Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker I was pleased to be asked to review the Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker recently.

Inateck are a Germany company who supply all manner of Bluetooth speakers, docking stations, usb chargers and other wireless products or gadgets all around the world.

You know how I love a new gadget, and I love nice packaging – I’m not sure why because you unpack it and never use it again usually.  However, the Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker  came in a really sturdy box similar to what you’d expect from Apple – but this is black with music notes on it, I thought that was a great touch.  First impressions are very important!




Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Inside the box there is a

  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • USB Charging Cable
  • An instruction manual
  • A carrying bag
  • Speaker

Specs are

  • Size – 165mm x 60mm x 45mm
  • Weight – 340g
  • Input sensitiviy – 560MV
  • Output Power – 6W
  • Distance – 10m
  • Top grade CSR8645 chipset

There are two 1.5 Inch speaker units plus bass booster

The battery charges pretty quickly – within about 3 to 5 hours for a full charge for 10 hours of play time


Inateck BCSP-10 very easy and simple to use

To connect the speaker to your bluetooth – you press large button on the top for 6 seconds and the indicator light on the front will flash from red to blue.  When you have selected the Inatech BTSP from your device the blue light will stop flashing, indicating that you are now connected.   Choose your music, press play and you are off.

This unit has a built in microphone, and you can also use to for hands free phone calls, although I haven’t tried that yet.

I love the honeycomb design of this Bluetooth speaker and it feels indestructible with this soft feel plastic shell that actually looks like rubber.

Audio Quality

After all that information we get to the most important part, the Audio Quality – These are very powerful speakers for their size, even at full volume (which is very loud) there is little or no distortion, depending on the quality of the music you are playing through the the portable bluetooth speaker.  The base on the Inatech BCSP-1o was the most surprising for me, the sound is very crisp and has a clear richness about it that you’d expect from a much larger set of speakers.  Generally I would play it at medium volume, and amazing stereo sounds omit from this tiny box.  I’m a big music fan, and some of the portable speakers I have do not touch the Inateck BCSP-10  with regards to quality of sound, although they are more expensive than ones I’ve used in the past.

The only con I would have for this speaker is that for a portable speaker it is quite heavy, not something you would want to carry around in your handbag for any length of time.

However overall I am very pleased and surprised with the quality of the Inateck Portable Bluetooth Speaker  and would recommend them to anyone looking for a bluetooth speaker.

You can buy it on Amazon here – Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Compatible with –

iPhone 6 5S 5C 5 4S, iPad Air, Mini, iPods, other Mobile Phones, Tablets, PC, Laptops, Ultrabook, MP3 Players

The Easy To Use Wondershare Video Editor

Wondershare_logoWondershare Video Editor is part of the Wondershare range of software for Windows and Mac.

Wondershare are located in Shenzhen which is a major city north of Hong Kong in the south of Southern China’s Guangdong Province.  This year Wondershare are celebrating their 10th year in business.

I’m really into videos at the moment, well I’ve always liked video but I never take much care over them, just create and upload them to YouTube, sometimes I don’t even bother editing at all.   I’ve been looking for a different video editor and I found the Wondershare free trial.  We love a free trial.

Wondershare tools available range from Video, DVD, PDF, Training, PC Utilities and Mobile Apps, they have a huge range of products indeed.  I have however just been looking at the video editor, or creator.

Features and Use of Wondershare Video Editor

I must admit I’ve always used Windows video editing software just because it was easy and free, so finding so many features and possibilities on this software was enlightening. Also the video editor is easy to use, so beginners will find it simple to create some movie magic in just a short space of time.  I created a video in no time just using a couple of short clips and some images.

wondershare video editor

You can import the standard or HD videos directly from your library, webcam, phone, camera or directly upload one from the internet – you can add images, or your own Mp3’s to the video just import them too.

Once you have all you need uploaded, then you just drag and drop what you need into the editing or production area that is called timeline. Here you can play around with editing your videos, by trimming rotating and other edits.




There is so much you can do to your videos to make them movie magic.

transisionsoundsYou can enhance the video with 300 different effects, transitions, add text, add sound effects.

  • Weave amazing movies with any format video, audio & photos
  • Personalize home video with picture-in-picture, filters.
  • Edit video/audio/photos with classic features like split and cropSmart
  • Scene Detection intelligently splits video into segments



When you are ready you click create.  Then you are ready to share or save your movie.

What I like most about the Wondershare video editor  is that you can share directly to TV, YouTube, Facebook, iPhone and more  but if you want you can save the completed video in standard or HD formats or burn to a DVD.

