Creating a Custom LinkedIn URL

#Branding – Creating a Custom LinkedIn URL

Today I wanted to help with a very important part of branding – Creating a Custom LinkedIn URL. [URL – Universal Resource Locator meaning – The address of a World Wide Web page] such as

I didn’t realise until today that people still aren’t taking the advantage of creating a customer LinkedIn URL. And its so much easier to get than other networks to get.

I noticed that one of my clients had the URL that LinkedIn assign you with and so I checked a few more, and I found many people not using the Custom LinkedIn URLs.

When you first sign up to LinkedIn and create your account LinkedIn will assign a URL to your account, this URL will be comprised of letters and numbers.  Usually your name with a dash separating it and some numbers.

Which looks something like this

This URL isn’t good for branding, SEO or getting found on a search. It doesn’t look savvy at all – It needs to go right away, and its very simple to do.

Creating a Custom LinkedIn URL

First, you need to think about how you want to be found on Linkedin.  Most people would just choose their name, but in a lot of cases, this name will have been taken. You could use what you want to be known as in business, such as your business name or you could use your business name and then your own name.

Your custom URL can have from 5 to 30 letters or numbers. You cannot use spaces, symbols or any special characters, which is rather annoying but that’s what we have to work with.   It is case sensitive so if you want something like LVlovesPR that would be fine.

I always had my name as michelledh as that’s how I am known online, but I’ve recently changed it to MichelleHarrisSocial after my rebranding.

If you don’t like what you have created for your custom LinkedIn URL you can change it up to five times within six months. After that, all is not lost but you will have to wait six months to change it again.

How to Create a Custom Linkedin URL

  • Click your profile picture icon at the top right of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Click View profile.
  • On your profile page, click Edit your public profile on the right.

  • Now you will see – Edit your public profile on the right with your URL underneath – beside this is a pencil icon – click that to edit the URL 


  • Type the last part of your new custom URL in the text box.
  • Click Save.

And that’s it, now you can share this link, add it to your email signature, website, business card, anywhere and it won’t look silly.

Hope this helps you to get started Creating a Custom LinkedIn URL

Everybody Panic Whats App is Down

Whatsappdown for many users and we are flocking to other networks to check if its only us or just Virgin Media have broken it again.

Users are unable to send or receive chats we are just faced with the whirling “connecting” timer when we attempt to send or read a message.

Everybody Panic Whats App is Down

Whatsapp being down (not working) is one of the most talked about things on Twitter this evening as people cannot connect to their favourite chat app – some are even threatening to send SMS text messages to their friends and family.

At last check there were 1.58 MILLION tweets about Whatsapp

The website is it down right now – shows that it is actually working for some people.

Everybody Panic Whats App is Down

Whatsapp hasn’t tweeted for some time,  so we aren’t going to get an answer there – however we have seen tweets that have said its being worked on.

Everybody Panic Whats App is Down

The best thing though is just how creative everyone is being with their memes, gifs and images to show their boredom and panic of not being able to use Whatsapp.

Here are just a few…which I’ve collected.

Whatsappdown for many users

There are some people tweeting that’s it back up again but not for most of us it seems.
Keep calm everyone, I’m sure it will be working again soon.  “Bites Nails”


best hashtags for instagram

Best hashtags for Instagram and other tips – #infographic

There are 139 Facts about Instagram in this infographic by Website builder. I loved the best hashtags for Instagram here and thought they might help you, these are actually the top hashtags for Instagram so do bare in mind that there will be many many people using them but it doesn’t hurt to put a few into your Instagram posts to get more views and likes.

You can add hashtags in the caption or comments of your post. If you add hashtags to a post that’s set to public, the post will be visible on the corresponding hashtag page.

Best Hashtags for Instagram

The infographic lists

  • The best hashtags for marketing
  • The best hashtags for restaurants
  • The best hashtags in general

I also like the history part, which tells us that Instagram was launched in October 2010 by Systrom and Krieger – I bet that they could not believe it when they reached 1 million users in just 3 months, not many apps can say that.  Instagram just grew and grew from then on and was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for around 1 billion dollars.  The app now has 600 million Users, 300 million of those users are daily active users.

