Platform Schedules Instagram Updates for Real

This Platform Actually Schedules and Posts Instagram Updates

This platform schedules Instagram updates quickly and simply, directly from your PC.   We have lots of platforms who claim they schedule Instagram posts but in reality, most of them don’t. What happens is, the tool only allows you to upload your images and schedule them but they don’t post them for you.  These tools can only remind you of your scheduled time so that you open Instagram and post it yourself. Which might be of some help to people but it’s not much use for most of us especially those who work in social media management.

Most of the problem is that Instagram was designed as a mobile app and they want it to stay that way. So there are or have been in the past certain restrictions.  They don’t want you to download pictures from the internet and post them on your feed, they want real-time updates. It’s all in the name Instant Gram these are supposed to be real pictures which you have just taken to show to the word.  However, we want to share images from our holidays that we’ve removed from our phones and uploaded to the computer, or there might be other reasons to share an image from your PC.  However, many people have got around that by copying photos on their mobile phone and saving it to their photo album. There are other tools out there that claim to do this but when I looked didn’t offer a trial – I will check them out again.

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Platform Schedules Instagram Updates for Real

The platform that schedules platform schedules Instagram updates is called Instaschedule. It’s a really basic platform, no frills here but it does the job simply and effectively.  I am actually not sure if its allowed, but they post the updates through your account and it works. I’ve been trialling it for a few weeks now and the developers have made lots of changes to make it better for you.  They are continually working on it, so it might change more in the future.  For now, I think it’s perfect.

Price Plan on Instaschedule

I’m not sure about the price for multiple accounts that seems pretty high if you are using it for clients, but the 1 account plan is quite reasonable.  All plans are for unlimited posts.

I think it’s great also that they offer a 14-day trial, enough time to see if it works for you.

platform schedules Instagram updates

How to schedule your Instagram updates with InstaSchedule

When you have signed up, logged in and chose your free trial, you will simply have to add your Instagram account.

You then click on Schedule Posts and it’s as simple as that.

Choose a time and a date that you want to Schedule the post or update.

Write a caption – not forgetting to use those all important hashtags.

Select  your Image file and Upload posts.

platform schedules Instagram updates

Once the post is scheduled it shows you at the bottom in Published posts, and once it has been published you will see a green tick.

The only thing I didn’t like is that once it’s published it stays in the plan, as above.  So to me, it looks like it hasn’t been scheduled – but it has.  I suggested that it might be better if this was removed so you have a clean slate again.  They informed me that they keep it there in case you wanted to keep the image caption or just slightly change it, which does make sense.



How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

The key to engagement on social networks is to connect with relevant people. If you are following or have people following you that aren’t within your niche you will never have anything in common and therefore you will not get engagement on your networks. So, we thought we’d show you how to increase engagement with prospects and influencers just by using Thryyve to find people that match your criteria.

What and Who are Thryyve

Thryyve is a free social media discovery tool.  It has a very clever search engine that searches for keywords used on Twitter and Facebook that are important to you.

The Start-up team of 5/6 people are based in Loughborough, Leicestershire in the United Kingdom. They are from a Start-Up Incubator at Loughborough University called The Advance Technology and Innovation Centre.

ATIC is a brand new building specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of early stage to larger SMEs. The centre is comprised of 54 business units and offers a range of workspace including; offices, labs and studios.

The guys are constantly working to improve the platform and to fit out exactly what you need to help you with your engagement.

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

Thryyve’s intelligent search engine system gives you more precise information than if you were to search on Twitter or even Google because it sorts out the information that YOU need, giving you the most relevant results at the top of your search. This method of searching saves you lots of time manually searching through lots of irrelevant data.

How to get started with Thryyvethryyve

Its very easy to get started with Thryyve and we’ve found it enjoyable and easy to navigate the platform.

All you have to do is to log in using your social media accounts – either Twitter or Facebook or both and accept the terms, if you agree with them.  They obviously need access to some of your information to give you the results you require.

Searching on Thryyve

When you have logged in you can start searching right away and from the results you receive, you can follow or unfollow people find out more about them and start to sort them into lists.

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers


You can search by bio, post content and frequency by using keywords or phrases – you can also add filters like location and exclude people or words from your search.

