I like Google Chrome – Google say its fast, simple and secure – although, its true there sometimes are some issues,  it can be a little temperamental – like the The webpage is not available error – there are usually ways to fix Chrome. One trick is always to keep an eye on your chrome extensions, but that’s for another post.

These are for Windows only but for Mac I believe you replace Ctrl with the ⌘ symbol.

20 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

Do not type / this is just to show the next key.

Web-page keyboard shortcuts

  • Print a page – Ctrl/P
  • Save a page – Ctrl/S
  • Stop a page loading – Esc
  • Find (to search on a page) – Ctrl/F

Window and Tab ShortCuts for Chrome

  • Zoom in – Ctrl +  (or Ctrl with mouse wheel)
  • Zoom out – Ctrl –  (or Ctrl with mouse wheel)
  • Open a new window – Ctrl/N 
  • Open a new tab – Ctrl/T
  • Open the last tab you closed – Ctrl/Shift/T  
  • Switch to last tab – Ctrl/9

Feature Shortcuts for Chrome

  • Open the Chrome Menu – Alt/F Alt/e or F10
  • Bookmarks bar – Ctrl+Shift_B
  • Open History Page – Ctrl/H
  • Open Downloads Page – Ctrl/J
  • Open Task Manager – Ctrl/Shift/Esc
  • Change users – Ctrl/Shift/M

Text Shortcuts

These are very handy to remember – for other websites such as wordpress who sometimes doesn’t allow you to File-Copy-Paste.

  • Copy Text – Ctrl/C
  • Paste Text – Ctrl/V  (not P, thats print!)
  • Paste Content without formatting – Ctrl/Shift/V
  • Delete text and copy – Ctrl/X (or Shift/Delete)

There we go – I’m sure you will find some of those 20 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome useful. Have a good read through, I bet there are a few things that you have to do on chrome on a regular basis that you always have to search for how to do, just try to remember a few at a time and it will come second nature – as you see mostly its using the Ctrl key and another, which usually is a first initial or something that can be remembered like F for find or C for copy

How to Delete GooglePlus and keep Gmail

best-facebook-and-google-plus-games-that-wont-get-you-teased-by-your-co-workersMany people use Gmail for emails and they don’t want  Google+, YouTube, or a Google profile – well here is how to delete GooglePlus and keep Gmail.

You might not have even noticed that by signing up for a Gmail account you actually have a Google+ profile – you can tell by looking at the top right of your screen when you are logged into your email

If you have a Google Plus account, it will look like this – you can see the +Michelle  thats Google Plus, when you click on it it will take you to your profile. The 1 denotes that I have one message on Google Plus. And the box with the plus inside allows you to send a message to Google Plus directly from your email.


If you don’t have a Google+ account all you will see here is your email address and the 9 Google boxes – So, there might be many reasons that you do not want a Google Profile or a Google Plus account and you just want it gone.

How to Delete GooglePlus and keep Gmail

Please follow the instructions and read what comes up on your screen carefully as you do not want to do this wrong and delete your complete account, this is not reversible so make sure its what you do want.

  1. Click on your profile picture or the head in the top right hand cover.
  2. Click Account
  3. Scroll all the way down until you get to Account Management

Here you will see 5 sections

  • Storage
  • Remove YouTube content
  • Delete Google + Profile and Features
  • Delete Products
  • Delete Google Account and Data

Clearly, if you want to complete delete your Google account then you can see which one to click – but on this occasion which just want to click – Delete Google+ profile and features 


When you cilck that button – Google makes sure you know what you are doing – and it lists all of the things that you are going to lose or not lose by doing this and you have to tick the box at the end.


And there you have it – please read all of the above carefully to make sure there is nothing that you would like to keep – deleting this Google+ profile just lets you keep your email – drive – calendar – docs.

Hope that helps Delete GooglePlus and keep Gmail




5 tips you’ll wish you knew for Google Chrome

5 tips you'll wish you knew for Google Chrome I found out recently that people just don’t know all that you can do on Google Chrome, so I have put together this list of 5 tips you’ll wish you knew for Google Chrome.  Only 5 tips here but if people do find these useful I will post some more great tips for Google Chrome.