Helpful tips and Facts

Scroll down and you will see lots of helpful tips and facts about Instagram

Such as:-

  • Demographics
  • Salaries of users
  • Activity in numbers
  • Instagram Revenue
  • Users with the most followers
  • Top filters used by which countries
  • Top Hashtags
  • Instagram visitors by country
  • Instagram marketing
  • Top brands on Instagram
  • Top Political Leaders
  • Best time to post on Instagram
  • Top Emojis on Instagram
  • Top sports
  • Cyber bullying facts

As you can see there are a tonne of facts on here, apart from the Best hashtags for Instagram – the Cyber bullying on Instagram is surprising too, more than on Twitter, but less than on Facebook – and we thought it was Twitter that had a problem.


[Via: Geeky Stuffs]

Thanks to websitebuilder and Shaan Haider for letting us share this infographic with you as I knew you would like the Best hashtags for Instagram information, and the of the facts too.

Social Media ROI

Worried about Social Media ROI?

Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram posting updates to your hearts content but are still worried about Social Media ROI (Return on investment)  We all know it’s very difficult to measure the RIO for Social Media, as it’s just not as obvious as other mediums but it’s not impossible.

We need to remember that Social media success isn’t measured by the number of followers or even the number of likes. “Boom”  there I said it.  Many businesses get so sucked into the vanity numbers game and then they wonder why they are not seeing any Social Media ROI.

It’s too difficult for businesses to work out if what they are spending is financially viable. Businesses see big numbers and think, wow I should be selling loads of my products now.   The trouble is they are concentrating on things that don’t really matter.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that you cannot measure Social Media RIO or that you shouldn’t even try, you can, but its time to stop thinking about how many followers and likes you have but the quality of those likes and followers, and how you can help those people.

First things first.

Do you have a targetted audience?  Is your audience part of your niche market or just a load of random followers who probably have you on mute because you spam social media with updates about your business.   OR are they targetted followers because they are part of your niche market? If they are then you have quality followers, who will hopefully not only like your posts but they will do the important things like – sign up to your email list, enter your competition, extend your reach by sharing, to grow your lead list which will then start to generate revenue. This will be when can start to find out the ROI of Social Media.  The trouble with success, it does not happen overnight.  We have to turn up and put in the work.

Social media needs an 80/20 rule

Going back a little there, about spamming social media with updates about your business, never do that.  Social media is not an advertising channel. Always, always follow the 80/20 rule, which means that your social media strategy should consist of only 20%  promoting your brand or business. And even then make sure that you connect on an emotional level with your audience when you are promoting.

Social Media ROI


Engage, Love, Interact

If your target audience are following you and liking your posts, that is a good start but its nowhere near then end of the road.  This is when the action starts, your plan begins, you nurture them, you engage with them,  you give them value, help them, what else do they need? Hey be social on social media, that’s a novel idea!

Worried about Social Media ROI

It’s now you can start seeing theSocial Media ROI

Once things start happening then you can start to use tools to track and monitor your important clicks, URL shares, conversions and links like, Google Analytics, Google URL Builder, Buffer – buffer have their own analytics to show you how many people clicked or viewed your posts.

You can use all of those tools plus built-in analytics on social media sites to measure –  Social Media Engagement, Website Traffic, Brand awareness and you can create your own goals in Google Analytics, check it out.

But wait, you don’t have a niche market? You don’t haveanything to monitor as no one likes or shares anything and if they do it’s just random?

You bought followers from somewhere, and most of them aren’t even active on social media? Oh dear.


Lets back track a little again…..

Social Media ROI

How to define your nichemarket

Niche? I hear you say, what is that?

You cannot please everyone, just like you cannot sell to EVERYONE.  You need to pinpoint exactly who you can help so that you can target your energy into that smaller “niche” market who you can nurture.

Someone might say well I sell socks, doesn’t everyone need socks?  Then ask yourself these questions.

  • What do you sell?
  • Who wants/needs it?
  • What is special about what you sell?
  • What are your skills?
  • Who are your competitors? (research them)
  • Why would people buy from you and not from them?
  • What can you offer that no one else can’t?
  • What do people need from you?
  • Why do they need it, what are their problems?
  • How can you solve their problems?
  • Where are they?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you should start to work out exactly who your customers are and where they are.  Then you can start to find your target audience. Only by finding your audience and then discovering what your audience really needs can you respond to those needs


How to find your target audience

How to find your target audience on social media, oh wait – I think that is another blog post.


So, sorry to bring you bad news, if you are not doing all of these things then you will be saying that you are not seeing an ROI in social media. It’s a real waste when businesses think that they can buy a few followers, put a few posts about their own business out there every day and people are going to love them and buy from them, they aren’t making a connection with anyone. It’s just not going to happen.

