Seesmic CRM available on Android Market.

Seesmic CRM for Salesforce Beta

Loic Le Meur the founder of Seesmic who developed the social networking clients is now launching Seesmic CRM at Salesforsce’s Dreamforce conference.

@loic not only has some great kite surfing photos he was once named one of the 25 most influential people on the web. This is no great suprise as he is always available on many networks to talk and help, he’s a REAL communicator.

The new product launched today is for companies to interact with customers on social media.

Seesmic CRM

Seesmic CRM for Salesforce  is the best way to manage your Salesforce CRM life in one powerful and simple app.

– Increase your productivity to the max. Spend less time logging information in the office and more time in the field.
– Easily look up information on Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities before calls or meetings.
– Keep track of what was said by logging phone calls and meeting minutes, and by creating activities and follow-up tasks.

Seesmic CRM for Salesforce on Android – Coming to Dreamforce 2011 #DF11

This is available FREE on The Android Market place now!  –

This application should also be coming to iPad very soon

It all sounds very exciting and we wish Loic all the best with this new venture Seesmic CRM.

Where are my @mentions on Twitter?

Where are my @mentions!! Did you think you were very unpopular today, were you worried that you weren’t getting many Tweets?

Its okay it’s not just you – many people have not been getting @mentions or replies for a few hours now, some since yesterday.

This is a problem so changing applications isn’t going to help I’m afraid, you’ll have have to keep a good eye on your timeline for @mentions or try searching, which isn’t great.   Something like a Tweetdeck search would be best.

I first noticed people complaining about missing tweets this morning when Jack Schofield – British Technology Journalist tweeted out.

And then later today – the lovely Dawn Porter –  British television presenter and writer wrote.

Poor Dawn was very upset, she said that she was getting DM’s but no replies and it was like talking to herself!

There doesn’t appear to be anything regarding this on the Twitter Status page as yet about the missing mentions, and @twitter desite all the plea’s for help have said nothing, and as they don’t appear to have anyone tweeting 24hours a day on any of their twitter accounts (no really you are lucky for once a day!) – we might have to wait a few hours as its still early morning there.

DM’s – Direct messages started to be effected on Wednesday this is two days later and still no word from Twitter, rather disappointing.

Finally late Wednesday night, (GMT) we had the answer to our questions where are my @mentions – Twitter is working on it.

Hope this helps – sit tight

Be one of the first to get Buffer for Facebook !

buffer for facebookWhat is Buffer for Facebook 

Buffer or @bufferapp was founded by Joel Gascoigne  and co founded by Leo Widrich who both wanted to create a smarter way to Tweet great articles that you find. The Twitter Buffer app was recently seen on ‘s  Spark of Genius section where each week a new start-up is covered. This is sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark.

You can get Buffer for Twitter here –

Buffer for Facebook is coming. 

Do you share a lot of posts on your Facebook, maybe your own blogs or articles you have read, and because you only get on Facebook for a short amount of time each day they tend to be bunched up all together?  Then this could be for you.


Its a way to get your Facebook updates spread out and so you get noticed more.

Buffer helps you post more consistently by allowing you to choose set times to post each day. Once you’ve chosen the times, you simply keep a ‘buffer’ of posts topped up and the application will automatically post on your behalf.

Simply – Buffer schedules your updates or tweets.

With the Browser extensions, for Chrome, Safari and Firefox –  its really simple to share any page that you read, you just hit the Buffer icon, buffer then create the update for you automatically.  You can also choose there and then to either post right away, or add it to your Buffer.   You can also share posts that you find interesting in your Google reader by clicking the Buffer icon, and Buffer will sort it all out for you.

Another option with Buffer is using the “send to” function which you will see at the bottom of every article, here you can chose whether to send to Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr or whatever you have linked to Buffer.

Putting on your own Buffer button. 

1.) Click “Options” on the top right corner of your Google Reader

2.) Click on “Reader Settings”

3.) Click “Send To”

4.) Scroll down and click “Create a Custom Link”

5.) Input these three things:

Name: Buffer


Icon URL:

6.) Click “Save”

From now on you can simply click the “Send to” on every article and the Buffer Popup will come up for you to add your update or tweet.

