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Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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I was pleased to be asked to review the Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker recently. Inateck are a Germany company who supply all manner of Bluetooth speakers, docking stations, usb chargers and other wireless products or gadgets all around the world. You know how I love a new gadget, and I love nice packaging - I'm not sure why because you unpack it and never use it again usually.  However, the Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker  came in a really sturdy box similar to what you'd expect from Apple - but this is black with music notes on it, I thought that was a great touch.  First impressions are very important!     Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Inside the box there is a 3.5mm Audio Cable USB Charging Cable An instruction manual A carrying bag Speaker Specs are Size - 165mm x 60mm x 45mm Weight - 340g Input sensitiviy - 560MV Output Power - 6W Distance - 10m Top grade CSR8645 chipset There are two 1.5 Inch speaker units plus bass booster The battery charges pretty quickly - within about 3 [...]

The Easy To Use Wondershare Video Editor

By |2017-02-08T01:19:11+01:00December 4th, 2013|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , |

Wondershare Video Editor is part of the Wondershare range of software for Windows and Mac. Wondershare are located in Shenzhen which is a major city north of Hong Kong in the south of Southern China’s Guangdong Province.  This year Wondershare are celebrating their 10th year in business. I'm really into videos at the moment, well I've always liked video but I never take much care over them, just create and upload them to YouTube, sometimes I don't even bother editing at all.   I've been looking for a different video editor and I found the Wondershare free trial.  We love a free trial. Wondershare tools available range from Video, DVD, PDF, Training, PC Utilities and Mobile Apps, they have a huge range of products indeed.  I have however just been looking at the video editor, or creator. Features and Use of Wondershare Video Editor I must admit I've always used Windows video editing software just because it was easy and free, so finding so many features and possibilities on this software was enlightening. Also the video editor is easy to [...]

Create a whiteboard animation video with VideoScribe

By |2017-02-08T01:19:12+01:00November 27th, 2013|Categories: Reviews|

With Videoscribe by Sparkol you can create a whiteboard animation video in minutes.   Sparkol actually call them "scribe videos"  - basically its where you bring illustrations and stories to life that replicates a stop-motion capture type of drawing. Jon Air founded Sparkol in  2008 and I only just found them!  The team are based near Bristol in the UK and they have really created something fantastic here to help anyone even without any technical knowledge to create marketing videos, instructional talks or stories at a low price. The Power of Images Videos are the best way to get your message across quickly.  Short animated videos seem to catch our eye, and because we have a limited attention span we need something that doesn't bore us silly or become too much information for us to take in.  Thats where whiteboard animation comes in, using pictures and words or audio you can grab someones attention and say what you need to say in 1 minute.   And with VideoScribe as long as you have the script you can make the video in just [...]

Me and The Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster

By |2017-02-08T01:19:53+01:00August 23rd, 2012|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

The Nokia Purity Headset WH930 Nokia Connects recently gave me a Nokia Lumia 900 to trial and with it they sent a Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster in turquoise blue, (Cyan) - yes OK, so,  I liked the colour. The headsets come in 4 colours (Red, Black and White) and they all look great. The Monster Purity comes folded up in a little hard shell carrying case that you can transport it around in and several cables, controls and stuff. You'll see what happened when I didn't take much notice of the other cables soon. I wanted to put these headphones to the test like I did the BH-905i Bluetooth stereo headphones from Nokia. I loved those guys! So I got ready to rock ..... This head set is fully adjustable, very well designed and very comfortable indeed with full padding on the earcup -  however the smallest setting was perfect for me, and I don't think I have an especially small head, so if you are thinking of getting these I'd test them for size.  Maybe we should say girls [...]

The Nokia Lumia 900 Techieminx review

By |2017-02-08T01:19:54+01:00July 17th, 2012|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

I have had the pleasure of spending the last few weeks with the sexy Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone courtesy of Nokia Connects. I was blown away by this phone, all I can say is that if you are looking for a smartphone and if these are seriously on half-price, its a no-brainer.  You should jump at the Nokia Lumia 900 if you get the chance. I don't care that it's not getting Microsoft 8 - how long will it be before you upgrade to Microsoft 8 on your PC? Do you really need it or just want it?   Why it isn't upgradable however, I do not know, its rather upsetting, but it doesn't really need it. Why I was blown away by the Nokia Lumia 900 Visually The Nokia Lumia 900 is huge with its 127.8 x 68.5mm's  Its beautiful to look at, to feel and to hold.  The Nokia Lumia has a 4.3-inch ClearBlack Amoled Display.  The ClearBlack screen is amazing, its lifted slightly from the body of the phone and which, not only looks funky but the ClearBlack technology allows you [...]

