When you want to help but don’t know how

When you want to help but don’t know how – Kindness in a box

Cancer, the dreaded C word – the other one.  When it happens to us, of course, it’s a huge shock.  Why me!  Cancer is something that happens to someone else!  No one wants to take that journey in life.  But once we find out about it there is no going back, we have to tackle it head-on.  The only save here is that we did find out, so now we have a chance to Kick Cancer from our lives.  It’s also difficult for family and friends who feel helpless and who want to help but they don’t know how – Cancer, its such a big shock for all.

Since an early age, my life has been affected in some way by cancer. From the age of 15, I dealt with it day in and day out from when mum was diagnosed. It came and went and came and went – for 15 years.  I remember then, how friends and relatives felt.  People wanted to help, to offer some assistance, to say that they are there if they are needed, to show some support but they really didn’t know how.

Cancer Gift Parcel

Now as I am older, I have friends with Cancer as sadly most of us do, and so when Dr. Shara Cohen reached out to me on Linkedin to ask if she could send me a Cancer Gift Parcel in return for a Blog Review about their new business Cancer Care Parcels to help people, help others.  I thought wow!  What a great idea. Of course, I would love to assist in getting the word out, especially when I have friends who would really benefit from these Parcels.

I’ve always supported Cancer charities because without us they wouldn’t be able to do all they do. They do amazing things. Like the Teenage Cancer Trust, how wonderful at they.  The Teenage cancer trust  make sure teens get the specialist care and support that they need, at this time – and they are struggling to keep up.  Although this isn’t a charity, I really feel it can make someone with Cancer feel loved, special and cared for which is really important.   I’m just so impressed at the kindness involved in every package.

Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.” – Jackie Chan



When you want to help but don’t know how

When you want to help but don’t know how

Having a look at the site I was taken aback at huge range and specificity all the lovely gift parcels you can get for people.  The parcels contain specific items for specific reasons, for instance, the Chemo Patient comfort gift pack which I was sent, has all things to help with the sickness and keeping you hydrated and comfortable and entertained.

For start, there are gifts for

    • Adult Cancer
    • Teenage Cancer
    • Childhood Cancer

And then within those ranges are different scenarios – you can even shop by stage or treatment and even by common cancers.

  •  Chemo Care
  • Chemo Survivor
  • Radiotherapy
  • Comfort packages
  • Hospital packages
  • Pink packages
  • Duleux
  • Luxurious
  • Breast Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • For Men/Boys
  • For Women/girls

and it goes on.. so easy to find what you want or what your friend/relative/neighbour might need or just to feel good about.

When you want to help but don’t know how

Cancercareparcels say

All our gifts are thoughtfully put together.  We liaise with our advisory board, which consists of past cancer patients and those receiving our parcels for their feedback and suggestions.  We carefully construct each box so that you can feel secure that your gift will be welcome.

So Where did the idea for Cancer Care Parcel come from 

After Dr Shara Cohen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 she found there was very little time to just relax, take it all in and give herself ‘me’ time. With all the appointments, liaising with work, telling the people who needed to be told…… there was little time to digest what was happening, research the practicalities or to just relax.. So she set up Cancer Care Parcel, to enable children and adults with cancer to take some of the worries away and bring some calm back into their lives.

Dr Shara told me, “I sold my company Euroscicon after my cancer diagnosis as I couldn’t keep up with the work.  I then set up Cancer Care Parcel.  Its still in its very early stages, (they aren’t making any money yet).  We gift alot to charities too.”

A Cancer Care Parcel is an ideal gift, to let people with cancer know that you are thinking of them.


Some of the packages can seem expensive, especially the smaller packages. Which you’d be looking at if you don’t have much spare cash around.  However, it depends on how you look at it. If you DID know what you needed to buy and you knew where to get it from you could probably make up a package from various shops.  And then put it all together and it might be cheaper than these Cancer Care Packages. However, the thing is, we don’t know the best things to buy or where to get them and these come in a lovely box, delivered to the door, causing less worry and stress.

When you want to help but don’t know how

There’s so much in it!