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

Sadly Twitter has a restriction currently on the search by bio of a maximum of twenty people but that gives you to top twenty people so it’s still very useful. And Thryyee are working on Twitter to get access so hopefully that might change.   However searching posts will give you huge results depending on your search terms.

You can also Run your search right away or schedule the search at daily intervals.

Here we searched for people mentioning the words “Gamers” “Gaming” “Games”  and the results were as the picture.  You get a word cloud – and a sentiment cloud to see how you are affiliated

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

Under this header you get a list of all the Twitter accounts related to your search – showing the profile page and the tweet where the keyword was mentioned.   You can then tick the ones you want to keep for your lists, follow or unfollow.


Thryyve also have a system to send out surveys to your contacts which looks great, although we have not tried that as yet.

You can find out more about surveys, and all about Thryyve and Improving your engagement on Twitter in an interview with Paul Ince on a recorded Blab by Steven Healey which probably explains it in a lot more detail than we can.

Check out more of Steven Healey’s Blabs on – Blabbing for Britain

And of course sign up for Thryyve to check out how to increase engagement with prospects and influencers for yourself – its free and if  you have any suggestion please do inform them on the chat function, you will always get a reply.


Well that’s a shame – I’ve just seen this notice on the Thryyve website – watch this space though, they might be back

I just wanted to get in touch to let you know of a really difficult, but important decision for us at Thryyve. We’ve decided to shut down the Thryyve service.

I know, sad face.

We’ve had such fun taking our original idea from the depths of our brain to a product built and released to the world. Over the last eighteen months, we’ve learnt so much about social media data, what humans publish and what can be gleaned from the vast amount of information out there.


More Facebook Engagement with PostPlanner

More Facebook Engagement with PostPlanner

Post-Planner-Logo-400pxMany people struggle with Facebook engagement, whether it be on their own profile or their Facebook page and we heard big claims that you can get more Facebook engagement with PostPlanner, so we set out to test it.

It takes time to build up a good following on Facebook – and it takes time to find high-quality visual content to share on your Facebook pages, especially non-copyrighted visual content,

This is where PostPlanner steps in, they have reams of content right there on your homepage for you to choose.

More Facebook Engagement with PostPlanner

PostPlanner have been around for around 3 years now, but if you don’t know about it – here is a little taster!

You can sign up to a have a free account but you are extremely limited to what you can share, and its really not worth it.  However, the price plans start at just £7 per month so you can start with this to see what you think and then just upgrade if you wish.  You can also pay monthly or yearly which is cheaper – this is a fantastic option to have that many others do not.  We hate having to pay for a year upfront for something you haven’t even tried, we wish people would pay for a year upfront of our social media management services! 🙂

We signed up to one of the cheapest plans for testing purposes – You can have up to 5 accounts, a mixture of Twitter or Facebook –  you can upgrade and have more pages of course. What is fabulous and one of our favourite things is that you are not stuck with the accounts that you choose you can change these around.

More Facebook Engagement with PostPlanner

There are three sections of content to choose from

  • Viral Photos
  • Top Content
  • Status Ideas

We mostly used the Viral Photos – which is set into folders containing

  • Awesome Quotes
  • Engaging Photos
  • Funny Photos
  • Crazy Photos
  • Beautiful Photos

So you have chosen your content, you then click on which page or multiple pages you want to share on, and you can either post now, share next or schedule the post.

People love high-quality visual content and if you keep up with a regular posting schedule you will find that you’ll soon be getting the likes and engagement.

There are many other things you can do with PostPlanner, like schedule your own content, add other people (your team) check out insights some of which are on the upgrades.

Starting at just $9 Euros for one month why not see if you get More Facebook Engagement with PostPlanner

How to add multiple Instagram accounts

How to add multiple instagram accounts

We’ve been waiting and waiting and finally, you can add multiple Instagram accounts to your phone – we actually thought it would be just two accounts you could use but you can add 5 Instagram accounts, and you can quickly switch between them without having to log out. We thought you might need to know How to add multiple Instagram accounts

If you didn’t know already – Instagram is a mobile photo sharing application, where you can post videos and photos and share them with your followers, whether they are friends of family or you can share them publically. You also have the option to share these images to your other social networks from the app too.

