Organic Reach on Facebook

Organic Reach on Facebook

facebook-pages-logoIf Facebook business pages aren’t having enough problems with organic reach on Facebook – Facebook announced recently that as from January that they are reducing overly promotional pages posts in our news feeds.

Facebook conduct surveys to find out what people want in their feeds regularly and they said that people are telling them that they don’t want to see promotional posts from Facebook pages – what people on Facebook want to see are stories from friends and pages.

Apart from these surveys Facebook also have recently introduced a new way to control what you see in  your news feed. Which would mean that they don’t need to control what we want to see in our own news feed – we can do it ourselves!

To control what you see in your newsfeed

To view your News Feed settings:

  1. Click in the top-right corner of any Facebook page
  2. Select News Feed Settings
  3. Click People, Pages or Groups to sort by category, and then click Alphabetical Order if you want to see one of those lists in alphabetical order

To adjust your News Feed settings, you can:

  • Click Following next to any person, Page or group to unfollow them and stop seeing their stories in your News Feed

  • Click Follow next to any person, Page or group you’ve unfollowed to start seeing stories from them again

Organic Reach on Facebook Some might not have this option on their Facebook Profile on the web as yet – but controlling your news feed settings is available on the Facebook app by clicking More – and scrolling down to News Feed Settings.

This year Facebook have been doing a lot to clean up your Feed – earlier this year they announced that they will be targeting three types of spam behaviour

  • Like-baiting – which is basically post that ask readers to Like, comment or share the post.
  • Recycled content – content that is repeatedly shared
  • Spammy Links – Links that are used for sending people to pages full of ads or spam of some sort.

So what chance do Facebook business pages have with Organic Reach on Facebook

Organic reach – this is what Facebook gives us for free or not really, when our posts appear in fans newsfeeds, which seems doesn’t happen very often, unless you are getting much engagement already.

Facebook ads 

Paying for reach on Facebook – it seems that for most Facebook pages, paying for exposure is going to be the only way to be seen – we just need to get used to this. Its not very expensive and we have to pay for ads elsewhere so why not Facebook, we don’t seem to have the choice anymore..  All pages are in the same boat, maybe not so much those that do have hundreds of fans that already create lots of engagement and shares on their posts, but with this new update, even that might be reduced.

Promotional Facebook posts that will be targeted as from January are ...

  • Company posts about new apps, products or services
  • Competitions or sweepstakes – especially those asking for likes and shares.
  • Post that copy or reuse the same content that have been used on paid ads.

The best ways to increase organic reach on Facebook

Is to post 2/3 times per day with original interesting content, such as stories about your company or business or relevant curated content  at times when your Fans are around, try not to be overly promotional at all – No this isn’t a simple task, you need to be mindful about what you post and when if you want to have any chance of your organic reach on Facebook growing at all.

Of course, if you don’t have time to do this on your own – check out the social media management deals on FairyDust Media! 🙂

Tsu the new social network that pays YOU

Tsu the new social network that pays YOUIts seems social networks are popping up all over the place, now we have Tsu the new social network that pays YOU, which is SO different to the new ELLO social network we have just all joined because its NOT going to have adverts – this one thinks you are going to not mind at all about the adverts because YOU will be being paid.

And it just shows you, that no one really does care – as they are still signing up in droves.

Tsu the new social network that pays YOU

Tsu – pronouced Sue – was launched this week and people are flocking to it, unlike the recent launch of ELLO which was all under a big cloak of suspense and mystery and you had to get invited to join, and these were few and far between, with Tsu you are seeing these links popping up everywhere and there is no limit to the amount of uses – its just a persons vanity URL, but it will take you to the log in – sign up page immediately.  This is where it reeks of MLM because people sign up you get paid and you will earn money from those people – there is like a family tree section which you will see who is under you and who is above .. I don’t like MLMs purely because I feel they usually are cheesy and there is nothing for us there but this is a social network and it looks pretty funky.