That all said, I do still think it’s a superb idea, who wouldn’t want to have one of these delivered, it feels like kindness in a box at a time you most need it.

When you want to help but don’t know how – Cancer Sucks and now you know how to help, with a little kindness in a box.

how to get facebook group analytics

How to get Facebook Group Analytics

You have been able to get analytics for pages for ages because facebook have their very own analytics built in and it’s quite useful. If you want to find out how to get Facebook Group Analytics its a bit more difficult.

Facebook Groups vs Pages

Many business owners choose a Facebook Group over a page now. Why? Because not only are Facebook groups are a proven way to form connections and discussions because they feel more like a community than a page.

Pages are still valuable even though some businesses seem to think a page is a way to shout about their products and services, without using them to provide value for their community. Which unless you are Pepsi, is a big mistake. Although even Pepsi don’t just post boring “buy my stuff now” posts, they have great content which includes video and interactive posts, it is still all about them but still.

With Facebook Pages you can use ads,  you can add a variety of apps so that people can easily find you elsewhere, or you can collect email addresses and run competitions. The good thing about Facebook Groups’ however, is that there is a bigger sense of community, you can store files, and search posts and members feel more able to share. Posts are also much more visible in the news feed if the group is not a closed group.

Facebook pages have great insight and analytics so you can measure what works, but Facebook groups don’t, which if you want to see what is working can be a pain.  One of the things that Facebook group owners are concerned about is How to get Facebook Group Analytics, what is the ROI of a Facebook Group.

How to get Facebook Group Analytics

Those of us that run Facebook pages and Groups as community managers love analytics and we love to show the businesses we work for how well their pages or communities are doing, so Analytics are an important part of our job.

Luckily there are now a few platforms or tools to help you get Facebook Group Analytics and I’ve been looking at these two.


With Sociograph you can get analytics on Facebook Groups and Pages, and you are not restricted to how many Groups or pages. You are also not restricted to the time, you can go back to last month, last year or all time.

Although it does seem to have a few bugs and might not completely accurate on busy groups and pages.  Sociograph gives you are very good idea, about what’s going on for free.


All you have to do is connect your personal profile and it lists all of your groups and pages. click on the one that you want to analyze.

You can find the overall number of

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Post Types

Then you will have a list of posts – with a rating – Likes Comments and Share.

Visitors – with a rating – Karma, likes, shares, comments

Group Growth – this will start recording after your first visit.

The data can be exported to CSV for offline analysis.
The tool is completely free.


Has the same as the above, but much more and still for free however you are restricted to 4 groups for free, so if you have more groups you can pay and they also offer much more information, which you can pay for.

How to get Facebook Group Analytics

This one is much nicer to look at than Sociograph but you don’t get as much for free, so that’s understandable.  There are more graphs, photos are used and so much information you can download.

You can also view information per day on this platform.

You are restricted to only 7 days data history for free.

Some of the paid for extras are..

  • Data archived
  • Publish in Groups
  • PDF & PPT reports
  • Publishing tool
  • Time intervals selection
  • Custom time zone
  • Data exports
  • Time intervals comparison

You can also get a lot  more information about group members, which is great.

Groups members

We do not provide any personal information about members except his/her name and Facebook app scoped id.
You might have differences between the number of members on Grytics and the one you have on Facebook.

Facebook Privacy allows members not to show up in the API and Facebook displays deactivated profiles on groups members list.


Group Engagement
Group Activity
Active Members
Posts Engagement Score
Posts Reacted
Posts Commented
Non Publishers
Non Commenters
Non reacters
Not engaged
Top publishers
Top commenters
Top reacters
Top engaged
Engaged Members score
Top influencers
The date of the last activity

So I think both platforms have their good points. If you don’t want to pay using both of these together, you can get great insights to your Facebook Group. If you do want to pay, I feel that Grytics is very good value for money.

I hope you enjoyed How to get Facebook Group Analytics – tell me if you found other ways.

