Beware – Facebook Video Scam using Google Chrome

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There another Facebook video scam doing the rounds. This Facebook Scam uses Google Chrome to attack your account and send spam to your friends. How do I know this, because I got caught (I am ashamed to say) yes, after warning you all of this very same thing, over and over. I clicked the link not thinking it could be unsafe, just not thinking on a Sunday morning.  This just shows you how easy it is to get caught out, because I think everything is a scam ! I was having a conversation with a friend over a delicate health matter, and she sent me a video, it just appeared like the above. I just thought she had got fed up with typing.  So I clicked the link, it wanted me to add an extension to watch it.  Crazy, me didn't think much of it, because she uses a lot of different platforms that I might not know. However, after I added the extension it didn't work, I thought OH DEAR!  I looked at it more closely saw that the URL [...]

Singer and Producer Peter Hollens Hacked by *security* OurMine

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Last night Peter Hollens the singer and producer most known for his awesome Capella covers over on YouTube was distraught last night, when hacking group who say they are not hackers but just testing his security attacked many of his social media accounts. Many fans were tweeting - Peter Hollens Hacked. Peter Hollens Hacked We love Peter Hollens and we were upset to read a tweet from Peter that all he wanted to do was come home after a hard day and spend sometime with his daughter but no, there he was running around tracking the accounts that had been hacked so that he could change passwords and remove any thing the hackers had posted.   Singer and Producer Peter Hollens Hacked by *security* OurMine Peter Hollens is in a long list of people that have been hacked by the group OurMine, who say that they are just trying to inform people that nobody is safe.  OurMine are mostly targeting CEOs, and YouTube stars, Celebrities and I did see one article that said they were targeting MineCraft users. Techcrunch were [...]

Whatsapp 4G VIP Scam fooling users again

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I'm sorry to be writing about Whatsapp again so soon and I'm sorry that it's about yet ANOTHER Whatsapp hoax message but I had to warn you that there is a new scam going around - because I've seen it so many times already!   Its similar to the last one Whatsapp 4.0.   This Whatsapp 4G VIP Scam is fooling users into thinking that it is a real update.   Its more like an extention of the phishing scam Whatsapp Version 4.0 where the post action lists the extra features that you can get. The promises on this new VIP scam are as follows Private Messaging, while withholding your number Free WiFi mode Video Calling See who has viewed your profile picture on Whatsapp Free calls Of course, not everyone can have this - its VIP don't you know, it's for special people who invited users only.  So you must invite your friends before you can download.  (ALARM BELLS YET?) Also as usual with these scams if look carefully at the message - is written in bad English, (worse than mine, [...]

Stop Sharing Hoax Post on Facebook About Retaining Control

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Yet again people are sharing a hoax post on Facebook about retaining control over things that you share on Facebook - we see these spam posts time and time again and still people are sharing. And frankly its just annoying. Facebook Hoax About Retaining Control This one isn't any different that the ones before. Basically it says Deadline tomorrow - well its already been floating around for at least a week so that deadline has passed if you are still sharing this Facebook Spam. Here is the text from the offending Facebook Post. Everything you've ever posted becomes public from tomorrow. Even messages that have been deleted or the photos not allowed. It costs nothing for a simple copy and paste, better safe than sorry. Channel 13 News talked about the change in Facebook's privacy policy.  I do not give Facebook or any entities associated with Facebook permission to use my pictures, information, messages or posts, both past and future. With this statement, I give notice to Facebook it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, or take any other action [...]

Beware – iPhone Apple ID text message scam

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It seems that hackers are trying to get hold of your Apple ID via a phishing scam sent via text messaging - it appears there are two different types of text messages being sent out. Users on social networks are asking "Are these text messages real?"  The scam Apple messages look like they are from Apple themselves - they use carefully constructed wording and URLS to fool us into thinking they are legitimate. iPhone Apple ID text message scam One message is like this The Apple ID associated with this number is due to be terminated. To prevent this please confirm your details at - - Apple Inc The other message is more sneaky and actually quotes your name <your name> your Apple ID is due to expire today.  To prevent termination confirm your details at - Apple Support. This one would probably trick more people as it looks very real especially because it uses your name. The links they use also look quite real, but of course they are not, they take you to a fake website [...]

Facebook Hoax – Mark Zuckerberg IS NOT giving you money.

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So this Facebook Hoax has been going around a while now and I just feel I need to inform you - that it is a Facebook Hoax - Mark Zuckerberg is not giving you money. I don't think he would even be happy that his original message for his daughter his now being used by users to spam other users with a hoax. We have seen so many of these over the years, I thought we could recognise them by now  - Free Oakleys - Gold Membership - Switch to Pink and the list goes on. Facebook Hoax - Mark Zuckerberg is not giving you money Okay this one doesn't harm us really but its gone viral because people keep sharing it saying - it can't hurt.  Yes, it can, it might make people mute you. It started off as THANK YOU, MARK ZUCKERBERG, for your forward-thinking generosity! And congrats on becoming a dad! Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he is giving away $45 billion of Facebook stock. What you may not have heard is that he plans to give 10% of [...]

Road Tax Email Scam

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When you are about to renew the tax on your car - watch out for the new Road Tax Email Scam. The scammers this time appear to be taking advantage of people being confused about the changes to the UK vehicle tax disc and the fact that you no longer need to display the paper tax disc. Road Tax Email Scam Click to Tweet: Road Tax Email Scam The Phishing scam email, seems to come from official sources at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and they try to get you to give over your bank details.  Of course the DVLA would never ask for your bank details in an email. Phishing - as in fishing for confidential information The scam email claims that you are owed a discount from a previous vehicle tax disc that you had paid for then gives you a link to go to so that you can verify your credit card or bank details in to get a refund. The DVLA strongly advise you to ignore the email and delete it, if you are at all concerned go to the [...]

Paypal email scam

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We are all very busy at this time of year and might overlook these bank phishing scams, such as the Paypal email scam  They are clearly hoping to catch us off guard at this time of year, when we are all rushing around spending money. Paypal email scam This is what I received - this is a fake email pretending to come from Paypal  Luckily Gmail sent this fake paypal email straight to my spam folder, so most people won't get caught out. How can we tell its fake a Paypal email First look at the address it came from - - not  - however some scammers do get email addresses that have paypal in it so don't be fooled by that either. Secondly - it says Dear Member, not my name Another thing to notice is the spelling mistakes, this is often the case with phishing emails and this one that says its from Paypal is no exception. Until we here from you..... Also when you hover over the button that says Update your account now, you [...]

Social Network Emails – Your account may have been compromised – What to do.

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Users are still concerned after receiving emails saying that their accounts might have been compromised or the one entitled -  Important information regarding your security and privacy from social networking sites -  Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. The problem arose when Zendesk  who store and organise emails for customer support and help desks for these social networks had their systems hacked. Zendesk believe that during the security breach personal information such as email addresses linked to these platforms may have been downloaded by the hacker. Quote from the zendesk blog  We believe that the hacker downloaded email addresses of users who contacted those three customers for support, as well as support email subject lines. We notified our affected customers immediately and are working with them to assist in their response. This will only affect you if you have emailed customer support at Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr - which most of us have at some point. I imagine if you have then that is why you have received an email warning you of the breach. - There is no indication that passwords have been stolen at all. So, I [...]

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