Its seems that the reason Tsu can cope with this this amount of people jumping on the network all at once is because it has had over 7 million dollars in investments! This is where the payments are coming from for your posts, you will get paid for posting and inviting, eventually, they say!  I doubt it will be much. Update – It shows in my TSU account that I have earned $0.54 in a week this is by posting 1 or 2 posts a day and putting about 3 invites out there. I’m not sure if or how or when you get the money out though – at that rate probably in about 2 years. 

Tsu the new social network that pays YOU

First thing you normally do is add your profile picture, This is new and different, love it, you can add frames, shapes, sizes, change colours, airbrush – all sort of things before you add your profile picture, very clever. Soon to be seen on other networks!

Tsu social network

This network is very easy to use, and very user friendly – again very unlike ELLO who made us learn a new way of doing things, which actually was quite fun, like going back to basics. However you won’t have any trouble using Tsu as it is just the same as all the others, add an image, comment, like, tag, @message – I guess its a mixture of Facebook and Twitter, thats how it feels.  Looks like Facebook, works more like Twitter.

Tsu Mobile App

Tsu do already even have mobile apps which is great, we love it to be cross platform don’t we, but as yet I’ve not really heard great things about the app – someone said it was difficult to upload an image and a few people said they were deleting it, I’ve not tried it yet, so I will have to come back to you on that. Update – Yes the app isn’t great, it doesn’t always post images and it doesn’t often update correctly. 

Right now, its very busy with everyone following and friending and posting but we will see, how it goes.

Check it out, there is no harm in trying.  <— this is my invite to let you in.


Update – After just over a week on Tsu the spammers and scammers have arrived, and they are ruining the experience – people are inviting others like crazy because they want to earn money for nothing online, and so many posts about how to earn money on TSU – what you should or shouldn’t be doing!   Also I found myself in 3 facebook groups this week none of which I was asked if I wanted to join. Some are still using the network properly by sharing interesting content but others have gone mad with so many posts etc – I did hear but I’m not sure if its implemented that TSU are going to limit the amount of posts.  

get more views to your blog

Get more views to your blog – Triberr

get more views to your blogDo you want to get more views to your blog?  Yes of course we all do.  Its demoralizing when you’ve poured your heart and soul into a blog post and nobody reads it. Its not fairydust, you do have to put the work in, but if you are prepared to do that, then I can tell you a very easy way to get more views to your blog. If you have a blog and you don’t know about Triberr yet, now is the time to learn. Triberr can be a great asset to your social media strategy.

What is Triberr

Triberr is a blog amplification website created by Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo in I think 2011 – I’ve been with Triberr from the beginning and love the guys who have worked very hard to get the site to what it is today and are continually improving it, whats more if you ever have a problem they are quick to jump on board and sort it out for you, their presence to their users has been part of their on going success in my view.

  • Triberr is a community of bloggers
  • Triberr is a place to read new blogs
  • Triberr is about supporting other bloggers
  • Triberr is about reciprocal sharing
  • Triberr is awesome (snuck that in there)
  • Triberr isn’t a secret community – anyone can join
  • Triberr is a great way to meet new people and to gain more followers


Get more views to your blog using your Tribes

Triberr connects bloggers of similar niches within Tribes (a group of bloggers) If you are a Music blogger for instance you will search on Triberr for Music tribes. You join or “follow” that tribe and then you request to be a member of that tribe.  Some topics are hard to find, others like Social Media tribes are plentiful but you can also create your own tribe and invite people to that, if you cannot find one suitable.

When you are following the tribe you go to your stream and this allows you to share the members (tribemates) posts.  Not until you are a member will those bloggers share your own blogs or articles.

Your stream

get more views to your blog

You do not have to share all of the posts that appear in your stream but it is better if you can because reciprocal sharing is seen as trust, and the more active you are , the more others will feel inclined to share your own blog posts.