Home Care Platform Hometouch

StartUp Home Care Platform Hometouch changing Social Care as we know it

hgaclycgzlqeolp0xpllHometouch is an online marketplace for home carers and families to find each other.  As you can imagine for me this tech service which uses Saas was a dream to find.  Getting the carers you want is a very difficult, upsetting and lengthy process for families.   This, let me tell you IS the solution.

StartUp Home Care Platform Hometouch changing Social Care as we know it

Hometouch uses SaaS, Software as a service to help families find the carer they want at affordable prices and also helps carers get paid the money they deserve.  From what I understand carers can charge the rates they want, (no more minimum wage for them) and Hometouch takes a commission for connecting them with families and running the system.

Hometouch was founded by Doctor Jamie Wilson who is a dementia physician in 2015 after he noticed the amount of people waiting for suitable care on the NHS.  The Startup has had three lots of successful funding rounds since then.  I can see why this is such a great idea and already works really well.  They do need to make some alterations to the website to make it more intuitive for people that might be looking for their own carers and not as able as some people, and also to add more features, but I believe they are continually improving the system and it does the job at the moment, it could just be better.

Hometouch matches carers to families

Matching carers to families makes Hometouch sound rather like a dating app such as Tinder, and I suppose the practice is very similar, but without the weirdos!  Carers are vetted and checked out completely.  I found out about this while I was on the website looking at carers profiles and they asked me if I needed any help.

Hometouch has a chat feature on the site, which actually is very handy if you do come across any problems with the website, someone will usually answer within a few minutes, even out of usual working hours.  You can also call them on the phone 24hours a day.

So, I said that I was concerned about the checks and the safety aspect.   I really was, I needed someone trustworthy, and that was knowledgeable about Alzheimer’s I couldn’t have just anyone.

I was told

In my experience we have been going above and beyond the checks that most local authorities carry out. Having met with 10 to 12 over the last couple of months

We check all of our carers ID, Qualifications and CRB/DBS certificates. We also face to face interview every carer that joins HomeTouch and assess them against 5 criteria – punctuality, communication skills, compassion/empathy, ability to take initiative and personal presentation/honesty. We pride ourselves on the high quality bar we set and only accept a small fraction of the carer applicants on to the Home

Home Care Platform Hometouch

How Does Home Care Platform Hometouch work

Its so simple,

You create an account on the Platform, no obligations

Click on Find A Carer

Put in your postcode and you are shown a list of carers profiles in your area.

The Profile shows you

  • The Location of the carer
  • How far they are from you
  • How much they charge

You then click through to view more and you can read about their background, their expertise and experience and some even have a video.


When you have decided on your carer, you then write to them and discuss your requirement and their availability basically to see if you are both a good fit.

I actually met up with the carer I chose at my fathers house for them to meet, and for dad to decide himself if he felt he would like the carer that had been chosen and also for the carer to decide if the job was for him.

When you are happy you then click BOOK and put down what hours you require, when and what service.  Another good thing is you can book just a one off or on going care, you can add or take away hours or days, you just work it out with your carer and then alter your details on the website.   The carer we chose is very in demand and we can see why he has even been on holiday with his clients.

We’ve been using the Home Care Platform Hometouch for two weeks now, I am very happy with the service, the carer and the system.  And as a business opportunity its huge, its really going to change social care as we know it.




Logitech are Having a Mouse Party

Logitech are Having a Mouse Party

I’m a huge fan of all things Logitech  so I often get emails from them with money off voucher codes, this time, when I clicked through (sucker) I found I have 25% off and the headline –  Logitech are having a mouse party, of course I had to find out more.  It wasn’t house party with a typo..

Logitech are Having a Mouse Party

Logitech are having a mouse party

So what was it all about .. well  – Logitech have got a new Wireless Mouse the M238 and its so cute and colourful – I love the web page for it too.  You can scroll through 9 different quirky and colourful designs to see how they look.  They’ve got all these weird and wonderful hands holding the mouse to show that you can have whatever design to make your personality shine, I like it! Check out The Party Selection

Logitech are having a mouse party

Being a hard computer user, working all day on the PC and playing all night either blogging, surfing or gaming I have never got on with a wireless mouse and keyboard  as they were always running out of batteries – so for years now I’ve not bothered.

