is Twitch a social network

Is Twitch a Social Network

Is Twitch a social networkPeople are asking what is Twitch, is a social network?  To find out the answer to this first we need to know what is social networking and what are social networks for.

What is Social Networking

A social network service enables users to find like-minded individuals or people with the same interests to connect with. So a social network is basically that community or social relations. We use social networks to interact with others, we follow them, connect with them, share content with them. In short a social network is a community of people finding and communicating with each other, to be social within a network or on a platform.


So, is Twitch a social network

With the above meaning, to me, yes Twitch is a definitely social network.  Although Twitch is referred to as a broadcast media platform because Twitch is all about live streaming.  Some would say that it’s not classed as a social network.  Live streaming could actually be the next big thing in social media, its growing fast – With Social media, its all about connecting with your community and Twitch also has a community, a huge community of gamers and developers which has over 60 million views per month. And at just three years old, that is amazing.

On Twitch you can follow and connect with users, send messages and chat live to them while users are streaming.  The Twitch community is very friendly, and usually, friendships leak out of Twitch and on to other networks, of course, many of the streams are recorded and saved on Twitch and or saved to YouTube, plus more and more users of Twitch are making use of Twitter.

is Twitch a social network

Whats so special about Twitch

If you have anything at all to do with the Gaming world you should be on Twitch. Its big now, and its going to get bigger, its the future.

Let me tell you this much – it’s not about watching kids gaming.

On Twitch streamers…

  • Are usually very skilled gamers
  • Promote your games by showing other users how cool they are
  • Show you the newest games before you might see them in action elsewhere
  • Create competitions and giveaways – where you can get in-game codes or codes to try out games for FREE
  • Raise money for charities whilst streaming
  • Chat with you, while they are streaming, you aren’t just watching, you are involved
  • Create how-tos and tutorials on new and old games, where you can ask questions on parts you are stuck
  • Are very helpful and will generally take time to answer any questions you might have and go out of their way to help you
  • and Twitch features the biggest events in gaming


Is Twitch a social network

Who owns Twitch

The acquisition was closed on September 25, 2014. Twitch is now operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of, with Emmett Shear remaining as CEO.

So, now you can see why Amazon would like to, and has acquired Twitch – hopefully, there won’t be too many changes – TechRadar spoke to Twitch recently to alleviate any fears about Twitch being bought by Amazon 

Twitch is great fun, or can be very serious or helpful it depends on what you want out of it.

However, if you want to get involved with the biggest community of gamers then this is a very fast and easy way to do it.  If you need help with this, please let me know.

If any steamers have anything they can add to this or think I’ve got it wrong, please let me know below and I will add or correct anything.


UPDATE: December 2017 – Twitch has now added – Many more channels, it’s not all about gaming anymore but about creatives, about real-life, cosplay, people are doing chat shows, drawing, music shows, requests.  I think Facebook is still falling behind on Twitch.  Twitch have also added recently a mobile app and extensions which creates new ways to interact.


Stop facebook game invites

3 Ways to Stop Facebook Game Invites

stop facebook game invitesI see many Facebook users complaining on Facebook about some notifications they receive, especially game invites. There are actually 3 different ways to Stop Facebook Game Invites.  It really doesn’t take long and could stop these people from blowing a fuse every time someone invites them to the same game.

Unfortunately your friend probably doesn’t even realise that they have sent you an invite as when they accept the game they give it access to their address book, and to post on their behalf.  This doesn’t make it okay but its just a fact that people don’t read the fine print, so its up to us to stop the Facebook game invites.

Stop Facebook Game invites with just a few clicks


When you get the game invite, click the link – or the X – you will be taken to a pop up here you can see that, this app requests to post on your behalf and requests your basic info.

block facebook games

Click View in App Centre  – here you will see a full descrption of the game and the Terms of Service. One the right handside at the bottom you have the options

  • Visit App Page
  • Share
  • Block
  • Report a Problem

Click Block and you will never receive these requests again.


block facebook games



  • Click the Cog
  • Click Settings
  • On the Left of the page
  • Click Blocking

Type the name of the app or game that you want to block at the bottom.

stop facebook game invites

How to block game invites


  • Click Home

– On the left hand side you see Apps

– Under APPS  you see Games

  • Click Games

– On the left you will see requests – and if you have some there will be a number.

stop facebook game invites

  • Click Requests

– Here you will see all of the requests that you have received.