I love Google Chrome, since this web browser came out in 2008 I haven’t gone back – and it just gets better and better. I do use other browsers but I always use Google Chrome for everyday use.

Yes, Google Chrome has its problems like sometimes randomly crashing but this is usually due to running some conflicting software, which you can easily find out by type in the the address bar about:conflicts. Or problems such as “webpage not available” which we wrote about recently.

So, now to the tips, these are all using Windows on a PC – of course some of these you may already know but hopefully there will be something here that will make you think, darn, I wish I knew that before!

5 tips you’ll wish you knew for Google Chrome 

1 – Signing into Google Chrome

Always make sure you are signed in to Google Chrome, this will ensure that you get the best out of it. 

Not only that, once your setting are set up – no matter where you are or what device you are using your settings will always be there. This will include…

  • Bookmarks
  • apps
  • history
  • extensions

and many other features.

To sign in to Google Chrome – 

Click Sign in which is located the top right hand cover when on the Google page.

And enter the email address that you want to set your settings to.

To customize your sync settings – click the Chrome menu (the three lines) in the top left corner

Or type Alt+FAlt+E or F10

Click Settings

Here you will see – Advance sync settings Click that and tick what you would like to Sync.

5 tips you'll wish you knew for Google Chrome

2.  Incognito Mode 

I was asked recently how can I do private browsing in Google Chrome.

Incognito mode is private browsing – Google Chrome won’t keep  your browsing history or download history and cookies are deleted every time you close the browser.  So, its like looking at something for the first time.  You might want to use this to sign into two accounts at once or to check something that requires you to delete your cookies in normal mode.

To open a page in Incognito Mode –

Click the Chrome Menu (the three lines) and select New Incognito Window

Or simply press Ctrl+Shift+N

5 tips you'll wish you knew for Google Chrome

3. Multiple Users 

On Google Chrome you can set up the Browser to manage multiple profiles on the same device – these profiles can have their own sign up, settings, booksmarks etc.

A) To add a new user to Chrome

  • Click the Chrome Menu (You know where this is now)
  • Click Settings

See – People

  • Click Add Person (You can import their settings if they are already set up or you can just set them up from scratch as you did your own)

4 – To open a recently closed tab 

I’m always closing tabs by mistake, so this one is a life saver – and you don’t have to go searching through your history.

Click on a new tab

Click on the Chrome Menu

Click on recent tabs

Here you will see a list of the 10 most recent tabs

If you just want the last tab that you closed then just type


5 tips you'll wish you knew for Google Chrome

5 – Easily Add Bookmarks

Click the link in the address bar so that it highlights and drag it to the bookmark bar !

So, there are the 5 tips you’ll wish you knew for Google Chrome, did you know them? Were you hoping for something more or is there a function you are looking for you can’t find.  Write in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

An extra tip for you is – How to remove the Ask Toolbar from Google Chrome

If you haven’t yet got Google Chrome you can download it from here – Download Chrome

We also have more tips about various websites and social media on our sister site – FairyDust Media  please feel free to have a look.

Hope this helps






How to fix – This webpage is not available

This webpage is not availableFrom time to time you might get this page that pops up on Google Chrome, or any browser really – This webpage is not available.  

This is the fix for the Chrome browser – Webpage not available but it will work on others also.

Google Chrome for some reason cannot load the requested page, most of the time we probably just ignore it and move on to the next page that we want to view, however sometimes there is a simple fix.

  • First check the URL – Do you have the correct extension such as .com or .co. uk
  • Check the address in a different browser (such as Firefox or Opera – does it work there ? Then we know that its chrome causing the problem.
  • Check the address in a different PC, Laptop or mobile. If that works we know again that its either your browser or pc.

Fix “This webpage is not available” on Chrome by clearing your cookies

It can be that a corrupted cookie file might be stopping this page or pages from opening

1 – Click in the top right hand of the page

2 – Click Settings

This webpage is not available



3, Click – Show advanced settings at the bottom of the page

4.  In privacy – Click Content Settings

5. Click – All cookies and site data

6 – Restart Google Chrome

This webpage is not available


Remember that this will take away all data that is stored which might include passwords – so make sure you have all of your passwords and any log in details before you do this.  Although now we can ask Google Chrome to remember our passwords.