However, the M238 Wireless mouse is fitted with an AA battery that they say will last a year with normal use, still even it if was 6 months that would be a great improvement, but I’m assuming then that you can’t replace this battery? I’ve asked on Twitter, let’s see if they reply in time 🙂 I’m guessing it can be replaced as the hardware has a 2-year warranty.  So @logitech replied 2 hours later – with this information – yes it can be replaced – Battery life and replacement 

Logitech are having a mouse party

Oh yes, and this mouse is really small too, so great for taking around to meetings and stuff when you are on the go with your laptop or tablet –  I do love the small versions of mice – but at the moment I have a Logitech gaming mouse G302, which is pretty large not the hardcore one with thousands of buttons, because they are too big for my hands.

It’s not a bad price either £19.90 with my 25% discount – I am tempted! 🙂

Nice one Logitech ! Love the mouse party angle!

Specs are …


  • Mouse (height x width x depth): 95 mm x 57 mm x 39 mm
  • Mouse Weight (including battery): 93 g
  • Nano receiver (height x width x depth): 14 mm x 19 mm x 6 mm

System Requirements

    • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista®
    • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
    • Chrome OS
    • Linux® kernel 2.6+
    • USB port

Technical Specifications

Connection Type:

Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. Transmission link secured with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Wireless range: 10 meters (33 feet)**Actual wireless range may vary with use, settings and environmental conditions.

Connect / Power: Yes, on/off switch

Battery type: 1 AA

Battery life (not rechargeable): 12 months**Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions.

DPI (Min/Max): 1000±

Sensor technology: Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking

Number of buttons: 3

Scroll Wheel: Yes, 2D, optical

Standard and Special Buttons: Middle click

Connection Interface: USB receiver

Unifying-ready mouse: No

Unifying-ready receiver: No

Package Contents

    • Mouse
    • Nano receiver
    • 1 AA battery (pre-installed)
    • User documentation


Simple Music Player for People with Alzheimers

My dad has suffered with memory problems for many years, and as a tech geek we have found it hard to find tech equipment easy enough to use to feed his tech addition – until he was diagnosed with Alzheimers I’d not thought to look on the Alzheimers Society website, and there we found this Simple Music Player for people with Alzheimers.

Ever since I was a kid a loved the stuff my dad had, he had a thirst for knowledge and technology that he has passed down to me – first, it was all of the huge dictionaries and then the full set of Britannica Encyclopedia that he owned which were always open and used, not just sat on the shelf collecting dust.

I remember the very exciting time in the 90’s when he got his first computer and we found that you could get the encyclopedias on CD-ROM, which now is only available digitally.  A sad story actually – because then came the internet where you could find out anything you wanted to know about on the web, but that’s another story.

Dad always had all of the gadgets you could imagine, as he got older, he had so many cameras and other equipment, like laptops and smartphones we had to encourage him not to buy them as he had started to purchase items not use them at all, and there is only so much a pension can cover.  Over the last few years this has frustrated him and we have tried getting him various easy devices but he just can’t retain the information to be able to use them, like many with dementia I imagine or even just old age.

 Simple Music Player for people with Alzheimers

Simple Music Player for People with Alzheimers

I think there are a few of these types of music players around but this Simple Music Player for people with Alzheimers is direct from the Alzheimers Society.  Its probably more expensive that some others, but we thought that they must know best so we bought it.   They say that

Playing music to people with dementia from their formative years vastly improves their cognizance and lucidity – the effects are dramatic, and are widely recognised by all dementia and alzheimer professionals.

We saw the effects immediately with my dad, not only was he so pleased that he was able to operate the MP3 player but as his favorite old tracks came on, you could see the recognition and pleasure in his face. And he started to guess the names of the tracks as they came on, which was amazing.  He even got up to have a dance, which I’ve not seen in a long time time, as he does have problems walking anyway.

He’s only had the unit for 24hours had he’s not stopped raving about how wonderful it is and he’s played it a lot.  It’s seriously made a bored, confused, frustrated old man very happy, what more could we want. He even says just to look at it makes him happy!