Click here if you to be one of the first people to try Buffer for Facebook –

See here for more how to’s and goodies.

Hope this helps


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The social networking game

Empire Avenue – The social networking game! Addicted already!

Today I started an Empire Avenue account and have just spent far too long playing it; yes, something else to get addicted to.

The Social Media Exchange

Empire Avenue is the social networking game that allows you to buy and sell your friends and indeed gain new friends. This is the same as friending or following users.

It actually launched to the public in July 2010 so many of my friends and connections have already started their communities, and today I’ve been busily buying their shares.


The social networking game

Its free to join, you can join with your Facebook account or if you prefer – with your email address.

You then need to choose your own ticker symbol, I chose my twitter account name as I do for most things. Michelledh. Your account is then started.

The first thing to do is add your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Linkedin accounts.  These appear to take a few days to set up as some of mine aren’t showing yet and there is a question mark on the others.

As you go about your normal day using social networks and posting blogs etc –  the higher your share price goes up and then when more people buy your shares up they go again. The more you interact and share, the more you are worth. Interacting on Empire Avenue itself helps too, on the communities and posting shout outs.

Then you can add your blog and RSS feed, the blog needs to be endorsed by five people.  Which my hasn’t been yet… (hint)

Start investing

On Empire Avenue you use Eaves (The name for the virtual currency) to buy shares of others and this in turn connects you to that player, you can send them messages and there are many chat features too, mostly this seems to be for people begging you to buy their shares  though.

If you are unsure what to do, and you will be there is a intro video (wish I’d seen that first).

There are achievements to earn as in Foursquare and other similar games. These are mine so far, baring in mind I’ve just started today.

The social networking game

Find out what you are worth

Aside from creating more contacts, you are creating communities of people, and showing the world how good you are at interacting, sharing. Doesn’t matter if you have 5 followers on twitter or 500000 its what you do with them.

I suppose its another way of finding out what you are worth on line, a bit like your Klout score but much more detailed as you have to earn this worth, you can’t sit there and do nothing.  I am not sure how accurate the data is on these sites it, if at all  but we all love them, and Empire Avenue is enormous fun along the way.

The only downside I’ve found so far is that, the pages are slow at loading so what will happen when more users  join?

update 2016 – Empire Ave have now been acquired by Kred – so they are more into helping you become an influencer but its still amusing as The Social Networking Game, just don’t take it too seriously.

Hope this helps 🙂

who is looking at your Twitter profile

No one can tell you who is looking at your Twitter profile!

who is looking at your Twitter profile

Here we go again – There have been a huge number of spam tweets going out proclaiming to show you who is looking at your twitter profile. These tweets are just spam, they are just having a good laugh at our expense and probably getting hold of some of your information.

You want to know – who is looking at your Twitter profile?

No one can show you this information, as explained here.

Here’s mine,

The tweet that is being sent out says that you can see how many profile viewers you have on twitter – then you have to click the link to find out who.

@michelledh You currently have

[78] profile viewers today see who they are at – minutes ago via web in reply to michelledh

They all have the same tinyurl/4y6p248

They now changed the wording slightly – same url.

MirianRoller@RK1960 OMG! See who came to your Twitter profile –

Obviously, I haven’t clicked through to see what it is, but what I can tell you that is not going to show you who is looking at your Twitter profile page.  It’s probably going to ask you to allow it access and then retweet this tweet to all of your friends. And have access to your other information.

So, don’t click it.

If you have clicked it – change your password and revoke API access right away.

Settings – connections – and look for the spammers name – revoke access.

Hopefully @TinyURL will be able to disable this link immediately.

In the meantime, if you see this tweet, report it.  And or tell your friends to revoke access.