This seems to almost always fix all problems concerning This webpage is not available on Chrome, if this doesn’t help, there are Youtube videos that show you various options of changing things like your proxy settings which would probably be easier for you to watch there than for me to write.

Please do let me know if I’ve helped you out here in the comments, thanks.

How to review and delete Facebook apps

How to review and delete Facebook appsSome people have been asking How to review and delete Facebook apps.  Overtime we forget how many applications that we have allowed access to Facebook – For which our friends information and our own information is being stored by some of these apps and we might not even be using them any more.

You probably don’t even realise how many applications you have connected to your Facebook account – I know I add a lot but I had no idea how many.  Maybe it was a one off that you allowed an application to Facebook and you’ve now forgotten about.  Its good to check now and then and go through the apps that you don’t want – especially if you have been having any trouble with spam or access to your account, it could be a rouge app.

How to review and delete Facebook apps

Its much simpler now that it was before – Facebook has recently made this much easier for us to go through and get rid of unwanted Facebook applications.

Simply – log into your account

1 – Click the arrow on the far right hand side and click Settings

2 – On the left click Apps

How to review and delete Facebook apps


Here you will see all of the applications that are connected to your Facebook account, in a list like this – I have hundreds so I am going through mine now.

How to review and delete Facebook apps

On Facebook, your name, profile picture, cover photo, gender, networks, username, and user ID are always publicly available, including to apps – Apps also have access to your friends list and any information you choose to make public.

3 – Hover over the app that you want to remove and you will see two options

  • Editing settings – Here you will see what information that you have allowed this app – sometimes you can change this – but mostly the app will require this information for you to use it.
  • Remove – Just click the X – a box will pop up asking to you confirm click remove. And its gone!

4 – Don’t worry if you are unsure if you actually use that app anymore – as if you do go to use it and its not been allowed by Facebook, it will just ask you again.

Also read here if you want to know How to stop people from sending you Facebook Game invites 


Have a look at your Facebook Apps – you’ll be surprised how many you have allowed access to yours and your friends information. And hopefully this guide will show you How to review and delete Facebook apps.

How to add the new header photo on Twitter 2014

newyouChanges have been made recently on our favourite social network, we now have a new header photo on Twitter plus there is a whole new web profile experience.  This new experience is rolling out to all users, however most are not editing their profiles because they have no idea how to add the new header photo on Twitter.

About the New Profile and New Header Photo on Twitter

People have complained that Twitter is just trying to be like Facebook because Facebook is more popular – but Twitter say they are just making your profile more dynamic and visual.

The new web profile has these options….

  • Best Tweets – Tweets that get more engagement will appear larger now so these will be seen easily
  • Filtered Tweets –  You can choose which timeline to view when looked at other profiles. Just select – Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.
  • Pin your favorite tweet – you can now pin your favourite tweet to the top of your profile



New Header Photo on Twitter

And of course the biggest change –  is the new photos or images, your profile picture is now bigger and your headers are huge, enormous in fact – and you now have the added bonus of not having the profile picture slap bang in the middle of your header – so you can create much better images – although the profile picture is still in the same place on a smartphone or iPad so its good to remember that when creating your image.

When you see this image – click take a look


The sizes required are

The new header photo on Twitter 1500 x 500 px

The new profile picture on Twitter is 400 x 400 px

Also just while we are here – the best size for your twitter feed images – so that you see the whole image in your feed is – 1024 x 512 pixels

Click Edit Profile and you will see where to click and upload your images.
Although Twitter says that the size is 1500 x 500 the area that you need to concentrate on for the header photo is in the centre and needs to be approx 1256 x 337 px

See my header photo example – which you can use as a template for the new cover picture (or header) – The blue area you cannot see at all on… so remember to have a border around your image or it will be stretched and/or you won’t be able to see the outside edge.