There was one problem with the music player where it froze when we first started using it, but we unplugged it and plugged it back in and we’ve not had a problem since, I really didn’t have the heart to say we’d send it back right away so we will see how it goes, I have warned the Alzheimer’s Society about this and I’m sure they would replace it if there was a problem.

How to use the Simple Music Player

red radio1

So, the operations are simple, you lift the flap to turn it on – and close it to turn it off – I am rather concerned that he could break this lid off but we will see.   And then there is a button under the lid which enables you to skip to the next song.

I’m not saying it was easy to get Dad to use at first as the information had gone from his head immediately but repetition seemed to get him to remember.  And it does say on the lid and the button what to do.

To get music on the Simple Music Player you simply plug the USB lead into a computer or laptop and transfer files by drag and drop or download directly to the unit.

Then a family member or carer can set the volume which is hidden under the unit so that it can’t be accidentally changed.

Above all I am very pleased with this Simple Music Player for People with Alzheimers or any type of dementia – Dads response and the crisp, clear sound it produces is fabulous and if it makes his life better, what more could we want.




My First 3 Months with the GoPro Hero4 Silver

My First Three Months with a GoPro Hero4 Silver hasn’t ghttp://techieminx.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/gopro-hero-4-silver.jpgone too well.  Or should I say WITHOUT the GoPro Hero4 Silver.  I would have thought by now, I’d have a great review for you with videos and images for you to gasp and delight at but no, sadly, we have hardly even touched the GoPro Hero 4 Silver camera

GoPro Hero 4 Silver

I found a company online called SLR HUT offering some great prices for bundles of the GoPro Hero 4 Silver.  A sports bundle, an outdoor kit, many types of accessory bundles with everything you might need to get going, and the price so much cheaper than elsewhere.  I was a little concerned, because you know you don’t get something for nothing – but could find no valid reasons not to buy from them, and the bundle seemed just so handy.

Many sites had people asking if anyone had bought from SLR HUT, some reviews good and some bad, mostly people just suspicious of them as the prices are so cheap.

I also read on various networks that the site is pretending to be a UK company –  The website is a co.uk website, the items are all written in Pounds and the phone number looks to be in the UK. The domain was registered in the USA and registered through Networksolutions.com, however I didn’t think this really mattered.

I ordered the GoPro Hero 4 Silver from SLR HUT on the 15th of September. Delivery took around 10 days, I forget how long exactly but and within a couple of days of receiving the camera, I had to contact SLR HUT because I had a faulty Go Pro Hero 4 ..  It wasn’t powering on as it wasn’t holding a charge, and if I left in plugged in to test it that way it would freeze up.  Eventually, SLR Hut believed me and on the 30th of September they agreed to have it back for repair or replacement. They said it would only take a few days…..

The address for the return was – Powershot Photo – Rockaway Park USA

One month later – the Go Pro Hero 4 arrived back – no paperwork nothing, just a new (not a Go Pro) battery and exactly the same as it was, the new battery still would not be charged by the camera.  SLR HUT said that it had been tested and worked. Really… After several emails –  I asked for a refund, they didn’t really want to know, it should have been a simple email back saying I could return the faulty item.

I wrote to Go Pro support – who were very nice and efficient, they sent a few suggestions to try out, none of which worked. 2 days later they agreed that the GoPro Hero4 sounded to be faulty and that they would supply a replacement, no questions asked.   This time I had to send it back to ModusLink in the Netherlands. Almost another month goes by and finally we have a working camera. So, thanks to GoPro for that, I didn’t expect it to take quite so long, but at least it works – Well, let’s not speak too soon, it’s only been a few days, it seems a very unstable set up to me, not what I was expecting at all but we will see.  SLR Hut hasn’t been in touch at all since.

HERO4 Session

I’m not sure what the Hero 4 session is like but it’s interesting to see that Go Pro have dramatically reduced the price for a second time down to £199.  Is this one not selling at all ?