Check out the video I created in 30 mins ( it was a lot of photos or it would have been quicker) using Wondershare video editor here –

Create a whiteboard animation video with VideoScribe

create whiteboard imagesWith Videoscribe by Sparkol you can create a whiteboard animation video in minutes.   Sparkol actually call them “scribe videos”  – basically its where you bring illustrations and stories to life that replicates a stop-motion capture type of drawing.

Jon Air founded Sparkol in  2008 and I only just found them!  The team are based near Bristol in the UK and they have really created something fantastic here to help anyone even without any technical knowledge to create marketing videos, instructional talks or stories at a low price.

The Power of Images

Videos are the best way to get your message across quickly.  Short animated videos seem to catch our eye, and because we have a limited attention span we need something that doesn’t bore us silly or become too much information for us to take in.  Thats where whiteboard animation comes in, using pictures and words or audio you can grab someones attention and say what you need to say in 1 minute.   And with VideoScribe as long as you have the script you can make the video in just a few minutes.

Luckily Sparkol offer a 7 day trial so that you can actually go and test it, and there are a few differences between the 7 day trial and the full version which are.

  • Full desktop edition for PC & Mac
  • No watermarks or VideoScribe or Sparkol branding
  • Support service
  • Unlimited online storage space
  • Full HD output & fast rendering
  • Render at any frame rate
  • Use your own “hands” or any image to draw elements
  • Output as Quicktime™ MOV or Flash FLV
  • Output to JPG or transparent PNG image sequence for editing
  • Full commercial use of images including Pro libraries
  • Full commercial use of all music & fonts
  • Resell whole or part videos created commercially (see full terms)
  • Sparkol Pro newsletter
  • Get all updates as they come out
  • Also what I like is that if you can draw little sketches you can add SVG images.

How to create a whiteboard animation video

So you’ve signed up, downloaded the software and you are ready to go – when you first log in you will see some saved demonstration videos left for you to look at the process. When you are ready click create on the right hand side.

how to create whiteboard videos

Here it tells you what some of the buttons are, but don’t be frightened clicking the others, it always warns you before it deletes anything permanently.


 You then have your blank canvas to add your images .. from:-

  • Favourites
  • The VideoScribe library
  • Your Computer
  • Dropbox
  • or the Web



The next button along is where you add text, which you just type straight into the box.  The Music button add music 🙂  The Microphone is to add audio and the Cog changes the paper, the hand or pen you are using to scribe – vignette and to manage fonts.

Something important to know or remember is that with each image or text you place you can adjust the camera view to zoom in or set it how you want it to view that part of the story. This button is located at the far right at the bottom and is lit up when you click on the part that you want to set the camera on.


The only thing I felt was missing with this video software is that you don’t have a back button as you do with most illustration software such as illustrator or even MSPaint.

You can preview your video at any time by clicking the Play button – Middle top left and the next button is to share it, which can be confusing because you need to go over to the far left and click the green tag and here you will see how to save a videoscribe video.

There are lots of great video tutorials on how to create a videoscribe video but I just wanted to show you here the basics of how easy it really is. This was my first video which I made in minutes, and I’d never used software like this before. Now that I know more I plan to make something better but at the time, I thought it was amazing and I hope you like it. You can save your self ££££££ by just learning a few easy steps and create a whiteboard animation video yourself.

Check it out now, you can get your free seven day trial of video scribe HERE 

Me and The Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster

The Nokia Purity Headset WH930

Nokia Connects recently gave me a Nokia Lumia 900 to trial and with it they sent a Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster in turquoise blue, (Cyan) – yes OK, so,  I liked the colour. The headsets come in 4 colours (Red, Black and White) and they all look great.

The Monster Purity comes folded up in a little hard shell carrying case that you can transport it around in and several cables, controls and stuff. You’ll see what happened when I didn’t take much notice of the other cables soon.

I wanted to put these headphones to the test like I did the BH-905i Bluetooth stereo headphones from Nokia. I loved those guys!

So I got ready to rock …..

This head set is fully adjustable, very well designed and very comfortable indeed with full padding on the earcup –  however the smallest setting was perfect for me, and I don’t think I have an especially small head, so if you are thinking of getting these I’d test them for size.  Maybe we should say girls like headphones too!   They look great on – no pictures  sorry and they are small enough not to look to crazy wearing them out in the street.

