9 ways your business can be environmentally friendly

9 Ways Your Business can be Environmentally Friendly

There are great benefits for your business and the environment if you run a sustainable eco-friendly business.  Don’t panic, it might be easier than you think, so we have created 9 ways your business can be environmentally friendly.  We all must do what we can, and we can really make some great headway with the small steps. As we know the Climate crises otherwise known as global warming and climate change is a huge and complex issue. However, it’s not just the big businesses and the corporate giants that need to change their behaviors we all do, and every little […]

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social media trends in 2020

Social Media Trends in 2020: The future is here!

I’ve been looking out for the upcoming trends for this year especially the Social Media Trends in 2020.  In fact, I am always watching, reading, listening and learning to keep up with trends.  So for 2020, I have compiled a list of articles and stats and information I have learned for this year. I’m feeling some different directions this year, and preparing for them, are you? Social Media Trends in 2020 Social Media Networks Keeping ahead of the game is essential in social media, nothing changes there.  Knowing the trends, the latest developments and what’s important to the people on […]

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Can Virtual Conferences Help Save the Planet

Virtual events and interactive video conferences are an amazing way to globally connect with your audience.  If we use these platforms enough, can virtual conferences help save the planet?  Its got to help right? UPDATE 4th April 2020 – Obviously now during the COVID19 Lockdowns its more important than ever that we work out how to have virtual events, conferences and meetings because we must stay at home! To prevent the spread of the virus. Online networking / Group chats are a brilliant way to meet people, to learn, to engage and to forge partnerships. We have groups on Whatsapp, […]

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Now you can keep up with Topics on Twitter

Introducing Topics on Twitter! Soon you will start seeing suggestions of Topics to follow in your Twitter timeline.  These suggestions will be based on what you look for on Twitter already, to help you see tweets which are more important to you. Topics on Twitter Twitters new topics have already started rolling out – within months you will be able to follow Topics – these topics will to cut though all the tweets you actually do not want to see.  At first I must say I thought oh no, why are they changing Twitter again, its my favorite network.  But […]

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New social media app Friended promoting kindness

10 Top Tips for Networking Online within Groups or Chats

These tips for Networking Online will help you to make valuable business contacts without making a fool of yourself.  Group chats using the internet have made a triumphant return in so many different ways and this time, there are more business groups than ever.  They are not only for planning parties with your friends any more. With online networking within groups you have the chance to learn from experts, to be part of a support community of like-minded peers and to forge partnerships on a Global scale. Online groups don’t have to even take up too much of your time, […]

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New Facebook changes bad for business pages

There is nothing official from Facebook yet, but Matt Navarra, who seems to be in the know announced yesterday on Twitter that it could be that the New Facebook changes will be bad for business pages. He said that Facebook is changing how it calculates organic impressions meaning it was likely show a decline. If Organic post weren’t already in trouble on Facebook, I’m sure that this will affect it as Matt says in his tweet. This is clearly another push for people to spend money with Facebook on Facebook ads, it really is becoming the only way to get […]

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