It takes a good social media strategy which involves much work and lots of care.  It actually makes me sad when I’ve built a business or brand up with a good strategy and they don’t continue to use it correctly.

Once you start putting these plans into action hopefully you won’t be worried about Social Media ROI.  You will start to see, conversions, website traffic and sales.  Yes, it takes time but social media is really worth it.


YouTube rolling out mobile live video

YouTube rolling out mobile live video for users with 10 thousand subs

Finally. Google’s YouTube rolling out mobile live video for users with 10000 subscribers,  yep 10,000 that’s a lot huh!

It seems ages ago when YouTube announced that they were going to start allowing mobile live streaming.    Select users have been using it for about 6 months now. Well, it’s finally here, to mere mortals – no that’s not true,  mere mortals don’t really have thousands of subs, I think I might have 100 ha! – but the top YouTubers have loads so they are the lucky ones – and even then its only starting to roll out to users with 10,000 followers, or subscribers on Youtube.

Don’t panic apparently the rest of us will get it soon!

The announcement

YouTube rolling out mobile live video

came from Youtube creators – Google Blog

Who said..

The mobile Livestreaming was integrated directly into the mobile YouTube app. To start Livestreaming, you just need to open YouTube, press Record, and you’re already live – easy! Streamed videos offer the same features as normal YouTube videos. They can be accessed via the search function, recommendations or playlists and are protected against unauthorised use. Our mobile Livestreaming is based on the stable YouTube infrastructure, so it is as fast and reliable as you are used to by YouTube. We have also worked intensively with hundreds creators to the mobile streaming experience, for example, when streaming on a boat or during live conversations with fans to improve. As a result of their feedback, we slowed down the live chat (it turned out that it was a bit too fast when 2,000 messages per second went into it!) And used us for better streaming quality on different devices.


YouTube rolling out mobile live video

In addition to YouTube rolling out mobile live video is the new Super  Chat which is a new live stream monetization tool.

What is Super Chat!

Google say 

Super Chat is like paying for that front-row seat in the digital age: it lets any fan watching a live stream stand out from the crowd and get a creator’s attention by purchasing chat messages that are highlighted in bright colors and stay pinned to the top of the chat window for up to five hours. Super Chat gives viewers a chance to add a little visual flair to their chats and gives creators a new way to keep connected to their fans while earning a little money on the side, let’s say for example, while shopping at Target or playing video games 🙂

So it’s all hotting up on the mobile live streaming front.   Will you be live streaming on Youtube when its available or sticking to Facebook live streaming?    And how do you use it?  Are you using it to promote your business or just for fun? Why not leave me a comment and a link so I can come and watch your live stream where ever you are.

Change your Password – Skype Accounts Being Hacked

A quick warning to change your password – Skype Accounts Being Hacked. I’ve seen many people on Facebook and Twitter complaining over the last two days that, their Skype Accounts have been hacked, most people say its an account they hardly use or haven’t used to for a while, so doesn’t sound like a Phishing Scam in Skype. It could be that someone has got hold of some or all of Skype’s credentials database. Or there is a virus coming in from somewhere else maybe an email. And that is the need to change your password right away.

Although Skype users are complaining that their Skype accounts being hacked and then links are being sent out to everyone in their contacts, so I would assume that is causing more people to have their Skype Accounts Hacked.  Do not click any links from friends or contacts ask them first if they sent it.  And don’t click any links in Emails that look like they have come from Skype, go directly to the Skype App.

Change your Password – Skype Accounts Being Hacked

I’ve seen no reports from Skype or any news reports to say what has happened.  But I would advise everyone to be on the safe side and to change your passwords and not to click any links from friends, ask first.

How to change your password on Skype

To change your password on Skype Desktop

Click Skype in the top left

Click Change Password and follow the instructions.

Skype Accounts Being Hacked

Can’t get into Skype Account?

If it’s already too late and you can’t get into your Skype account because your account has been Hacked or now Blocked for suspicious  behavior

Signs that your account has been hacked

  • Unexpected payments leaving your account.
  • You’re unable to sign in with a known password.
  • Unknown contacts or conversations appearing in your Contacts or Recent list.
  • Calls from your account you don’t recognise or didn’t make.
  • Unexpected messages being sent from your account to known contacts.
  • Increased or reduced Skype Credit balance.