– Click the X – and you will see 2 options

  • Block the game
  • or
  • Ignore all requests from that friend.

The last can be really useful for those friends that constantly send game requests but you don’t really want to unfollow them on Facebook.

stop facebook game invites

Hopefully now you can see how easy it is to stop Facebook game invites and you can be at peace again.

Do You Need a New Social Media Strategy

Do You Need a New Social Media Strategy

Do you need a new social media strategy ?

Is your social media strategy not working?  Do you need a new social media strategy.  Sometimes, the things you planned into your strategy do not work, if after a few months you have no engagement because you haven’t built the foundations, its time to realise this and move on.

It could be just that your social media program is fine but it just needs refining a little or just a little more time.  Yes, a good social media strategy does take time and effort to see rewards but are you spending time doing the right thing?  We’ve listed just 6 reasons that you might need a new social media strategy, perhaps you are doing some of these things and didn’t even realise why they weren’t working.

6 reasons you might need a new social media strategy

1 – Do you even have a social media strategy?  Having a plan is essential, just opening a string of accounts and not doing anything about them, is worse than not even having social media networks in the first place. Have you researched which social networks you need to be involved in?  You need to have a plan, who are your audience, what do they want to see, when do they want to see it, why would they want to connect with you?

2 – Do you think that you need thousands of followers and keep asking anyone and everyone to follow you – or worse are you buying fake followers?  You need targeted followers, people in your niche. Having 8000 followers on Twitter when you’ve just arrived looks really bad, and its so easy to tell if they are fake, and it won’t help your business.  Also having a large amount of followers and not following back is bad, do you want to engage or just be worshiped?  You need the correct audience to create engagement or there is no point in wasting your time, posting updates for robots or people that are not interested to read. Measure behavior not numbers!

3 – Have you totally completed all the sections of your social media profiles, not having great images as your cover photos or real pictures as your profile pictures. Including a bio and your website are also essential. Especially on Google+ you can fill out lots of useful information on Google+ including verifying your business and google authorship, two of the most important things a business on social media needs.

4 – Are you scheduling all of your posts and not being available in real time .. Ok, you can’t be there every second of the day – but just to schedule posts at the beginning of the week and leave it til the next week is not going to hack it, I would say don’t even bother at all.  Social media is about real time interaction and about talking about things that are happening now, not last Friday.

5 – Are you constantly talking about yourself or your business, just posting your own blog posts, again and again – just pure adverts. Do you connect with someone and immediately send them a link about your business, don’t! This is social media which isn’t advertising, marketing or sales –  its time to learn the difference. Listen to your audience, what are people saying, what do they want from you?  What are your competitors doing and saying?

6 – Do you send auto DM’s?  People don’t like them, as much as people say that they work – most people just find them spam, and that’s what they are embarrassing spam and not what social media is about.

If you can tick any of these boxes, its time to stop and and sort it out before it is too late –  maybe it true that you need a new social media strategy


Do you need more followers?

Do you need more followersDO YOU NEED MORE FOLLOWERS?

People seem to be scrambling to get more followers, circles, likes, friends but the question is why do you need more followers.  Do you want a larger follower base on Twitter just to look important or to create engagement, interest in your website, brand awareness or sales?

Businesses and professionals should not be asking how can I get more followers but how can I create a quality audience of a decent quantity, that is the trick.  Lots of fake followers are easy to get but are they the right followers? Its easy to spot people with fake accounts, and you don’t want to be labeled as a faker, as this will diminish trust.


If you want more followers just to boost your ego and pretend you are famous and actually get no engagement, from anyone you can go to one of these cheap tacky sites and pay for a load of bots or fake accounts to follow or like you. Buying followers on any network could get you banned however.  Or you can beg for followers using hashtags such as #teamfollowback or #follobackinstantly which will just give you lots of spam in your feeds and essentially could be also posting scams that were potentially dangerous and it doesn’t look very pretty.