new header photo on Twitter

This is how it now looks on

new header photo on Twitter
So, I hope that helps you to add your new header photo on Twitter, it did take a bit of messing around with sizes for me, as although Twitter says that the size is 1500 x 500 px its not just that – so I thought this could help someone.


heartbleed do i need to change my passwords

Heartbleed – Do I need to change my passwords ?

heartbleed do i need to change my passwordsWe are all asking because of Heartbleed – do I need to change my passwords. Its been said that many platforms are already sending out emails to customers suggesting that users change their passwords. Heartbleed is a bug that causes a vulnerability in OpenSSL which allows information to be stolen over the last 2 years.  It was called Heartbleed because of the name of the heartbeat extension that when exploited leaks information.  So its like the heart bleeding – get it?

Argh darn Heartbleed – Do I need to change my passwords ?

This is an email that I got from IFTTT  which stands for – If this then that – which is an application that allows you to connect different web applications or social networks and to create give a formula (recipe) that says something like – if someone follows me on twitter, send them a message.  I used to use this for various things, but I’m just not an auto girl – I like to do these things myself.  And I wasn’t sure if it was worth breaking the Twitter rules.   I forget even now what I used it for or even that I had it!   So I’m glad they did logged me out, as I had lots of networks connected to this tool.

This is what they said……….. 

A major vulnerability in the technology that powers encryption across much of the internet was discovered this week. Like many other teams, we took immediate action to patch the vulnerability in our infrastructure. 

IFTTT is no longer vulnerable. 

Though we have no evidence of malicious behavior, we’ve taken the extra precaution of logging you out of IFTTT on the web and mobile. We encourage you to change your password not only on IFTTT, but everywhere, as many of the services you love were affected. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

—The IFTTT Team 

I’ve read also that Tumblr have sent messages out but I have not seen any others yet.

All this got me thinking, what am I to do about Heartbleed – do I need to change my passwords right away, should I be panicking!

The problem is with this bug is that you don’t know that you have been affected ….. and it leaves no trace.  Worryingly I have read that in one way or another we are likely to be affected as 50% of the Internets websites use OpenSSL.  Reports are saying that this could have been going on for 2 years?  Unsure if that’s true but, yes it seems pretty bad.

So, on changing our passwords, we really need to wait until Platforms, Apps and Organisations have completed the update for OpenSSL which contains a fix.  So, I don’t think we need to rush out and change all of our passwords right now, (we will probably crash the servers) but start with the ones that you know have completed the update.   Besides, you should regularly change your passwords so think of it as a late spring clean.

I’m trying to relay this information to you in easy to read language here but its tricky so if you want to know all the ins and outs – Codenomicon have created this webpage with every detail –  and I do bet this is going to get quite a few hits over the next few weeks / months

I am really pleased to just read that a platform that I use a lot that has all of my networks connected to it, is NOT affected – thank goodness Xeeme –

How can I tell if a site is affected by Heartbleed

Annie Diamond found a couple of great programs to help check for clean sites – I don’t know how accurate they are but there seems no harm in using them

Test a site you are using by putting in the URL and it will let you know if this site is affected –

If you use Chrome this extension will tell you if the site you are on is affected – Chromebleed

This tool was developed by Jamie Hoyle.
It is based on the excellent work of Filippo Valsorda. – so please report to him any problems with these.

Tips for Changing your password

  • Do not use the same password for all of your networks – if a hacker gets one password they can easily try that on all of your networks.
  • Don’t use common names/places/ things related to you – as these are easy to hack or find out.
  • Make your password at least 8 characters long
  • Do use a mixture of letters or numbers and symbols, with upper and lower cases – the best passwords are something like 3Dsf7&eto0)!   No one is getting in to that sucker. It doesn’t have to be that crazy it could be something slightly more memorable like iL()vM@rmit3  – do you see what I did there? 
  • Keep a spread sheet with all of your passwords on so that you don’t have to remember them and then you can easily copy and pass it over.  There are safes and all sorts of things you can use but this is just simple and easy. Just keep it in a safe place with a password lock that you can remember! ha 🙂

Lets hope heartbleed can be fixed soon and that not too many people have nightmares about it.

Keep secure!