It wasn’t me! Twitter admits to unfollowing for us

Twitter has confirmed that there is a known issue which seems as if it is unfollowing our followers.

Well, what they actually say is that it just appears that your friends have been unfollowed but really they haven’t.  However this doesn’t explain why you cannot dm users that you know that you were following previously.

The first comments on this page from this Twitter support blog are 6 months old, of which there are 345 comments – so I assume thats how old the post is but still we have this problem.

People say a fix is to reload the page, it doesn’t show those users as unfollowed anymore. I haven’t tried this yet.

However, its good news to know that Twitter to acknowledge the fact, as its pretty embarrassing to say – I didn’t unfollow you, it must have been twitter – yeah sure!

Mind you, now its a good excuse to use, if say you unfollowed someone by mistake or in the heat of the moment! ha!  No, of course I wouldn’t do that!

This unfollowing is not a new issue, it has been going on for years.

I myself have noticed an increase over the past few months, I very rarely unfollow people so I know its not something I’ve done.

I have some questions for you…

  1. Have you noticed that you had unfollowed people, that you know you would never have unfollowed.
  2. Did the user tell you that they had been unfollowed or did you notice?
  3. Did you notice if your follower count changed?

I’d be interested to find out these things, if you wouldn’t mind taking the time, to just answer them here. Thanks.

Hope this helps.





Don’t give up! New Year’s Resolutions [Infographic]

It seems that New years resolutions are made to break, a little bit like rules!

We seem to set ourselves impossible tasks or too many at once.

We are 10 days into 2012 now… How are you doing with your 2012 resolutions?

If you said you were going to Eat Healthy Food and went out for a huge steak and chips this weekend, does that mean you’ve failed as this infographic suggests?  No, of course not – it just means you tripped up along the way. Besides you can have a treat now and then, ok it was a little early into the year, but don’t give up!

If you have chosen more than one resolution such as…

  1. Get Fit
  2. Loose weight
  3. Give up Smoking
  4. Get a better job
  5. Leave Facebook
  6. Join Google+

…just decide which one is the most important and stick to that for 6 months or so, then maybe tackle the next one.  You will just go crazy trying to do them all at once and probably give up completely.  Choose the easiest first like joining Google+ 🙂

Keep trying

You can make the resolutoins at any point in the year by the way, it doesn’t have to be new year, maybe decide that in March you will start going to the gym after you have not smoked for 3 months, your body will love you for it.

I like to see these targets as Goals – rather than New Years Resolutions. Set yourself Goals throughout the year, and if you don’t achieve it at first, carry on, don’t give up, you know what you need to do, so just keep trying. Ask for help, no one will think any less of you – get support from friends, family, doctors or other professionals that are there to help.

Don’t set yourself impossible tasks – perhaps just take little steps towards it.

How are you doing with your resolutions?  Are you winning?  What resolutions did you make?

ZenOK Offer Free Online Backup with 21GB storage

ZenOK  was founded by Ron Hessing in 2005 on the belief that data is the most valurable asset people and businesses own today. ZenOK have recently increased their free back up from 2GB to 21GB of storage.

“Online Backup for everyone! It is free and remains free, forever!”

Ron Hessing – Founder (August 15th, 2011)

ZenOK is an experiment in a new kind of Online Backup built on the idea that you should never have to lose your documents, spreadsheets and photos (again), and you should always be able to access the file you want.

I know the feeling of losing important data –  it is not good!  I had a damaged hard drive which took a hell of a lot of work to retrieve some documents and files that I hadn’t backed up. I eventually used Ubuntu live CD to recover the lost data – it worked but it was lucky.  Now I am much more conscious of backing things up.  I don’t put all of my eggs in one basket either, just incase that fails.  So these online backup systems are of great use, especially when they offer so much space.  I think this is the largest free online storage available, most of the time its 5gb’s or you have to pay.  – Correct me if I am wrong.

ZenOK claim to already have 10’000 active users on their system, and I’ve seen no complaints about this service – which is always a good indication.

40.000 photos, 25.000 songs, 150.000 docs.

Your ZenOK Online Backup includes 150GB of storage space for all your email, photos, files, and more.

Military-grade encryption for the safety of your files.

Your data is encrypted with the same standards used by financial institutions. Read now about how ZenOK keeps your data safe.

Online Backup.  Your hard drive on the web.

Automatically save important files in real-time to a secure online storage. Retrieve them anywhere via the secure ZenOK Website.

Protect data against loss with nothing more to install.

368.000.000.000 files were lost last year. Protect your data against a hard drive crash, fire, flood, lightning, theft and security vulnerabilities.

Currently available for Windows, but coming soon to iPhone, Linux and Mac.

Seems worth a try – to get your free invitation to open a free ZenOK account -> Free.ZenOK

Are you already using this system, let us know how you are finding it, while I wait for my invitation.

Hope this helps.

How do you know who to follow on twitter?

How do you know who to follow on Twitter?

Do you find it as difficult as me to find like minded people to follow on Twitter ?
Yes, Twitter has a search and there are various websites and lists all over the internet, some of which are helpful, but it still takes a very long time to trawl through all of the people to find the right connections for you, if you are particular like me. 

How do you know who to follow on Twitter?

He are a few sites to check out.