What really surprises me is that there are businesses on social media networks that go to such extreme measures to pay for fake accounts,. Its not just Twitter there are also similar instances on Google+ and Facebook too.  And we all know what happened on Instragam – The Instagram Scam That Tricked 100,000 Users Into Giving Away Passwords

How to find out if someone has fake followers

There are a number of apps or programs that might show you how many fake or inactive followers you have or maybe a business that you want to check out has but the most reliable we have found so far are Twitter Audit and Status People  They might not be totally accurate but so far, we have been very impressed with the results.

Is size important?

With social media, this is the one time you can actually say that size is not important. What is more important is the quality of your audience, people need to want to be there to hear what you have to say, to be engaged.  This is when you need a real social media strategy, to find real prospects, followers and turn them into customers.  The first way to get more followers is by posting relevant posts within your niche, entertain people, chat to them, engage, don’t spam and above all be real, if you are real and trustworthy followers will come.

If a social media marketer or “expert” offers to get you thousands of followers in a short time for a few pounds I would wonder about their expertness. Or if someone tweets, do you need more followers with a link, be careful as that is probably a phishing scam.  Buying followers will not help your customer base or even help you find great tweets in your timeline, but hinder it.  It will make you feel like Katy Perry – Justin Beiber – Lady Gage or Barack Obama – who have many fake followers because they are famous people, you are not, get over it.


Image Credit – Created by me using –

how many networks are there

How Many Social Networks Are There?


don't panicPeople are often surprised at how many social networks there actually are, they often think of just Facebook and Twitter.

Wait for it… there are literally hundreds of social networking sites, more than 500 in fact.  That’s without counting all of the Chinese and other countries networks such as China’s Tencent who own WeChat with 200 million users. . However, out of the 500+ not all are of good quality or exactly thriving but they are available, and might just be the next big thing.

Some social networking platforms are obviously more popular than others and many of them you may not class as a social network but if its aim is to be social and to share and connect with other users then it’s often called a social network, social media platform or social site, and you can even include mobile applications in this such as Path a social networking-enabled photo sharing and messaging service for mobile devices.

Which network should I be on for my business?

Don’t panic though; you do not have to have an account on all 500+ networks for your business, that would be crazy. This is why Fairy Dust keeps up with emerging networks to ascertain which networks fit into your niche, your brand or your industry. We regularly test and review new sites, and many old sites that we might have just heard about to see what benefits there might be to join.

  • Media
  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Retail
  • Business to Business
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Cosmetics
  • Transport

All of the above are totally different industries which would have different needs; so which networks do you need to be would be a difficult question to answer here, right now. It could just be that the more active networks that you can manage the better reach you will have but some people cannot handle this and don’t want to.   Some businesses prefer to outsource their online activities to a social media manager, with social networking stills that would provide a social media strategy and manage the networks for you.

However, a good place to start would be to use or choose from the top ten social networks or applications.

The top 10 social media sites

The top ten social media sites are so called because they are the most popular and have the most monthly visitors or users.

1 – Facebook

2 – GooglePlus

3 – YouTube

4 – Twitter

5 – Pinterest

6 – Linkedin

7 – Tumblr

8 – Instagram

9 – MySpace

10 – Efactor

Although this list is in no particular order, that is how I would feature the top four.  And of course, again depending on your business, YouTube might not need to be included (although Video is the way to go if you can) and other networks might feature in your chosen networks such as Foursquare.

For really small businesses that don’t have the time it’s often suggested that they start with one network and really build that up until they start the next one, this will obviously take a very long time, and social networking done properly does take a long time.

Many people still do not “get” Googleplus saying that there is nothing to it, these people aren’t on Google plus or are not using it properly. Google plus is thriving, its more popular than Twitter and its fast approaching taking over Facebook in popularity.  Pinterest is also a network you might be surprised at, 3 years since the launch was reported at having 70 million users in July 2013.

Googleplus however should not be sniffed at as it is really a requirement for a business, or blogger –  for many reasons and one is search, the more you share your blogs posts on Google plus the more chance you have appearing in a Google search another top reason is Google authorship.