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DrawingSomething Application including Bugs and Fixes

By |2017-02-08T01:19:57+01:00April 15th, 2012|Categories: Mobile apps, Reviews|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

Its been all go recently with Intragram being bought by Facebook and now DrawSomething from OMGPOP being bought by Zynga of Farmville fame for massive amounts of money it seems. Hopefully Zynga will sort out some of the problems that people are experiencing. Where can I play DrawSomething If you still don't know what Drawsomething is (where have you been?) - it is a drawing game similar to Pictionary where you draw a picture and people guess what it is, you can play this with Facebook friends or random people using the iPhone or iPad from iTunes. You can also play it directly from Facebook or on Google Plus. The app has a free game and a paid game - the only difference I can see is that you do not get adverts on the paid game. People are really good at this game, you can see some of the drawings on the DrawSomething Facebook page  iSketch I played DrawSomething on Facebook first because it reminded me of a browser based game which I was addicted to about 12 years ago called iSketch which is still [...]

iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner does your housework

By |2017-02-08T01:20:07+01:00January 5th, 2012|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , |

iRobot was founded in 1990 (then called IS Robotics) by Rodney Brooks, Colin Angel (CEO) and Helen Greiner.  The company was originally involved with space exploration by robots and worked with organizations such as NASA where they developed a robot for lunar exploration. Cool huh! However in 1997 after they had developed at AutoCleaner for someone else, a team was gathered to build the world's first affordable home floor cleaning robot. Since 2002 iRobot have sold over 6 million home cleaning robots.  6 million? What sort of people have these? They must be just used in offices or hotels, places with large open spaces, I can't see how it would work in cramped spaces with lots of furniture... There is even a Roomote - a Roomba itunes app that is used to control your iRobot, Roomba! Although check what the description says on the app store before you download. I would love to know if you have one of these, hoover robots! Hoover trivia When I was younger in Britain vacuum cleaners were called hoovers as The hoover company was the leading manufacturer of many household goods especially [...]

Calibre ebook management for Kindle or ebook reader

By |2017-02-08T01:20:08+01:00December 11th, 2011|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

I love Calibre - Calibre is a free open source e-book library management application.  In short - it manages your eBooks like iTunes does for your tracks. I'm late to this game, as Calibre actually launched in 2006 after the release of the first e-ink based reader the Sony PRS-500. Kovid Goyal immediately realised that there were no good tools to convert the books in to the correct formats to be able to read them on the Sony, so with the help of libres500 was born, later to be changed to Calibre in 2008. Today calibre is a vibrant open-source community with half a dozen developers and many, many testers and bug reporters. It is used in over 200 countries and has been translated into a dozen different languages by volunteers. calibre has become a comprehensive tool for the management of digital texts, allowing you to do whatever you could possibly imagine with your e-book library - Kovid Goyal 2009.  How to use Calibre eBook management tool on the Kindle Its so simple to use but I will run you though the options on the interface [...]

Free Future messaging application launched today

By |2017-02-08T01:20:12+01:00November 26th, 2011|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , |

The Future Message application was launched today by the Indian based company Xminds Infotech Pvt. Ltd which was co founded by Ram Govind and Jayakrishnan Nair. Schedule emails the easy way The Future Message service called Fumes stores your email, and delivers to your recipient at the requested time & date in the future. Fumes also has a reminder service and you can post messages and reminders to yourself up to 5 years in the future. Fun things Fumes can used for · Send a email to yourself to remind something in the future, like anniversaries, birthdays · Send an email to your lover in the future. · Tell your spouse you love them. · Send birthday wishes right at the beginning of the year, so that you do not forget. · Choose gifts for all occasions and schedule to send them out to friends · Tell a story to your grandchildren. · Email your boss an automated Sick message while you are holidaying. · Impress your girlfriend with message which she receives when you are with her. · Send an email to [...]

The stylish, super shiny, complex, confusing Nokia C7

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I am surprised how much I have grown to love the Nokia C7, with its stylish, super shiny, glass and steel appearance. Its solid, but slim well built body and its remarkable battery life. Nokia C7 Gallery Likes and Dislikes Not the whole kit and caboodle.. see links through-out  for more details. Battery Life I put this phone through its paces on several occasions, apps open everywhere, calls, browser, and the battery seemed to last forever!  Forever!  It started to take me by surprise when I did have to charge it.  Totally different to other Smartphones that need charging every chance you get "just in case". Slender Not only does this Smartphone look very pleasing as I've mentioned; it feels really good, slightly heavy in a good construction way but slimmer than most smart phones. Someone said to me its a girls phone for small hands, rather sexist I felt but maybe they are right in a way, this would be suitable for the smaller hand, male or female. Touchscreen The touchscreen was also much more responsive than other Nokia phones [...]

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