Horror 🙂

I plugged in the headset to the PC to test it out as I didn’t have much music on the Nokia Lumia 900 yet and I couldn’t wait – So, on went some heavy rock music, I cranked it up and oh my …….I had a terrible shock – there was an awful tinny crackling noise! Okay so I hadn’t expected them to sound good as the BH-905i but this was ridiculous, I seriously thought that the previous person to have the headset must have blown the speakers.

Always read the instructions first

I suddenly had a brain wave to try the other cable that was in the box – and it then I realised that the cable that I thought would be the one to use with the PC was the wrong one!

Superb sounds

After that really bad start – I was fully set to listen to some serious music. This time, I admit, I was a bit relieved that found myself totally impressed with the sound quality.  I love to listen to music loud – so it cuts me off from the rest of the world.  The Monster Purity is capable of that – Even with the base down low it still sounds crisp and clean, with that volume up to max there was no distortion. You would definitely say it was high definition.  The downfall was that the sound had to be loud for you not to head any background noise.  Which is strange as there wasn’t much sound leakage only at full volume. They stayed comfortable for a few hours – although you always felt them pressing against your ears it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

I only used it once to speak to someone on the Nokia Lumia 900 but it worked fine and it was clear as a bell.

This headset is recommended for the Nokia Lumia 900 but it is fully compatible with Windows phones.

Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster is compatible with the following:

  • Fully compatible with Windows phones
  • Devices that have a 3.5 mm Nokia AV audio jack using the included microphone equipped cable (limited feature compatibility)
  • All phones, music players and other devices with a universal 3.5 mm audio jack (Feature compatibility is manufacturer dependent)

So although these don’t beat the BH905I I did enjoy them and really do miss them. My next purchase is definitely going to be a decent set of headphones or headset. I’d like to try out a skullcandy headset, wouldn’t that be nice, I do need something new to test.

Specs At a glance

  • 3.5 mm universal headset connector
  • 20 – 20000 Hz
    Frequency response
  • 180 grams

All the information and specs you need are here – Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset.





The Nokia Lumia 900 Techieminx review

I have had the pleasure of spending the last few weeks with the sexy Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone courtesy of Nokia Connects.

I was blown away by this phone, all I can say is that if you are looking for a smartphone and if these are seriously on half-price, its a no-brainer.  You should jump at the Nokia Lumia 900 if you get the chance. I don’t care that it’s not getting Microsoft 8 – how long will it be before you upgrade to Microsoft 8 on your PC? Do you really need it or just want it?   Why it isn’t upgradable however, I do not know, its rather upsetting, but it doesn’t really need it.

Why I was blown away by the Nokia Lumia 900


The Nokia Lumia 900 is huge with its 127.8 x 68.5mm’s  Its beautiful to look at, to feel and to hold.  The Nokia Lumia has a 4.3-inch ClearBlack Amoled Display.  The ClearBlack screen is amazing, its lifted slightly from the body of the phone and which, not only looks funky but the ClearBlack technology allows you to be able to see the screen even when outside in sunlight.


I found this the easiest and fastest Nokia phone that I have used. The Windows Phone 7.5 platform makes it fast and efficient.  The tiles make it easy to navigate and I love that you also have an option to have them alphabetical order as it make it easy to find the application that you require. Okay, I wasn’t very excited that it uses Internet Explorer 9 but I had no lagging when connecting to the internet.

Obviously you have Facebook, Linkedin, email etc on this smartphone but I did have trouble finding an application for Twitter that I enjoyed using, but when I asked on Twitter I had lots of suggestions for apps.


The battery has up to 8 hours talk time and up to 400 hours standby – when I was using this phone it actually lasted me for 2 days without charging, and as an iPhone user this is amazing.


8 MP main camera, Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash, Auto Focus, 1 MP front camera, video calling – So yes the camera is also front facing so that you can take that all important profile picture for Facebook.  Again I’ve heard that this phone takes some great pictures, but as usual mine were not all that great.

I’m not going to go into all of the spec’s of this phone as its been done 100 times you can see all you need on the Nokia Website

All in all, the Nokia Lumia 900 is a fantastic phone, it looks good, it feels good and it works efficiently.  I have recently tried out a Windows Phone and didn’t enjoy using it all at, and the Nokia Lumia 900 changed my views completely.

How to restore the Nokia Lumia 900 to factory settings – Hard reset

Home screen – settings – about – reset your phone. Warning, do you want to continue – Yes.

Hope this helps.