So, in answer to the question “How many social networks are there”, the answer is that you really do not have to worry about how many but which social networks should your business be a part of to maximize its social media presence.-


Twitter News – Activity Arrives and A Hack Attack

Twitter news…

You may have heard that Twitter has launched another change on; I’ll keep this brief as you will see for yourself soon enough.


This shows favorites, follows, retweets, and more by people that you follow – this is next to @mentions, which now has your @name and retweets has gone  – this is being rolled out slowly as not everyone has it yet.

I’m not sure about the usefulness of this yet, it makes it harder to see your retweets – but at least it is on another page and you have to click to see it.   One thing maybe to remember is that everything you do now, show’s up in picture form for everyone to see, well maybe not EVERYTHING 🙂

Some people are loving these new changes in Twitter, but some say its ruining what we once  had, simplicity – I do have to agree.  I wonder what your view is, do you like these changes from the #oldtwitter to the new?

In other news……

New Phishing Attack

There is another new Phising attack coming to your DM folder  it says

 Someone is posting a pic of you all over twitter

This is one of those that is intending to get your account details and then repost it to everyone in your address book as as DM – if you click on it and have Google Chrome, which you should have by now.  Very similar to the  Is this your in this picture – photo scam.

Chrome says this ….  I’m glad it worked as I wanted to show you this page.  Although you cannot see the link on the DM it says that has been reported as a phishing site.

We should be used to these by now, and should avoid clicking like the plague, I almost reported this person for spam as it looked that way but he obviously just got caught.

 All I can say is don’t click it – it just keeps it going.  And change your password and tell people not to click, if you have

Hope this helps

Did Google+ help with the Facebook improvements

Yesterday The Facebook Blog  announced on a very mixed up post that they are making a “bunch of improvements” so that it is easier to share our posts and photos.   These improvements are starting to roll out over the next few days – you’ll know when you have them as you will see a prompt for a tour, which might not be a bad idea to do.  Hopefully I can make it clearer for you what the changes are.

Photos and Posts

Facebook are making the sharing options next to the posts and photos on a drop down menu instead of being on a settings page. These options were there already just not in the right place.  There are also more changes to help with privacy and sharing.  Which does make it look a little bit more like Google+ but I’ll leave that for you to decide.


This will help with people understanding who they share with, right here on your profile it actually says who are you are sharing this information with – I like this!

Photo Tags

If someone tagged you in a photo before and you didn’t want it you had to then go in to the photo and remove it, maybe days later which could be embarressing – Now however you will be notified and you can approve or reject the tag.   Anyone can now tag you in a photo, they do not even have to be your friend, but you have to approve it for it to show on your profile, but its not clear if it shows on their profile if you approve or not?

I like this

They have also moved the View Profile As button to the top of your profile page, instead of having it hidden away.


Facebook has now put icons and changed the word “Everyone” to “Public”  (Google+) on who you share with …   You can also now edit status updates or change who see’s the posts if you sent it out incorrectly. This could be both helpful and annoying.


The new feature here is that you can now check in to anywhere you don’t actually have to be there, you can say that you “would like to be” somewhere or that “you are going” somewhere, and now it is not restricted to mobile only.

So, basically most of these changes aren’t really new features but slightly changed or moved to a more accessible place, which is great, as still people do not understand Facebook privacy, perhaps these improvements will help.

Hope this helps







The New Social Networks set to take on Twitter – Meet Subjot and Heello

New Social Networks set to take on Twitter

New Social Networks set to take on Twitter

Yes, new social networks launched recently – Subjot and Heello. 

We’ve all heard about Google+ the project that aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life is its claim. With its Circles, Sparks and Hangouts it makes it a little different to Twitter and Facebook.

However in the past two weeks we  have seen two new kids on the block.

Subjot – Created by Chris and Becky Carella and launched on the 4th of August  – in private beta.

The main element  is that is Chris and Becky believe that social networks can be overwhelming and sometimes we just want to read what we need to, not everything else at the same time.  So they have introduced Subjects in such a format that sets them apart from all other social networks, in my opinion.


Instead of following a particular person on Subjot you actually just follow the subject –

A user might have 4 subjects –  music, tech, windsurfing, cricket.