More than one Instagram Account

For people with more than one Instagram account – for instance, one for business and one for pleasure – or even social media managers with many clients this is going to be a godsend, we know from personal experience, the pain of having to log in and out of accounts.

To be able to add more than one Instagram account firstly you need to make sure you have updated and  have version 7.15 for iOS on Android – check the app store and google play if you do not.

How to add multiple Instagram accounts

Go to your profile by tapping the person icon in the bottom right-hand corner. 

Tap the cog in the top rightHow to add instagram multiple accounts

Scroll down – all the way to the bottom

Tap – Add Account

Enter the username and password of the account you would like add

How to add instagram multiple accounts How to switch between Instagram accounts

  • Go to your profile by tapping the person icon in the bottom right-hand corner
  • Tap your username at the top
  • Tap the account that you want to log in to

And it’s as easy as that, we didn’t have our own Fairy Dust Media Instagram account as we already have so many to manage so now we can.  we assume this is going to be a good move for Instagram with people creating many new accounts.

There are even accounts now that you can use to schedule your Instagram posts from your desktop – so hopefully now Instagram is going to be much easier and more accessible for everyone

Why not leave a comment with your Instagram accounts so we can check them out! 🙂



Twitter Polls

Twitter are introducing Twitter Polls

Twitter Polls Yesterday Twitter announced that they are introducing Twitter Polls.   In the coming days, they say that users will be able create polls on Twitter.

We don’t know if this is an experiment that Jack Dorsey has implemented as he seems to be making some waves over there but its said that there are a lot more experiments going on to improve our Twitter experience.

We aren’t sure if we want Twitter to change anymore we like it as it is, but as long as Twitter isn’t overrun with Twitter Polls we think this might be helpful and fun. We didn’t really get inundated with videos when they first started on Twitter, the only annoying thing was that they used to play but at least now you can stop Twitter videos auto playing.

Twitter Polls

Twitter Polls will be in a simple format similar to the old Facebook questions but with just two choices.

Its a great way to get your audience involved in any decisions, to find out what they are thinking or even what customers really want.  Another use might just be to have some fun and games.  It’s quick and easy,  just one click and the answers are all anonymous, so I think people will rather do that, than reply to a tweeted question, that they may not want everyone else to know the answer to.

Twitter Polls Twitter Polls








The Poll will only remain live for 24hours.

You should start seeing a Poll icon on iOS Android and on Twitter desktop soon.

We are pretty excited to have a go.

Edit – so we have started seeing a few polls now – and its not taken over our feeds yet.

How to create a Twitter Poll

Twitter Poll

Just click on Compose Tweet

At the bottom, you will see a new icon that says Poll

Type your Question – click poll and type your two answers.


And its done.




Facebook has created Reactions

Not a Dislike Button – Facebook has created Reactions

We are pleased that there is not a dislike button – Facebook has created Reactions.    Chris Tosswill the Product Manager have Facebook reported yesterday that they are testing out an extension of the like button which will give people more ways to react to a post then just a like.

About a month ago – it was reported by many websites that Facebook had said there will be a dislike button, which we didn’t think would be true as Mark Zuckerberg has always been against a dislike button.  Even though many people have asked for a dislike button on Facebook for years, he thought that there could be a better way.   Mark said that he wanted to way to show empathy rather than to go down the road of likes and dislikes.

Facebook has created Reactions

Reactions looks like it may be a great choice.  Its a selection of emojis that show various emotions:

  • Angry
  • Sad
  • Wow
  • Yay
  • Haha
  • Love
  • Like

Facebook has created Reactions

These Reaction Emojis are being tested in Spain and Ireland who will be able to react to any Facebook post.  While the test is running Facebook page owners will be able to see Reactions to all of their posts on their page insights, so thats exciting. It might be a good time to Target, Spain and Ireland to see what it looks like.

Facebook will then look at the findings from the test to learn how the initial roll out went.  So, it could be sometime before we see this change in our Facebook feeds.


SumoRank – Analyze Facebook Pages to Improve your Own Engagement

upload_folder_facebookToday there was a new launch from BuzzSumo – SumoRankAnalyze Facebook Pages to Improve your Own Engagement.