DrawingSomething Application including Bugs and Fixes

Its been all go recently with Intragram being bought by Facebook and now DrawSomething from OMGPOP being bought by Zynga of Farmville fame for massive amounts of money it seems. Hopefully Zynga will sort out some of the problems that people are experiencing.

Where can I play DrawSomething

If you still don’t know what Drawsomething is (where have you been?) – it is a drawing game similar to Pictionary where you draw a picture and people guess what it is, you can play this with Facebook friends or random people using the iPhone or iPad from iTunes.

You can also play it directly from Facebook or on Google Plus.

The app has a free game and a paid game – the only difference I can see is that you do not get adverts on the paid game.

People are really good at this game, you can see some of the drawings on the DrawSomething Facebook page 


I played DrawSomething on Facebook first because it reminded me of a browser based game which I was addicted to about 12 years ago called iSketch which is still there after all of these years, I think they should have created an application don’t you.  There is an application called iSketch but this is just a basic painting app. The best game play of DrawSomething is actually on the iPad, I love how you can just Draw something and then put it down for as long as you like.

Drawsomething has bugs



There are however many bugs still within the Drawsomething application.  I’ve had one where the application got confused and showed my drawing with the previous drawings letters, so the letters didn’t fit the drawing. Like this one drawn on the iPhone (which I find difficult so don’t laugh! LOL )



Missing Colours, Bombs and Coins

On the game you can buy coins to buy new colours and bombs which can give you new words or hints.

Users also have other bugs where coins, bombs and colours – colors – are missing. I read these responses and fixes on the getsatisfaction forum, which is for all support for the game – only go there if you are not easily offended. 🙂

Here’s Swiftor’s official response: 

They are safe, but your game client is not reading your inventory info from our servers properly. We’re looking into this – but in the meantime, there are a couple of things you can try doing to get them to show up: 
1) If you’re on Wifi, and your device supports 3g/4g – try that. There are reported cases of coins/etc not showing up on wifi. (or vice versa) 

2) You can try killing the app and restarting it (or restarting your phone). 

Again, we’re looking into a final solution for this! 

Another response was from a user call SVNDR – DS is DrawSomething. This fix he says is for iPhone 4s and iPad. Many people said this has worked.

1. Kill all backgrounding apps, including DS (double click home button).

2. Re-open DS.

3. Click the little gear in the top right-hand corner.

4. Click on account.

5. Now, scroll to the very bottom of that page a click logout, then confirm the next message that pops up (if one does)

6. You should now be logged out and at the screen to select either Facebook or Email.

7. Now close DS and then kill it in the backgrounding bar like you did in step 1.

8. Wait about 5-10 second then re-open DS.

9. Wait for it to load to the screen to select between Facebook or Email.

10. Click on whatever form of login you would normally use (i use Facebook).

11. Enter your email and password, then continue to login as normal.

12. Now this is what i think truely helps, so make sure you pay attention and DO NOT skip any of the previous, or next steps!!
Once you are logged in, DO NOT touch anythng, instead look in the top left-hand corner off the main screen, you should see a faint loading icon that spins around. Wait until that icon is completely gone until you continue to the next step.

13. Now that the loading icon is gone, DO NOT open or continue playing any games, yet. First, scroll to the very bottom of the main screen and click on the ‘SHOP’ button.

14. If you previously had purchased bombs, you should now see at the bottom that you have your bombs back, this should most likely mean that your colours and coins have returned aswell.

15. If you did not previously have bombs then you should see the top of the screen in the left-hand side that your coins are back.

Many users are also having problems with games not loading, both on the free game and the paid version –  some games are showing waiting for next player.  There are hundreds of complaints about this on the site, and as yet I have not found a solution, although the above might work.  If you have tried this or have a different solution can you please let us know.

Apart from all that it is a great game and very addictive, but as I say you can just play for a few mins and then put it down for however long you want and it will still be at the stage you left it.

Hope this helps

iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner does your housework

iRobot was founded in 1990 (then called IS Robotics) by Rodney Brooks, Colin Angel (CEO) and Helen Greiner.  The company was originally involved with space exploration by robots and worked with organizations such as NASA where they developed a robot for lunar exploration. Cool huh!

However in 1997 after they had developed at AutoCleaner for someone else, a team was gathered to build the world’s first affordable home floor cleaning robot.

Since 2002 iRobot have sold over 6 million home cleaning robots.  6 million? What sort of people have these? They must be just used in offices or hotels, places with large open spaces, I can’t see how it would work in cramped spaces with lots of furniture…

There is even a Roomote – a Roomba itunes app that is used to control your iRobot, Roomba! Although check what the description says on the app store before you download.