Sorry to go on, but  people are allowing this to be a virus by fuelling it with a click.  I guess they catch us out when they pretend they are going to supply us with information that we want or need, this time its – who is looking at your Twitter profile

Hope this helps

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Google gets its own LIKE button

Google has announced  +1 ;  it stands for this is pretty cool or check this out.  The meaning doesn’t need too much explaining as we are all used to this with the Facebook like button, and the Twitter RT.

The Google friends recommendation.

I  love recommendations, tips and advice from people I trust – that’s how all of us find the best websites, friends; things that interest us.

Remember recently I said something is coming, (I didn’t mean Jesus) and make sure you have a Google account, well maybe this is what it was, although its not quite as exciting as CIRCLES may have been, it could be very practical and functional .

+1 Video

As I understand it, you’ll need a Google Profile to use the +1 – then anyone of your connections can see your +1’s. They are stored on your Google Profile as  new tab, you can choose to keep it private or show who you like.

Google say that +1 will be on Google search, Google Ads and soon on actual websites.

This seems to be only available on right now as an experiment, so I guess has to wait, although you can still +1 if you use .com.

Edit: I just had to do this…..

To sign up for it you have to sign into google –

Go to –

Click – Join This Experiment

More info, will come when available.

Hope this helps



Going round in Circles

Will Google take on Facebook / Going round in Circles!

What’s going on? We are going round in Circles here!  

There has been numerous reports today informing us that Google are going to launch a new social network called Circles. where you will share pics, videos and messages and will be a rival to Facebook.

Going round in Circles

Going round in Circles

Many people believed that it would be announced today (Sunday 13th of March 2011) at SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin today. We first read about it on ReadWriteWeb  this morning.   Since then All Things Digital reported that A representative for Google told NetworkEffect unequivocally that no such service is launching at SXSW today. She would not say whether something called Google Circles was in the works.
To further put the rumours to rest the tweet came from @googlesxsw
So I guess that’s the end of that, for today.
Rumours are now speculating that it is due to be launched in May, or that it was a all a complete fabrication based on some very lose comments by various people.
After Wave and Buzz however, people in my twitter stream are commenting that Circles or any other Google Social Network won’t ever be good enough to compete with Facebook as Google don’t seem to understand social networking, I would like to think that Google have learnt by their mistakes and eventually we are going to see something pretty amazing.
I’m interested to see if this Google Social which is a complete list of your social circle, (Chat buddies, contacts, Google profiles or connected accounts and even secondary connections, including posts from Google Reader) is in some-way connected. as all of the information is already there waiting.
PS If you are at SXSW be sure to see Jimi’s Parade on Thursday.
Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile

Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile? 2018

Can you see who’s looking at your Twitter ProfileYou are here because you want to know the answer to Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile – I wrote this post originally in 2011 and its something that we still want to know.   We see many apps and platforms that tell us they can show us who is viewing our Twitter profile and they are usually bogus and just want our data or information.

We must be obsessed about seeing who’s looking, spying or stalking our profiles as these worms that say that they can tell you who is looking at your Twitter profile are always getting attention on Facebook and now on Twitter.  Or is it that we are paranoid that we have stalked someone else’s twitter account and they will find out – for whatever reason, these phishing tweets are coming to get us based on our paranoia. People also desperate to know if you can see who has viewed your Facebook Profile  

Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile

2018 update – The short answer is – STill – No, – you cannot see who is looking at your twitter account.  Forget it, nobody knows, you cannot as yet get this information from anywhere. Who is viewing my Twitter profile is something we all want to know and a this is a reason that our accounts are still getting hacked.  Twitter is keeping that information a secret from us.

Like I said in the 2016 update about analytics. So now you can sort of see who is looking at your Tweets but that’s not really the information you want is it?  The only way to know if someone has seen your Twitter account, or at least your Tweets, is if they like your posts or retweet your posts then you can see if they have seen your Twitter feed, you still cannot tell who looked at your profile, although analytics do tell you how many have visited your Twitter profile.  These analytics also tell you which of your posts are popular, but you can’t actually know how someone came to your Twitter page like you can with Google analytics, which would be useful.