In settings on your profile, you can control how often approved posts go out on your social networks, you’ll need to check this right away so that you are posting at the frequency that your require. Then all you need to do each day or for upto 100 posts is to click or hover over the SHARE button, when you have decided if you want to share. You can read the whole post, comment on it, or just share it from what you can read in the excerpt.

In your stream you can hover over the bloggers name to see if they have shared your posts, but I’m not certain these figures are correct. The stats you can see that I believe are correct is how many posts they have shared, and how many posts that they have written and posted to Triberr. You can also hover over your own name and see what your own stats are.

As you can see from my stats I’ve shared 76 posts this week and posted one myself.

get more views to your blog


There are also other stats you can get if you go to your own profile – you can see who has shared your post and how many are you are awaiting to share. This also show how many clicks that you have gained from those people sharing.

So to recap….

How to get started on Triberr

Go to

You can sign up using an email, or your Twitter account, which I find easiest as then you are already part completed filling out your profile,

Complete your profile, making sure your website has been added, and that you have added the RSS feed if need be, which is where Triberr collects your posts. – or there is a plugin that you can use to import your blogs to Triberr.

You can also add Facebook and Linkedin if you also want to share to those social networks.  And you can add more than one website, if you assign them to different tribes.

You then search for Tribes of your niche, or you can click Bonfires at the top which are community discussions where people might be asking for tribes of a certain sort, or you might want to ask any questions here.

I wrote a short How to use Triberr on my Techieminx blog a few years ago but it might help if you are still confused although it is quite different now.

If you have any problems at all please give me a shout on @michelledh and I will help you with Triberr and to get more views to your blog!



mute users on twitter

You Can Now Mute Users on Twitter

Are you fed up with the noise on Twitter but you don’t want to be nasty and unfollow your friends, well your prayers have been answered as you can now mute users on Twitter   This new feature which is being rolled out over the next few weeks will be available to anyone that uses the iPhone and Andriod apps or  This button was inevitable as people are moving away from the noise on to less busy platforms and groups, or are just unfollowing loads of people. People want to stop the noise on Twitter it seems (Whats wrong with list?)   This is a great move by Twitter but it makes me concerned at how many people will mute me. This also means that the follower number now means even less than it did before as you might have 100k followers that all have you muted

Twitter introduces the ability to mute users on Twitter

When you mute someone you won’t see any of their tweets or re-tweets in your timeline so of course you will no longer get notifications from that user either, because you have muted their tweets.  The muted user can still reply, see your tweets and retweet you. However you won’t see that in your timeline because you have them muted.  And the bit that you are all worried about – No, the user will not know that you have muted them on twitter, I can see some of you are very happy to be able to mute people on Twitter!

Muting Facebook Users

This is very similar to the option you used to have to mute people on Facebook – which was very handy but they took this one way – you used to be able to  to your friends profile, hover over where it says Friends and remove the tick on Show in Newsfeed – which enabled you to stay friends but not see all of their posts in your news feed. All you can do now is – you have to go the actual post and click I don’t like this post or hide this post, or don’t show this post – and at the bottom of a NewFeed post you will see Make NewsFeed better where you will answer some questions for Facebook to decide what you see, hmmm.   Of course both of these maybe negative features do have the opposite options, you can favorite someone on Twitter so it comes up in your alerts, and on Twitter you can get notifications of a persons tweets.

How To Mute Users On Twitter

mute users on twitter


From a tweet – click more – and mute @user


mute users on twitter



From their profile page – click the gear – and mute @user



So if you decide, its now all too quiet since you muted users on Twitter you can just unmute then, and no-one will ever know.

Which now I see a use for this, certain times when everyone is tweeting the same thing about a TV program or an event – Mute!!

amplify your message

How to amplify your message using your voice on Twitter #justsayin

If you ever feel confined by social networking restrictions,with only 140 characters, do you wonder how can you amplify your message ? With Just Sayin App you can do this and more – Twitter on Steroids, we like to call it. This isn’t a new network, well it can be used as such but the power is in integration with Twitter and Facebook, but mostly Twitter.     I’ve been testing out the live Beta of this voice application for a few months now, and I really like it, the uses are endless. People love to hear your voice to know you are a real person, and this app will confirm that with ease. 