With Christmas just around the corner now, I hope that you don’t have the problems I’ve had with my first 3 months with the GoPro Hero4 Silver

SIRI 2™ – The Voice Coach, The Personal Assistant or The Massager

SIRI 2™ - The Voice Coach, The Personal Assistant or The MassagerSo, what is SIRI 2™ The Voice Coach, The Personal Assistant or The Massager ?

Right now you are thinking about the voice of Siri that comes out of your iPhone but that’s not what I’m talking to you about today.

We are talking about the LELO SIRI 2™ by the same people that created Beyond the Wave for Valentines Day.

Before Personal Assistant Siri was as an iOS application available in the App Store by Siri, Inc LELO the award winning adult toy company had already introduced their own version of Siri, a totally different type of personal assistant.

LELO have launched the SIRI 2™

….which is something completely different again.

First The Sexy Part

SIRI 2™ is personal music massager in a curved pebble shape – which offers LELO’s strongest vibrations ever for a handheld massager. It is 100% Waterproof, so  you can use it in the bath or shower too. And has 8 new exciting vibration patterns. This massager is made from silky smooth, skin safe silicone and ABS plastic which is completely seamless.  Sexy stuff huh.

The Technical Part

Sound Responsive

Why is Techieminx writing about vibrators you may wonder – well, the amazing thing about the SIRI 2™ is that it has a unique sound responsive mode which vibrates in time to music or the sound of a voice. It has a little microphone installed inside that listens to sounds which can replicate the pulses against your body.

Crazy right?

Voice training

This isn’t just an intimate pleasure product at all – although it does its job as a personal massager very well, it’s also used to massage the whole body and believe it or not, vocal coaches are recommending the SIRI 2™  for vocal warm-ups for singers and actors before performances and cool-downs after. Performers have noticed differences in their tones and much better warm-ups. They use the different settings for different parts of the body – the throat, larynx, along the vocal chords, just off of the nasal passage, and even on top of the head.  Voice coaches are using it to help performers understand just how their voice works.

Additional Information

  • SKU / Product Code 83528
  • Brand LELO
  • Circumference 7cm (5 inches)
  • Length 43cm (4.5 inches)
  • Overall Diameter 5cm (1.77 inches)
  • Power Type USB Rechargeable
  • Controller Push button controls in base
  • Function Eight speeds, sound response mode
  • Waterproof Yes
  • Contents Lelo Siri 2, USB charger cable, instructions, satin storage pouch
  • Does Not Include Latex, Phthalates
  • Colour Black, Pink, Purple
  • Material ABS Plastic, Silicone

So, there more ways than one to raise the roof with a LELO SIRI 2™ – The Voice Coach, The Personal Assistant or The Massager


iKlips – Lightning Flash Drive – iOS Storage

iKlips - Lightning Flash Drive Adam Elements are a provider of smart lifestyle solution in Taiwan – who are now global.  Earlier this year Adam Elements did a indiegogo campaign for a new product The iKilps Lightning Flash Drive – to transfer, backup and save files from your iOS products to your PC without the use of the internet.  You won’t be surprised that they raised Over £250,000 which was 400% funded!

Who Are Adam Elements

Adam Elements established just 2 years ago in December 2013 and they offer solutions for technology brands (now you know why I’m hooked) They cover mobile devices, smart wearables, intelligent peripherals, and even health products.  They have had rapid growth since they established and actually now have three distinct consumer brands – AdamElements – AdamSelect and AdamCare for their various products.  They are now just launching the iKlips!

What is the iKlips

This is a brand new product on the market, never before have we seen a dual interface like this with the lightning connector one end and the UBS the other.

iKlips - Lightning Flash Drive

iKlips is my newest favorite gadget, it amazing, its a Lightning/USB 3.0 dual-interface flash drive – which means you can finally share data between all of your gadgets – PC, iphone, ipad and Mac and of course use to for storage.