If your account has been hacked

If you suspect your account has been compromised, or if you’re unable to sign in, you should:

  1. Run your computer’s anti-virus security to remove any malicious software or viruses.
  2. Change your Microsoft password. Make sure you choose a strong, unique password.

From Skype Support

Tweet live video

Tweet Live Video – Twitter app update

Twitter today announced that we can tweet live video direct from the Twitter app, which is “powered by” Periscope.  Live video is the new black for 2017 we are all going to be live streaming, and if we are not we should be. The thing is now there is no excuse as it is going to be easy to do it from your mobile. We’ve had updates on Facebook Live and Instagram and the popular Snapchat of course, all of our social networks are fighting for you to show everyone what is happening in your world on their network.

The reason live streaming is so popular is that your can connect and interact with your audience in real time.  This creates a way for people to really get to know you.  Transparency: you don’t get that from creating videos which have been tweaked and edited beyond their life or from words on a page.  Live video (unless you have a special overlay) is live, real and right now.


Tweet Live Video using iOs

To stream your live video on Twitter all you need to do is to

  • Compose a Tweet
  • Tap – LIVE
  • Tap – Go Live

and its as easy as that to start broadcasting #GoLive to your followers. Or actually anyone, as anyone can join your live video, comment, and sent hearts (oh thats new)

This update will be rolled out over the next few day on Twitter for iOS and Android.

How find more customers on Twitter

How to find more Customers on Twitter

If you are using social media for your business, you need to have a targeted following, which is easier than you think on Twitter.  How to find more customers on Twitter, is a question that everyone asks. Twitter is a powerhouse of information which businesses sometimes overlook.  Twitter makes it easier than any other network to find and target new customers.

We all want new customers, followers, clients to get more visits to our websites and to essentially get more sales.  There is really no point in having 100k followers on Twitter who aren’t interested in what we do.  What we want are people who are interested in us and what we do.  We can search for these people or business in Twitter without even using adverts.

Twitter Bio

First of all, you need to make sure that your bio is set up correctly so that people who look at your profile know exactly what you do, and where you are. Add keywords and include a link, the link is very important, this can be your website, your LinkedIn, or an type link which shows all of your networks.  The reason for this is that most people who will take the time to check out your profile will almost always click the link in your Bio.

Now you are reading to start searching for new customers.

How to find more customers on Twitter

Twitter makes it easy for us to find our target audience or new customers on their social network with the use of Twitter Advance Search.

With Twitter Advance Search you can search Twitter for specific phrases, find Tweets to or from a user or narrow down Tweets by location. You can even search for only the Tweets that have a happy sentiment. 🙂

First, enter a search in the “search twitter” box.

How to find more customers on Twitter

Let’s say for instance you repair washing machines in London and you search for “washing machine broken”.

You are then taken to a page with lots of tweets with those words in but these words will be in any order and might contain other words. Twitter automatically shows you the Top tweets.

How to find more customers on Twitter

At this stage, this search isn’t very helpful. These people could be anywhere in the world and it might even be something else that is broken.

At the top of this results page, you will see sections for Top Tweets, Latest Tweets, Accounts, Photos, Videos and More Options.  You can click through those if you like to see what they do. However, the option we want is More Options and now clicking Advanced Search. <<  Or you could always just use that link.  You will then see the Advance search page.

Advanced Twitter Search

With Advanced Twitter Search you can now refine your search as follows


Tweets containing:-

  • All words in any position (“Broken and Machine and Washing”)
  • Exact phrases (“Broken Washing Machine”)
  • Any of the words (“Broken” or Machine or Washing”)
  • Tweets excluding specific words (“Washing Machine” but not Broken”)
  • A specific hashtag (#Hotpoint)
  • Tweets in a specific language (written in English)


  • From a specific account (Tweeted by “@Hotpoint”)
  • Tweets sent as replies to a specific account (in reply to “@Hotpoint”)
  • Tweets that mention a specific account (Tweet includes “@Hotpoint”)


  • Tweets sent from a location of your choice or choice near to my own location


  • Choose a date range you want to see Tweets from


  • Choose a sentiment – Positive – Negative – Quotes or include retweets.

You will then be shown a new list of tweets that are much more targeted, and you still have the options above (Top Tweets, Latest Tweets, Accounts, Photos, Videos and More Options) so you can easy refine it even more.

You can then choose to Follow these accounts, put them in a list to watch them and nurture them, create conversations with them.