Cloudtalk has now announced the release of Just Sayin’ App which is FREE on iOS and Android, and have now just yesterday launched the web based version too, so you now have all of the features from the application on the web.

How to amplify your message

with Just Sayin’ you can integrate your voice image/gifs/video messages on Facebook and Twitter, you can tag people on twitter and they can view and listen to your messages from within those networks. This is a brilliant way for comedians, singers, authors, to showcase their work – just one click and they can have a sample right there. What better way to amplify you message on social networks.

You also get your own vanity url for the website which will say posts/yourname

See the official press release here -> PRweb

Key features on Just Sayin

Voice Recording and Sharing

  • The ability to tag users from the application to Twitter
  • Post any combination of content using audio, video, photos and text and cross-post to your Twitter followers and Facebook
  • Discover and follow the growing community
  • Talk with and follow your favourite celebrity, musician, politician or athlete
  • View trending and featured topics
  • Private messaging
  • Freedom from character count restrictions on some social networks
  • Use directly from the webpage or the app

Read more about how to get and use the application here – Techieminx


klout has changed

Klout has changed – do you care? Increase your score..

klout has changeIt seems people are starting to notice that Klout has changed. Although people are signed up to Klout they rarely log into the site. I guess the only reason for logging into the site used to be to give K’s to other users or to keep a close eye on your score. So, there is not much point logging in, if your score just stays the same mostly and its said that giving Ks to others doesn’t have an effect on your score, but receiving K’s from other users that have a higher score than you can help.

How Klout has changed 

However now with Klouts latest update this has all changed.  Now Klout actually provides content for you to read and share on your networks within your niche direct from Klout. I assume one reason for this is to get us to use the site more often.  So what is this content – if one of your topical interests on Klout is Blogging you will be shown a series of Blogs about How to blog, or how to get more viewers to your blog, things like that.  When I first saw this stream on Klout I wasn’t that bothered or interested in it,  as a big fan of Buffer and Triberr I already can read and share posts within my niche very easily but next time I had a look at what Klout had to offer I was very pleased with the content.  Not only can you share these posts to your networks you can also schedule them.

I don’t think using this service increases your score at all but I do find it useful now and then if I just need a few niche blogs to share. There can be a problem with your personalised stream if Klout has given you unusual topical interests that are not within your niche, which they do occasionally (this can happen if you have a group of the same niche following you that aren’t really your topics)  so you will need to keep an eye on those and delete any that do not make sense, you can also add topics that you care about  The content that Klout puts in to your stream comes from social media and from their hand curated lists of thousands of RSS feeds.

Has the Klout algorithm changed?

They say that it has not, which actually is pretty hard to believe when many many people have been sharing stories about their score dropping by 5 points or increasing when usually it wouldn’t – my score has hardly changed since the last big algorithm change a few years ago when I dropped 7 points, since then it doesn’t matter what I do, it just stays at around 70.  So do you care about your score, or these changes, will you be logging into Klout more often or has nothing changed for you, please let me know below.

Klout say that click tracking, reach, and reaction metrics on your Klout posts will be available soon so that will be interesting.

If you do want to increase your score a blog from Klout in January this year lists these

10 ways to improve your Klout score 

1. Use milestones as an opportunity to tell your story

2. Understand your audience and cater to them

3. Communicate your perspective

4. Use more verbs in your social posts

5. Make your post memorable with numbers & statistics

6. Use images with highlighted quotes

7. Re-share your posts to reach new audiences

8. Pay-it-forward and give credit to authors

9. Use interesting quotes from content

10. Identify influencers sharing your content and start a conversation

This infographic also might help

How to Increase Your Klout Score [Infographic] -


Create amazing graphics with Canva the free design tool

canva the free design toolAnyone can design amazing graphics with Canva the free design tool co-founded by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams from Sydney,

Canva is a very simple tool which enables you to create designs from templates for your blog for Facebook covers, posters, cards in fact anything you like for the web and print. You don’t even have to worry about sizes any more, its all set up for you within the template. When you first sign up with Canva you are even presented with a short how-to guide to show you what to do.