I’m seriously excited to have been given one of  of these products for review as I’ve been looking for someone to create something like this for ages, and when the cloud came along I wasn’t sure it was needed any more – but of course it is.  You don’t always have an internet connection when you need it.  You might be on holiday somewhere that has really bad wifi or no internet at all or you might be paying through the nose for 3G.   You could be on top of a mountain, taken a great shot and want to share it with the people around you. easy as pie. Just put the pictures on your iKlips and you can share it right away. No need to wait to email or for a connection. You don’t even have to charge the iKlips so it is always ready and waiting for you.

iKlips - Lightning Flash Drive

Its so easy to back up your files when you don’t have access to the internet, cloud or itunes.  You can store, backup or transfer many types of files, photos, movies, music, files and because iKlips supports exFat it means there is no limit to individual file sizes, like flash drives with FAT32 which has a 4GB size limit.

My best and favorite feature is iKlips BackUp – because I always take too many pictures, end up with a full iPhone and can’t take anymore – with the BackUp feature you very quickly copy all of your photos or videos over the the iKlip when your memory storage is full! Its so fast – something like 100 images in a few seconds, you know how long it takes to get them to the Cloud – and with the iKlip you don’t need to connect to the internet –  Brilliant.  I use this feature all of the time, its so much easier to get your photos to the PC too. Just drag and drop everything.

iKlips - Lightning Flash Drive

How to Backup Photos from the iOS Camera Roll using the iKlips

Plug the iKlips in

Open the iKlips Free App

  • Tap Photos
  • Tap iKlips
  • Tap the flower icon
  • Tap here you want to back up from – Album or Camera Roll
  • Tap Done

And whoosh you will see them all being saved.

They will still be on your phone so you will now need to go in and delete those images or movies, and remember to delete them from the deleted photos folder.

iKlips looks so cool too, they have it in the same colours as the new iOS devices and it has a clip on the back so that you can attach it to your clothing.

Adam Elements have lots of fab tutorials on the Adam Elements YouTube you should check it out if you need to know how to do something, but its pretty straight forward and very easy to understand.


iKlips Features

  • View photos, documents, playback music, TV series and movies, backup and manage files directly from iKlips.
  • Upgrade your device storage up to 256 GB (16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256 GB capacities).
  • Lightning / USB 3.0 dual-interface – easily share files between iOS, Mac and PC. (iOS 6.1 or above / Windows XP/7/8 / Mac OSX)
  • USB 3.0 read/write speed: 140/70 MB/s.
  • The world’s fastest read/write speed-Lightning read/write speed: 26/10 MB/s
  • Top quality MLC flash memory for longer product life span and read/write speed.
  • A built-in clip that lets the user to attach it to clothing, personal belonging and always have it with them.
  • Apple MFi-certified (madefor iPhone/iPad/iPod).
  • Safe & Secure since no Internet access, your data is never sent through 3rd party servers.
  • The lowest power consumption, saves power of your iPhone/iPad.
  • Free universal iOS app for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
  • 1080p HD movie streaming, direct playback from iKlips.
  • Ultra slim with Aluminum material design.
  • No built-in battery – no need to charge iKlips.



iKlips - Lightning Flash Drive


iKlips Specifications

Interface – Lightning/ USB 3.0

Capacity  – 16/32/64/128GB/256GB

System Requirement – Free iOS App

Compatible device – Apple Lightning Device / PC

iOS 6.1 and above – Windows XP/7/8/ Mac OSX

And although it doesn’t mention it in their specs – I’ve also used it with Windows 10

The iKlips is also fully certified and licensed by Apple.

Apple MFi certified

Check out iKlips page on AdamElements Website for prices and more information.

You can also get them from Amazon UK

iKlips Flash Drive Memory Stick and Storage – 32GB

iKlips Flash Drive Memory Stick and Storage – 128GB


So there you have it – The iKlips – Lightning Flash Drive – very exciting and clever stuff!

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Brain Training with Monclarity

Brain Training A few months ago I tested out a new website – brain training with Monclarity.  Monclarity is a website that claims to strengthen your brain with a series of tests.

We can all do with more brain power right – so I signed up right away.

MONCLARITY’S MISSION. We are what we think. Your mind is your most important asset, essential to your success in life. It is also the most complex aspect of your being and the one most amenable to change. Monclarity’s mission is to enhance the human mind through neuroscientifically-guided cognitive exercise. Mind with Monclarity

Brain Training with Monclarity

Monclairy – Trains six cognitive domains of the brain.