I would love to know if you have one of these, hoover robots!

Hoover trivia

When I was younger in Britain vacuum cleaners were called hoovers as The hoover company was the leading manufacturer of many household goods especially vacuum cleaners. We even still use it now as a verb, I am going to hoover! Even so I thought it was wearing off but I was shocked to see this entry on Google.

I love this video from 2007, believe it or not 🙂

7 Reasons why you need a Roomba Robotic Vacuum

  1. It’s a Robot
  2. Dirt detection
  3. It can go anywhere
  4. Stair Detection
  5. It’s Thorough
  6. It’s Fearless
  7. No Cleanup

There are many companies that have developed robotic vacuum cleaners – most others are more like a carpet sweeper with motorised brushes, but the Roomba contains a motor which creates a vacuum in addition to these brushes.

Roomba Prices range from an very inexpensive £249.99 to this years SUPER MODEL the 780 at £499 cheaper than an iPad! 🙂

Roomba® 780
Vacuum Cleaning Robot Specs 

It features a refined, sleeker design with a touchpad interface. Dirt Detect™ Series 2 and an AeroVac™ Series 2 Bin allow even more efficient cleaning, while HEPA filters leave the air fresher. Roomba® 780 also includes onboard scheduling.  8cm tall to fit under most furniture.

It sounds good doesn’t it …. but I can’t see it doing a good job in a busy, dirty, household full of kids and pets. It is just a carpet sweeper with a bit of suck. Isn’t it?

I’d love to test one of these robotic vacuum cleaners out – if any company such as iRobot or Samsung wishes to offer me one! 🙂 Yes Samsung do one called the Navibot!

If you don’t ask..right?   Anyway … if you have one or know anyone that uses any versions of a robot cleaner please let us know the low down.

Hope this helps

Calibre ebook management for Kindle or ebook reader

I love Calibre – Calibre is a free open source e-book library management application.  In short – it manages your eBooks like iTunes does for your tracks.

I’m late to this game, as Calibre actually launched in 2006 after the release of the first e-ink based reader the Sony PRS-500. Kovid Goyal immediately realised that there were no good tools to convert the books in to the correct formats to be able to read them on the Sony, so with the help of libres500 was born, later to be changed to Calibre in 2008.

Today calibre is a vibrant open-source community with half a dozen developers and many, many testers and bug reporters. It is used in over 200 countries and has been translated into a dozen different languages by volunteers. calibre has become a comprehensive tool for the management of digital texts, allowing you to do whatever you could possibly imagine with your e-book library – Kovid Goyal 2009. 

How to use Calibre eBook management tool on the Kindle

Its so simple to use but I will run you though the options on the interface menu.

Add books – This is how you add books to your library that you have downloaded, click and search your computer.

Edit metadata – Here you can edit the details on a book like the title or the author and download the book cover if you haven’t got it.

Convert books – Here you can change the format of the book from many choices to Mobi if you are using the kindle, although when you add them from your library to your kindle, clever Calibre knows if its in the wrong format and changes it automatically.

View – If you click on a book in your library you can view the cover and even read the book on your pc if you so wish.

Get books – this helps you find the ebooks  you want by searching the websites of various commercial and public domain book sources for you.

Heart – Because Calibre is totally free, this takes you to the donations page if you so wish to give some money in thanks of this fantastic tool

Fetch news – Here you can arrange to have Calibre download certain newspaper reports at scheduled times.

Help – Erm, this is for help – this takes you to the Calibre manual 

Remove books – Highlight the books you want to permanently delete and click remove books.

Books – This is your library as you can see mine has 26 books in it now.

When the Kindle is plugged in, you will see it on the menu bar as Device.

Device – If you click on this you will see all of the books that are on your device.

To tranfer books from your library to your device you can either drag and drop them or if you have many, you can highlight a few – right click and send to device, here you have the option to either sent to your device or storage cards.

Connect/share – This has four variations

  • Connect to folder – Useful if your device cannot be supported by calibre but is available as a USB disk.
  • Connect to iTunes – Allows you to connect to your iTunes books database as though it were a device.
  • Start Content Server –  Starts calibre‘s built-in web server.
  • Setup Email based sharing of books – Allows sharing of books and news feeds by email.

So thats just the tip of the iceberg actions you can do using this ebook management tool – to see all of the instuctions please go to the Calibre ebook manual.

I’ve enjoyed using this, so quick and simple, I downloaded some books – edited the metadata, and transferred them to the Kindle all in a flash.