If you need a quick simple way to create amazing graphics for your site then this is for you.

Canva the free design tool

Canva is the most superb social networking tool and yet has many many other uses too.  It is free to join, although there are some paid aspects to it. Firstly you can upload your own images or use a selection of free images – however, if you want something a bit different and classy then you can buy images from just $1.00 to add to your design.

How to start using Canva

You start by choosing a new design,

  • Document
  • Presentation
  • Blog graphic
  • Facebook cover
  • Social Media
  • Card
  • Photo Collage
  • Poster
  • Invitation
  • Business Card

I created a very simple Facebook cover for my other Facebook page in just a few minutes; I used some of my own images so this was free, however there was a large selection of free images.


When you click on your design you then choose your layout by clicking on the selections on the left, then you can alter and add to this by simply using drag and drop from the selections.  There are over 1,000,000 images to choose from some are free, some are not.

You can change the layout, the background, and previously added text or add your own text box


Once you have finished your design you can share directly to Twitter, Facebook, or download to your PC.

Can now have 150,000 users and there isn’t a waiting list anymore, so you can get started designing right away.

If you were artistically challenged before and used to struggle to create amazing designs for your social networks now you will have no trouble at all with Canva the free design tool !


Your Best Moments On Instagram With #memostatigram

statigramStatigram are offering a video snapshot of your best moments on Instagram !

We all love instagram, for personal and business use.

Instagram was first launched in October 2010 and it was taken over by Facebook in 2012.  I assume that Instagram was first intended and used mainly for people to post their personal photos, snapshots and selfies to either just Instagram or to share other social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr, Foursquare.  However, the Instagram has grown to include many leading brands especially retailers who are now making very good use of the platform. Large or small these companies are using Instagram to promote their brand and their products visually online.  These businesses are creating engagement and trust amongst their followers.

What is Statigram

Statigram is an Instagram online client, and viewer.  It contains many fantastic features such as social analytics, and various tools for contests and brand community management. If you haven’t tried it, take a look, you can gain so much information for your brand or business. You can even use Statigram to simply add an IG tab to your Facebook business page.



Snapshots are great too –  you can get snapshots of ..

  • Igers I like the most
  • IG Birth Certificate
  • My followers on a map
  • My most liked photos ever
  • How many followers you gained in the last month
  • My very first times on IG
  • Best moments on Instagram

Your best moments on Instagram

One of the features that Statigram are providing at the moment for free – is a short video clip of your best moments on instagram called #memostatigram.  Its simple to get this review for your year on Instatgram, all you have to do is to sign into Statigram with your instagram sign in details and click on the 2013 best most moments on Instagram and they will email it too you.  When I asked for mine they did say it would take a while as they are inundated with requests right now but it came through in a few hours.    If you are business this is perfect to showcase on your Facebook Business page, if you have had some great results.

Here is my personal instagram – don’t forget to follow me

Show us your best moments on Instagram for 2013

Selling Art Online

Selling Art Online

If you are the starving artist type you will have no doubt tried selling art online.  There are so many resources and websites available to do this it would be crazy not to use them to showcase or exhibit your work.

Many of these websites have so many users fighting for sales, and huge commissions that sometimes it is difficult to get your work seen, let alone bought.

I don’t call myself an artist but I love art, for me art is a hobby to relax me when I’m not working, but I do like to show people what I have created or whats the point.   Its been a very long time since I actually painted on canvas, when I used to sell………