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Visual Awareness
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Language Skills

Once you have signed up and logged in you are assessed with a series questions to see which program is suited to you best.

Its very easy to use and set up. You are given step by step instructions along the way.

The brain training is really just like playing games, mentally stimulating games.  The games are very colourful, and visually pleasing.   All of the “games” have been designed by a team of scientists, using research from Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience!  That was the science part!


Brain Training

You are often given explanations to why and how that game helped you – called Whats The Science.

At the end of each game you are given your scores – response time – longest path etc.

Brain Training

The memory games were the hardest for me, it must be my age!  I found the others were easier but still kept you on your toes.

Each test last 2 minutes, which seems a long time if you are struggling.  This is probably because of our fast paced lives, we always feel the need to rush. So time to learn that focus, patience and concentration are important.

Brain Training

The Brain Coach tells you how you are doing and how you can achieve your goals – you also have performance tracking so you can easily see how you are doing.

Brain Training

There is more gamification involved as you collect trophies, share your score with others, and even challenge your friends to beat your scores.

At the end of  your days training you have the option to come back tomorrow or carry on into the games menu – where you chose from a selection of memory games.

Your performance – there are a great number of metrics and at any time you can get a overview of your performance to see how you are progressing with your brain training.

Brain Training


The program suggests you do your training once a day for 30 mins and soon you will see an improvement to Optimise your Mind with Monclarity’s Brain Training.

Monclarity looks like its available in open beta now –  I assume at some point that you will have to pay to subscribe, so its worth a look now, while its free.

Edit – it appears that over night – Monclarity have changed to Brainwell – you can sign up here to find out more – Brainwells Personal Trainer 

Beyond the Wave – an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine’s Day

6.BeyondTheWave_PlayTogetherLelo, the leading sex toy brand has today released Beyond the Wave – an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine’s Day.  This is the first time a sex toy company has released a mainstream movie.

Before you dash off thinking this movie is going to be an advert for sex toys and porn its not, so far from it, infact its the complete opposite to what you might expect –  please read on.

Beyond the Wave – an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine’s Day


You could say that Beyond the Wave is a love story but its actually more than that, its deeper. Lelo’s intention with this movie is to bring couples closer together on an emotional level.  To remind us how to enrich our relationships even when times are hard and to not take each other for granted.   It shows us how important it is to actually communicate and to spend time with someone and to understand where they are coming from.  Which is rather different to the attention that is focused on BDSM – “Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism” which we see with 50 shades of grey – which by coincidence is also out this weekend for Valentines Day with much controversy. I know which one I’ll be watching.1.BeyondTheWave_Casper&Wei_Ling

This film Beyond the Wave is set in China in an apocalyptic world where women and men are divided, in a world without love where men and women actually choose to live apart. However a rare meeting gives one man hope of understanding his partner’s perspective.  I believe thats where the interactive part comes in – what choices will they make?

The movie stars  Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hollow), Emilie Ohana (Paris, Je t’aime) and newcomer Zhu Wei Ling.

It all sounds very clever, exciting and intriguing I can’t wait to see the interactive trailer.

Beyond The Wave – Official LELO Movie Trailer

PlayTogether™ experience

The most exciting part is of course that Beyond the Wave also hosts an extended interactive trailer which is called the PlayTogether™ experience where couples are encouraged to put their mobile phones away and to enjoy interacting with each other and the movie to create their own story through their own choices, it really sounds like fun and a little bit scary too. The only interactive experiences of this kind I’ve had has been using the mobile phone, with apps such as Blippar so this will be different.

So are you glad you stayed to find out about Beyond the Wave – an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine’s Day? Let me know what you think.

To view the trailer and interactive experience, plus access exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, visit www.BeyondTheWaveMovie.com. Plus you can keep up to date with all the movie news on the movies official Facebook and Twitter accounts @BTW_MOVIE  and @VoiceOfTheWave.