Matthew from BuzzSumo said today that together with Buffer (One of our top five tools), BuzzSumo analyzed 500 million Facebook posts to discover key strategies so that you can improve your Facebook engagement by analyzing what performs best for others.  What a fantastic idea!

We looked at how you can increase engagement in our last post about PostPlanner, and were keen to test SumoRank out also.

SumoRank – Analyze Facebook Pages to Improve your Own Engagement

The great thing about SumoRank  is that you can put in any Facebook page to analyze how they are getting views and what their most popular day is, to see how you can be doing things better.  We decided to nip over to check on PostPlanners Facebook page.

SumoRank - Analyze Facebook Pages to Improve your Own Engagement

The information supplied on the first page is

  • Most Popular Post Type – Image
  • Category Sumo Rank – #170
  • Most Popular Day – Saturday
  • (this was interesting as that came up on a few pages we tested)
  • Most popular time 12pm UTC

SumoRank - Analyze your Facebook page for free

You are then given Graphs showing

  • Estimated Monthly Total Interactions
  • Average Engagement per Post Type
  • Average Engagement per Character Range
  • Post per 3rd Party Tool and Average Engagement
  • Day Posted and average Engagement
  • Time Posted and average Engagement
  • Estimated Monthly Average Interactions
  • Top Posts


Then right at the bottom, there is a link to see what is Trending Now on Facebook- where you can view all – or various types of topics.

Then you can also view

  • Most Shared
  • Content Analysis
  • Domain Comparison
  • Top Authors
  • Influencers.

And then it even goes deeper, by filtering the infomation that you want to know by date, time, type of content, type of influencer and more. Its just amazing how much valuable information they have packed into this tool – we suggest you check it out – or even watch the free webinar with Buffer and Buzzsumo on Thursday at 4.30pm BST.



Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Juggling social media accounts and different networks can be a daunting and expensive affair for some – so we have put together our top 5 free tools for social media. You don’t need to spend lots of money on loads of tools for social media – remember that its best to be you, be real and be there.  To much automation is not social.  The tools we have selected are the simplest and the easiest to use and won’t make you look like a robot online.

All networks require different things so its good to be armed with a few free tools to help you. Most of these tools to offer more services if you pay but for the most part the free options work very well.

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Canva – We love Canva – as it is free unless you use some of their own images – we have been using it from day one.

What is Canva? – Canva allows you to create social media graphics, design presentations, cover pictures and more.  You can use the images, and templates that they have or you can upload your own.

We wrote about Canva back in January 2015 you might want to read about it there – Canva the free design tool 

Canva are now rolling out – Canva for work, a paid version – which will have more options – such as re-sizing your created images, which you cannot to do on the free version and much more – which I am excited to try.

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Buffer –  Another great tool that we have used from the start.

What is Buffer? – Buffer is a super easy way to share the content that you are reading. Using extensions for browsers you can just right-click the article and place it in your buffer – which is a scheduler – you can set it to tweet, post to Facebook, Linkedin (and Pinterest for a cost) on the days and times that you choose – Please read about Buffer on our sister site here 


Feedly – A tool that you may have passed by.

What is Feedly? – Feedly is a new aggregation application – for desktop and mobile.  Feedly compiles news feeds from many online sources which you can add yourself or search for within a topic.  So all of your favorites sites are in one place to read, save using Pocket – or share using Buffer.   Although now – News just in – Feedly are integrating with Google Now, so your most important stories will appear in your Google Now Stream.

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

Pixabay – Love this site as its just so fast and easy.

What is Pixabay – Pixabay is a place to find free images to use on social networks.  You can’t just use anything you find on Google due to copyright issues – and  you don’t always want to spend lots of money on images just to post on social media or for your website.  Pixabay have a wide range of royalty free stock photos and copyright free vector graphics, and they can be used for commercial purposes.

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media


Tweet JukeBox – Difficult to choose the last one, but I’ve just started using Tweet JukeBox more and I’m really enjoying it.

What is Tweet JukeBox? – Tweet Jukebox was created in January 2014 by Tim Fargo and put on the market in Jan 2015  – Tweet Jukebox is really a scheduler like Buffer – but what I like about is that it has free preloaded Jukeboxes so you can choose which tweets to post – such as quotes and images. And as all of the tools we have chosen here  – its quick and easy to use.   Besides which Buffer is discontinuing its suggestions box, which used to have various quotes and content for you to share but they decided it seems that they are not a curation tool.

