Free Live Streaming using Hang w/ 2.1 Mobile App

Live Streaming using Hang w/ couldn’t be easier with the recent up date from MEDL Mobile to version 2.1 When Hang w/ was first released in March 2013 users were asking for more integration, more simplification and more features and Andrew Maltin CEO, Dave Swartz CCO and the rest of the team were listening.  First Hang w/ was updated to 2.0 and now 2.1 has arrived with all the new features added to the mix. What does this mean – Live Streaming using Hang w/ Hang w/ is a free live streaming platform that was born out of the need […]

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The Power of Giving on Social Media

The Power of Giving on Social Media #lostbear #FindElaine #hugtrain5

Such is the power of giving on social media – that we don’t have to do a lot to help out, just a retweet or a share, or just to let know someone we care, we can actually do something to make a difference! We all know by now the story of the #lostbear on social media.   I will recap if you’ve been living in a cave with no wifi since Friday. Friday the 13th wasn’t as unlucky for a young girl called Phoebe as she first thought, after losing her bear at a train station after a trip to London, […]

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Follr – Get your digital identity secured!

Founders Stephen Fells and Mark Wayman call Follr a digital identity website. Follr is a personally branded website that can be used as your initial point of contact, like you would use a business card but digitally. Follr suggest that they solve the problem of our ever changing social identities getting lost and fragmented by storing all of our content and professional or personal information, ie our digital identity. I signed up for a free trial of Follr in October to test and see what it was all about, I set up my profile, added my links, followed/friended a couple […]

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Hangout, share, showcase talents, network, all in one place | #jumpjbx

There is a brand new entertainment network called Jump Jukebox, which is the  brainchild of Michelle Morgan. Michelle has been writing music since she was very little and felt there was nowhere secure and unsaturated where she could present her music so like anyone would, she created her own stage and Jump Jukebox was born. Michelle wanted somewhere where artists and entertainers can share their work with each other, chat and bounce off each other, and maybe even get noticed by talent spotters. Get yourself noticed on Jump Jukebox Its not only for self promotion, because who likes to do that […]

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Microsoft is down – hotmail is down – xbox is down …

Its all over the internet – Microsoft is down! At around 11pm UK time – thats GMT people started to complain that hotmail was down – and xbox was down – Bing, bing Maps, MS live, and profiles APIs … in fact all connected services to microsoft were not working – people started to come to twitter to voice their complaints ……. I got a few of them for your information. Around – 23.40 on the 21/11/13 the same night – services came back – I cannot wait to find out what had happened, someone said a DNS issue but really? […]

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Giraffe profile pictures

Giraffe profile pictures on Facebook

Yesterday I started seeing giraffe pictures pop up on peoples Facebook profiles, I didn’t think anything of it as people are often putting crazy pictures up in support of something.  However, today I started to see a load more, so I had to ask what’s with the Giraffe profile pictures Giraffe profile pictures It turns out there is a riddle going around: The Giraffe riddle challenge – if you get the riddle wrong, you have to put up a giraffe profile picture up for three days, and if you get it right, then everyone has to say how wonderful you are. […]

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