On this example search it was more direct so you might want to take action.  I’d still be careful about storming in saying Hey we can fix your washing machine as people don’t usually like that. What you could do is use your personal account to tweet the person “hey, it’s awful when your washing machine stops working @werepairhotpoint are in your area maybe they can fix it for you”.  Crafty, maybe but it gets your tweet across in a more helpful way.

And that is How to find more customers on Twitter.

Remember this was a really simple example of a search which shows that that by combining fields in advanced search, you have a really cool PowerSearch, without having to move from  No need to even use a third-party platform.

You can even use IFTTT to save a search and send results to you via email – check out their website – maybe that’ll be another blog post.

Happy Searching – Please comment or find me on twitter @michelledh if you have any questions.


Instagram Launches Live Video and Disappearing Photos

Instagram Launches Live Video and Disappearing Photos

Instagram announced a while back now that they are going to be adding live video to Instagram stories. Well, today Instagram Launches Live Video and Disappearing Photos too.

It’s been said that live streaming is going to take over social media in 2017 and right now it is very hot for those who are using it right.  Which surprisingly isn’t that many yet, imagine what an overload we will have when everyone decides to jump on the bandwagon and starts using live streaming to promote their business.  I’m not just talking about the videos people stream walking around the park with their children but live video with useful entertaining content.

Instagram Launches Live Video and Disappearing Photos

Instagram want you to share in the moment

So, what improvements have Instagram made?  We already have Stories which was launched in August but this version of video – is live video – which will be shown to your friends and followers while you are filming but will be gone as soon as you have finished.  This sharing in the moment is what they believe will encourage more people to share.

On the live video, you can also give hearts and emoticons like you can on Facebook live. However, these videos aren’t exactly like Facebook live streams as on Facebook live videos stay around forever, which seems to work because these videos continue to appear in feeds and get many more views.     So, I’m not sure how well this type of live video will do actually, are enough people going to stream at the right times, or is this just going to be a very niche following which whom you can connect on a deeper level.

I wonder how you will be notified or if you can turn them off like you can turn off Facebook live notifications.

Instagram Launches Live Video and Disappearing Photos

Snapchat style disappearing messages

Similar to Snapchats 6 second snaps, of disappearing photos, on Instagram you will also be able to send photos and videos to groups or certain friends which will disappear, as soon as they’ve seen them. And by the look of this video from Instagram thinks everyone wants to send pictures to each other pulling funny faces.  Seems very useful.

You just need to swipe to take your photo or video then tap to send it privately.

The new messages will be available from Monday 28th November and Live video will be viewable also starting Monday, but being able to broadcast live will be on a roll out over the coming months.

How to get verified on twitter

How to get Verified on Twitter – Get your blue tick now!

How to get verified on Twitter For a while now, Twitter has expanded who can get verified on Twitter, and a number of people have been asking me How to get verified on Twitter.  They want a blue verified badge on their Twitter account so that people know they can be trusted and are authentic.  Twitter doesn’t make this very well known or easy to find, so I thought I’d help you out.

Twitter used to only allow verification for high profile people, public figures, tv stars, film stars, most media actually,  brands and sports stars and other similar areas.  However now they say they allow creators and influencers or if it is determined to be of public interest.

Needless to say – I have tried to get the little blue badge on my own Twitter @michelledh but have been rejected *sad face* However, I do know a lot of people in my industry who are much more influential than me who have been rejected too so that doesn’t make me feel so bad.   If you are thinking, “Oh, they won’t verify me” you may as well try and some people who have been verified have totally shocked me, I’ve no idea how they got through, so just go for it.

How to get verified on Twitter

How to get verified on Twitter

The most important things you need just to get started is a verified phone number and email address, also a real name and an accurate profile picture will help.   You will also need to compose a reason to why you should be verified, just saying because I’m cool isn’t a good enough reason apparently.

So to get your account ready to become verified on Twitter you have to submit a request to verify your account 

But BEFORE you do that, you need to get your account ready.

You Must Have

  • A verified phone number
  • A confirmed email address
    A business must have a business email address. 
  • A bio
  • A profile photo
  • A header photo
  • A birthday
  • A website
  • Tweets set as public in Tweet privacy settings

All of the above obviously need to reflect who you are or who your business is and be consistent.   Once you have submitted your request to be verified on Twitter, you will receive an email to tell you if you have been accepted or not.

So, I hope now that you know How to get verified on Twitter, the good news is that, if you are turned down, you can go back and make some more changes and apply again in 30 days.