There are so many different social media tools to choose from – some are free, some are not – we just wanted to find for you Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media.  Just with these simple free tools in place you will find social media networking and marketing much easier and quicker. If you are still struggling to find the inclination or time in the day, why not contact us and we make your accounts sparkle in no time.


Buffer adds Scheduling for Pinterest

Buffer adds Scheduling for Pinterest We love Buffer and we love Pinterest – and after many requests from users, today Buffer adds scheduling for Pinterest.  This is going to please many Buffer/ Pinterest users – but only the users that pay for “Awesome”,  Those with the freebie accounts can only try it out for seven days.

Pinterest, if you don’t know is a popular free website with around 70 million users according to – On Pinterest people create Pin-boards to upload, save, manage and share images we love, called “pins”.  Because of the increasingly visual world we live in, users including many brands and marketers are finding numerous ways to use Pinterest.

Buffer adds Scheduling for Pinterest

You can already start Buffering your pins right this minute, all you need to do is to go to your Buffer account.

On the bottom of the left

  • Click Connect more
  • Click Connect Pinterest or Try Pinterest for 7 days and then Connect.
  • Log in to Pinterest (If you are already logged in it will directly go to..)
  • Click Authorise App

Now you can schedule your pins using Buffer.

Buffer adds Scheduling for Pinterest

How to schedule your pins using Buffer

Buffer have made it very easy to schedule your pins using Buffer.

without an extension

Go to Share update

On the Pin button you can see you choose which board you want to put it on

  • Choose board
  • Type Title
  • Add Source
  • Add Photo

For more details about using Buffer and Pinterest together – check out the Buffer Blog


24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post

24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post

SEO 24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog PostWe came across this wonderful infographic with 24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post that we want to share with you. It has some great information, facts and tips on how to get more views on your blog posts.

Of course we all have different styles on how we like to write but there are some principles that you should try to follow if you want more likes, shares, comments and most importantly views on your website.

Are you blogging for your business?

As businesses, thats what we want, more traffic to our website, to achieve more views and more conversions you must be blogging, and blogging regularly – yes, it is difficult to find the time, but the benefits are immense.

Building your audience online doesn’t happen over night or just by blogging a few words with an image – although images are very very important as you will see from the infographic but stick with it and you will soon see the difference.

How long should a blog post be

How long should a blog post be, is always the question bloggers ask and various bloggers have different advice.  This infographic it tells us that posts that have between 3000 and 10000 words are the highest ranking posts on Google these posts also get the most backlinks, while this might be true, I’d be surprised in our fast paced life that people would have the time on the inclination to read a post that is that long. General opinion has always been that posts that are short and sweet, to the point, detailed and useful should be around 300-1200 words for SEO purposes. So you have a choice, write smaller posts more often, or longer post less often – unless you can write book length blogs posts, that can keep the readers attention at least once a week.   Just bare in mind that the minimum for a blog post should be 300 words as thats what is said that search engines like, something to at least get their teeth into. Although Hubspot’s answer to “how long should your blog post be” is that it doesn’t matter as long as you are blogging and enjoying it.

24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post

  1. Use keywords
  2. Short URLS
  3. Keep the headline short
  4. Use negative superlatives
  5. Use numbers
  6. Add meta title
  7. Write longer posts
  8. Use visuals
  9. Use keywords throughout
  10. Be emotional
  11. Use links
  12. Focus on quality
  13. Be helpful
  14. Add meta data
  15. Use a call to action
  16. Display related posts
  17. Update your bio
  18. Get guest posts
  19. Get more subscribers
  20. Timing is important
  21. Install share buttons
  22. Use analytics
  23. Good design
  24. Build a social media following


We actually have one more special tip on how to get more views to your blog and that is to join the blog amplification website – Triberr

We hope you enjoyed this infographic with 24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post – we really hope that you found it useful, we did!

If you need some help with Number 24 – Build a social media following – please check out our Social Media Management page or our Social Media Presence page, we would love to help you!