You might like this person and find them knowledgeable  about tech you don’t want to hear about the other subjects, then you would just follow tech.

When you “tweet” here you –  Jot your thought in the subject you have chosen – in 250 words and only the people that follow that subject will see.

I think this is a brilliant idea!  As do many others as in 9 days as closed beta they have 22 thousand users!   I must say both Chris and Becky are working very hard to make this happen, they are always there listening to suggestions and commenting on jots (tweets)  I personally have been there about a week, just cruising every now and then to see how it is going and I have 79  followers already, its very user friendly indeed.


Next we have

Heello  – Launched a few days go by Twitpic founder Noah Everett

I joined Heello a few days ago,  it is very much like the Twitter we knew and loved in the beginning –  I love the design of  Heello much more than I do newtwitter, Heello is more like a back to basics version of Twitter – which coincidentally is why I preferred twitter to other networks in the first place.

Sadly however, I haven’t been able to get my account off the ground yet, and every time I try there seems to be problems with servers, once I thought that I had forgotten my password and tried to request it but nothing happened.  There was nothing to welcome me, or to show me the ropes although it is very simple – to ping (tweet) you type in the “share what you are doing box”  and you can share this to twitter or facebook – to maybe create more interest.  So as yet I have ZERO  followers and ZERO  following nor can I see how to do this as I just get this message.

A lot of users are saying the same thing mentioning crashing and things not working and yet Heello claim that they are getting an astonishing 100,000 new users a day – so even with my maths that makes 400,000 users already!! – well if they are like me, they are users that cannot use!  I will keep trying though, as I do like the look of Heello in its Twitter simplicity.

There has also been a third element hanging in the wings for a while and that is incliq – they claim that incliq is a new revolutionary peer to peer social network.  I reserved my username here month ago but it hasn’t been launched yet.   They say they are still working on it and still taking reservations, so watch this space.


 For this we will have to wait and see!

I’d like to know what you think of the about new networks, have you tried them, what do you think?

Hope this helps




A week of downtime and outages

A week of downtime and outages (updated post)

We’ve had a week of downtime and outages and at first thought it was bad enough with downtime from Apples iTune app store, however things got a bit more serious as Amazon (and then Sony, see below) decided to join in on Thursday with many people complaining they couldn’t get on to various sites; Formspring, Hootsuite, Reddit, Moby,  Zynga, CEX,,,,, Livefyre, co-tweet, Quora, Foursquare to name a few.


A week of downtime and outages

These sites are slowly limping back on-line now after the Amazon server EC2 went down for at least three days!

Quora is working but had this message showing for a few days.

A week of downtime and outages

This message from Reddit has only recently been taken off.

Ctrl+Alt+Del had this message up for some days! It appears to be working now though.

A week of downtime and outages

The message on the Amazon status page still just has this…

Apr 24, 9:59 AM PDT We continue to make steady progress on recovering remaining affected EBS volumes and making them accessible to customers. If your volume is not currently responsive, we recommend trying to detach and reattach it. In many cases that may restore your access.


At almost the same time we also found out that Sony’s Playstation Network was also down again, people had been saying it was the hacking work of Anonymous but this has not been confirmed, in fact Sony has not said why, just that they are having problems.

Update: Anonymous have confirmed that they had nothing to do with Sony’s outage – and Sony are now admitting that hackers are responsible.

This tweet came from @Playstation on Thursday.

Update on PSN Service Outages:
The message just states:
We’re aware certain functions of PlayStation Network are down. We will report back here as soon as we can with more information.
Thank you for your patience.

Yesterday from Playstation

We sincerely regret that PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been suspended, and we are working around the clock to bring them both back online. Our efforts to resolve this matter involve re-building our system to further strengthen our network infrastructure. Though this task is time-consuming, we decided it was worth the time necessary to provide the system with additional security.
We thank you for your patience to date and ask for a little more while we move towards completion of this project. We will continue to give you updates as they become available.

Nothing confirmed yet, as to when the network will be up and running again though.

Maybe back up on the 4th of May – update here

Down for Everyone?