Hope this helps

Free Future messaging application launched today

The Future Message application was launched today by the Indian based company Xminds Infotech Pvt. Ltd which was co founded by Ram Govind and Jayakrishnan Nair.

Schedule emails the easy way

The Future Message service called Fumes stores your email, and delivers to your recipient at the requested time & date in the future. Fumes also has a reminder service and you can post messages and reminders to yourself up to 5 years in the future.

Fun things Fumes can used for

· Send a email to yourself to remind something in the future, like anniversaries, birthdays
· Send an email to your lover in the future.
· Tell your spouse you love them.
· Send birthday wishes right at the beginning of the year, so that you do not forget.
· Choose gifts for all occasions and schedule to send them out to friends
· Tell a story to your grandchildren.
· Email your boss an automated Sick message while you are holidaying.
· Impress your girlfriend with message which she receives when you are with her.
· Send an email to your Children in the future.

How Fumes works

Fumes is a free service but they also offer an enhanced premium service that you have to pay for.

Check it out here

Hope this helps!

The stylish, super shiny, complex, confusing Nokia C7

I am surprised how much I have grown to love the Nokia C7, with its stylish, super shiny, glass and steel appearance. Its solid, but slim well built body and its remarkable battery life.

Nokia C7 Gallery

Likes and Dislikes

Not the whole kit and caboodle.. see links through-out  for more details.

Battery Life

I put this phone through its paces on several occasions, apps open everywhere, calls, browser, and the battery seemed to last forever!  Forever!  It started to take me by surprise when I did have to charge it.  Totally different to other Smartphones that need charging every chance you get “just in case”.


Not only does this Smartphone look very pleasing as I’ve mentioned; it feels really good, slightly heavy in a good construction way but slimmer than most smart phones. Someone said to me its a girls phone for small hands, rather sexist I felt but maybe they are right in a way, this would be suitable for the smaller hand, male or female.


The touchscreen was also much more responsive than other Nokia phones I have tried, probably because this one is a capacitive touchscreen.

Wikipedia – A capacitive touchscreen panel is one which consists of an insulator such as glass, coated with a transparent conductor such as indium tin oxide (ITO).
[11][12] As the human body is also an electrical conductor, touching the surface of the screen results in a distortion of the screen’selectrostatic field, measurable as a change in capacitance.

Set up

However, I found the C7 exceptionally complicated to set up using the Symbian^3 operating system , even I though I have used it before, it took me a while to get it all up and running. Navigation was a tricky and the keyboard didn’t help much – it was difficult to operate in QWERTY and the predictive text was absolutely awful frankly, so I ended up using the virtual t9 keypad, multi-tap!


I did have some difficulty with the C7 browser, not only was it slow at times, the refresh rate appeared to give me some feelings of motion sickness with extensive use due to the flicker, strange but true. I am sensitive that way!  I only mention this because if you are susceptible, then maybe you should test this phone out before committing. Possibly just isolated to me as no one else has complained? 🙂


All that said –  as I used the C7 more and more, I did get used to its difficult little ways, and I was enjoying using it, maybe we became more tolerant of each other; setting it up my way, using shortcuts, widgets etc with all of my favourites on its 3 home screens and using live data.

  • Gmail was a breeze to install and use.
  • Gravity was also  (after @janole Jan Ole Suhr the Author kindly sorted out it for me) – which I absolutely love!
  • I even enjoyed a few too many games of Angry birds, sitting out in the sun and could see the screen perfectly.


The C7 has an 8 mega pixel camera – with no auto focus but it does have a front facing camera  just right for taking pictures of yourself to save using the bathroom mirror for your Facebook profiles and less importantly for video calling.

I didn’t take many photographs with the C7, as (some know) I’m no David Bailey and to prove it here they are. I think it takes a decent enough shot, although I know some say its not good enough, back to my same argument.

Full Specs from Nokia.

To sum up

The C7-00 has its good points and bad points, and in my opinion would be a super mobile phone for someone…

  • just getting into using Smartphones
  • on a budget
  • who knows their way around Symbian^3
  • that needs a Smartphone with a long battery life.

It is much more affordable than other similar Smartphones on the market and it does do just about everything that you could want and more, see  here.

Once you’ve set it up your own personal way, you are running free!

Hope this helps.

Thanks to @womworldnokia for supplying the Nokia C7

Additionally if you ever need to know how to Total or Hard Reset the Nokia C7 – just key in the phone *#7370# this will restore the OS and deletes all data.