Who is looking at your tweets 

2016 Update – There is now a way to get some information to who is looking at your tweets. 

Twitter now has analytics – so you can see how many people have engaged with your posts.  It will also show your top posts – and top mentions.  But you can’t see who looked at it – click on the cog by your profile picture and click analytics and you will see something like this – but you can’t really see who.

Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile

On your individual tweet, click the icon that looks like a graph, if you hover over it is says view tweet activity. Here you can see who liked your tweet and who retweeted it but the rest are just numbers like this.

Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile

I think people are mostly wise to the scams on Twitter now and Twitter are trying to reduce these types of scams and spammers – the last update I saw was – Twitter is cracking down on multiple accounts bulk tweeting  But the following is often seen or similar posts like it so don’t be fooled.

Who is stalking me on twitter

A worm with the name “Who’s looking at your Twitter Profile” spread like wildfire yesterday, it was very popular indeed, if you’d seen my warnings about these on Facebook you may have thought twice about clicking and therefore spreading the worm further. 

These annoying links do not work, they do not give you any information!  All they do is take over your account (because you authorise it) and retweet or spam so more people click on the link. Pretty pointless but very annoying.  Like Facebook, Twitter cannot give you that information, anyway.  It’s just another Phishing tweet. 

As Del Harvey From Twitters Trust & Safety team – @safety confirmed in this tweet.


Apparently, this link has been blocked now, but I’m sure it won’t be long before there is another one around, just be careful what you allow the authority to.

UPDATE – there is a new link now – starting – and its spreading all over again.

If you did get caught out by this or indeed anything else similar you still need to Revoke Access to get rid of it.

How to remove the Twitter Worm if you’ve been compromised.

Follow these instructions anytime you think you may have been hacked or compromised. Just look in your connections and see what apps you have allowed there.

Click your profile picture

  • Settings and Privacy 
  • apps 
  • Revoke Access.

Plus change your password. 

It doesn’t harm going through these from time to time to just check anyway.

You might be asking the question –

Can you see whos looking at your Twitter Profile

Worrying about who has looked at your twitter page, because of stalkers or bullies for instance. Remember you can make it private, just look in settings under Privacy and safety – Protect your Tweets.  Plus other useful settings
Hope this helps.

Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall Concerts

Who cares about our teens and young adults?

Who cares about our teens and young adults

I have so much admiration for the work that goes into the Teenage Cancer Trust. They do so much to raise awareness and raise money to help our teens and young adults. This is Who cares about our teens and young adults. So I just wanted to put a little blog together with some of their information on, that maybe you are missing because right now they need our Twitter Power! 
Six teenagers will find out they have cancer today, six tomorrow and six the day after. More often than not, these young people get a raw deal, receiving hospital treatment in inappropriate facilities alongside young children or older people. Teenage Cancer Trust fights for the rights of teenagers and young adults with cancer.
The charity helps make life better for these young people by building specialist units which are boosting survival rates.
Via The Who 

Who cares about our teens and young adults

Roger Daltrey from The Who, a personal favourite of mine, is a patron of Teenage Cancer Trust and has been actively involved for some time.
Every year for 9 years many artists have performed at shows at the Royal Albert hall to support the charity in raising vital funds.
The most recent additions to this list are Bullet for my Valentine, Florence and the Machine, V V Brown, Antony and the Johnsons, Seth Lakeman, Kate Rusby, Fairport Convention,Fightstar, The Blackout, Depeche Mode, and Mathew Horne and James Corden.
Other celebrities who have supported the charity are Joe McElderry, Frank Lampard, Holly Willoughby, and Gerald Scarfe.
 Now they need our help, though the Cancer Charter  a group of well-known charities spanning three continents. Who are campaigning together to establish the International charter of rights in countries across the world. 

They need at least 20’000 signatures from the international community to sign the International Charter of RightsSo that the unique needs of younger people with cancer are met and recognized.

That’s nothing for us tweeters, get signing! 
Check it out….
Just sign here ….. it takes seconds –
Supporters Stories
Show that you and Who cares about our teens and young adults