If you couldn’t find out if the website you were trying to connect to was down or it was just you then try this, although I tend to just type in twitter search something like – itunes down – and you soon see lots of people are having the same problem.


It does make me chuckle that this all happened just as everyone was talking about Skynet going live and taking down the internet as foretold in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Skynet was implemented on April 19, 2011 and began its attack against humanity on April 21

Luckily we are all still here (I think) and hopefully everything will be back in working order very soon.

Hope this helps.

Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile

Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile? 2018

Can you see who’s looking at your Twitter ProfileYou are here because you want to know the answer to Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile – I wrote this post originally in 2011 and its something that we still want to know.   We see many apps and platforms that tell us they can show us who is viewing our Twitter profile and they are usually bogus and just want our data or information.

We must be obsessed about seeing who’s looking, spying or stalking our profiles as these worms that say that they can tell you who is looking at your Twitter profile are always getting attention on Facebook and now on Twitter.  Or is it that we are paranoid that we have stalked someone else’s twitter account and they will find out – for whatever reason, these phishing tweets are coming to get us based on our paranoia. People also desperate to know if you can see who has viewed your Facebook Profile  

Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile

2018 update – The short answer is – STill – No, – you cannot see who is looking at your twitter account.  Forget it, nobody knows, you cannot as yet get this information from anywhere. Who is viewing my Twitter profile is something we all want to know and a this is a reason that our accounts are still getting hacked.  Twitter is keeping that information a secret from us.

Like I said in the 2016 update about analytics. So now you can sort of see who is looking at your Tweets but that’s not really the information you want is it?  The only way to know if someone has seen your Twitter account, or at least your Tweets, is if they like your posts or retweet your posts then you can see if they have seen your Twitter feed, you still cannot tell who looked at your profile, although analytics do tell you how many have visited your Twitter profile.  These analytics also tell you which of your posts are popular, but you can’t actually know how someone came to your Twitter page like you can with Google analytics, which would be useful.

Who is looking at your tweets 

2016 Update – There is now a way to get some information to who is looking at your tweets. 

Twitter now has analytics – so you can see how many people have engaged with your posts.  It will also show your top posts – and top mentions.  But you can’t see who looked at it – click on the cog by your profile picture and click analytics and you will see something like this – but you can’t really see who.

Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile

On your individual tweet, click the icon that looks like a graph, if you hover over it is says view tweet activity. Here you can see who liked your tweet and who retweeted it but the rest are just numbers like this.

Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile

I think people are mostly wise to the scams on Twitter now and Twitter are trying to reduce these types of scams and spammers – the last update I saw was – Twitter is cracking down on multiple accounts bulk tweeting  But the following is often seen or similar posts like it so don’t be fooled.

Who is stalking me on twitter

A worm with the name “Who’s looking at your Twitter Profile” spread like wildfire yesterday, it was very popular indeed, if you’d seen my warnings about these on Facebook you may have thought twice about clicking and therefore spreading the worm further. 

These annoying links do not work, they do not give you any information!  All they do is take over your account (because you authorise it) and retweet or spam so more people click on the link. Pretty pointless but very annoying.  Like Facebook, Twitter cannot give you that information, anyway.  It’s just another Phishing tweet. 

As Del Harvey From Twitters Trust & Safety team – @safety confirmed in this tweet.


Apparently, this link has been blocked now, but I’m sure it won’t be long before there is another one around, just be careful what you allow the authority to.

UPDATE – there is a new link now – starting – and its spreading all over again.

If you did get caught out by this or indeed anything else similar you still need to Revoke Access to get rid of it.

How to remove the Twitter Worm if you’ve been compromised.

Follow these instructions anytime you think you may have been hacked or compromised. Just look in your connections and see what apps you have allowed there.

Click your profile picture

  • Settings and Privacy 
  • apps 
  • Revoke Access.

Plus change your password. 

It doesn’t harm going through these from time to time to just check anyway.

You might be asking the question –

Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile

Worrying about who has looked at your twitter page, because of stalkers or bullies for instance. Remember you can make it private, just look in settings under Privacy and safety – Protect your Tweets.  Plus other useful settings
Hope this helps.