Edit – 2016 – Some of these sites have changed slightly – but I’ve left them here for you to check out.  – I like this one for the name! cool 😉
Even Twitter has recently introduced the “who to follow” tool. I was very excited about this at first.  I thought it would be an easy way to follow people, its apparently based on people you follow with your interests and tastes, but sadly it doesn’t work for me, I think because I follow a vast variety of tweeters.
My absolute ideal way to follow people on Twitter is by personal recommendations, as your followers are the best people to know what you like or want. Also this way you get involved in little groups which is fun!  Occasionally I will go through my followers “lists” and pick out a few tweeters from there. #followfriday is also a good way but I still find myself checking masses of people out that aren’t really suitable for me. Slow but effective. 
The last way is by following people back, which I always try to do if they are real people, I want to connect with people and I don’t think you can if you do not follow them back. As someone once said to me, its difficult talking to someone’s back.
To choose who I follow back, I do a bit of investigation.  I click on my followers now and then to see who is new (as I don’t have emails to inform me of new followers).  I don’t want to follow  spammers or people who aren’t for me so this is a process in itself, so bare this in mind if people aren’t following you back.
Avatar:  First I see if they have an avatar – a real picture is best, and tasteful is my choice, if its a logo I will check further – but sometimes I just stop here. 
Followers to following ratio: If there is a big difference then its likely that as soon as you follow they will unfollow so I don’t often follow those people unless their bio looks really interesting, and if its too close, its probably an auto follow which suggests spam. 
Bio: Which brings me to the next part, The Bio – I always  look at this to see if it interests me, it doesn’t even have to be much to catch my interest. One person I followed once just had something like “if you are interested then Google me” I thought that was brilliant because I did of course.. Google them.
Location: I don’t really worry about the location but if its London I may be tempted over look the bio if its not clear. 
Web: If all of those interest me then I will look at their website, something should really be in that section even if its just a Facebook, LinkedIn or something relating to the person. 
Lastly I will look at their tweets, their timeline –  
1) because I’m nosy
2) to make sure they aren’t just tweeting to flirt, (I use my words here carefully ha!) this isn’t what I’m looking for.
3) to make sure they have actually tweeted and aren’t just using an auto follow bot.
4) to see if they engage, communicate, connect with people as I don’t want to follow people just promoting their business, blog’s, or self. (flooding or spamming)  I might  follow this tweeter if it looks like an interesting news or tech site but that’s the only reason.
After all that, every few weeks I will check out who’s unfollowed me, and well… unfollow them 🙂 unless I really like them or value their tweets. I use  for this mostly.
Edit : 2016 and now I used CrowdFire App
Its all about what you personally want on your twitter, what you value, maybe you don’t want to follow many people or you don’t mind who you follow, this to me would soon get boring. 
Now that I’ve written that down it all looks a bit OCD but I guess we all have our ways of keeping track of who and how we follow people on twitter, it could get rather busy if you don’t watch what you are doing.
I hope that you’ve got some ideas from – How do you know who to follow on Twitter?

How do you control your followed or followers?

I know a lot of people now are keeping down their number of followed, some to a ridiculous amount,  but to follow too few people to me is pointless being a part of Twitter and to be followed back makes you feel like your opinion counts. 

Drunk Tweeting

Drunk Tweeting

Remember drunk dialing? Or did you prefer drunk texting? The slightly craftier version of drunk dialing, which enabled you to be either incognito or at least not seen in your moment of mortification – and you didn’t have to pay the consequences immediately. Typically in those instances it was only one person that you offended or had to apologise too.

Well, now there is another craze taking over where you can offend or show yourself up in public to countless numbers of people at once – it’s called drunk tweeting using

There are two websites dedicated to drunken tweeting you can even follow them on twitter I believe, where they retweet the best drunken tweets and which has pictures too, so if you are really embarrassing you might find yourself lucky enough to be listed. Although scarily, on twitdrunk there is a page where you can send an anonymous tweet, which is a bit dangerous to be honest, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that – but there are a few sites for this anonymous activity anyway.

If you want you can buy a robot to send drunken tweets for you when you are too drunk to tweet!


 Twitter words meaning – tweeting when drunk:

  • Twinking – a mixture of tweeting and drinking
  • Twit-faced – I don’t have to explain that do I?
  • TWI – Tweeting while intoxicated
  • TUI – Tweeting under the influence
  • Intoxitweeting
  • And the best one – Three tweets to the wind.

You can get stickers too!

Famous people are getting caught out drunken tweets all the time – noticeably these two that made headlines

Check Out These X-Rated Tweets! Khloe K. Gets Drunk & Poses As Her Brother.

Don’t read that link if easily offended.

The trouble is, normally there are many people following you – someone will see your dweets and remember them – even if you realize 30 seconds later and deleted all – the damage is done, normally I guess you wouldn’t realise until the morning when everyone you respect and once respected you has already read your tweet or tweets – and maybe even retweeted for all to see – even when you have deleted the offending tweet, sometimes they seem to stay on Google.

Usually it’s just a little bit of fun – we all laugh about the silly things people say – sometimes people can’t type at all and you rarely take any notice of the garbled nonsense.Or they might declare their undying love for someone, which could be very embarrassing for all concerned.

I notice a lot of people lately tweeting things like – going to a party, if I’m on at 2am tweeting just ignore me thanks – or people saying that they won’t be taking their phone to the pub/party/rave up – but then when they arrive home, with the kebab in hand, the first thing they do is go on twitter to tell all of the exceptional evening they had.

I personally think it’s hilarious and if people are going to get uppity about it, they are prudes but then I’ve never had anyone be rude or abusive to me which I have heard happens. Normally though people are happy, just chilling, having a laugh and relaxing with a drink. Oh and maybe sharing some music. 🙂

I saw Paris Hilton has a new single called Drunk Text so she must know all about it 🙂

Just a little disclaimer, these pictures aren’t my own but ones that I found on Google images, they obviously won’t be used for commercial purposes just one-time for this blog – if you wish to have them removed please tell me and I shall remove them, as well as the links thanks.