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Twitter Growth Hacking Tool

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What Twitter growth hacking tool is this I hear you ask - Well I recently told you about Jooicer the new Twitter tool which you can use to add some Jooice power to your twitter account and I just needed to update you.  Its still in Beta/Alpha unsure which but they are updating like crazy and we need to keep up! Updates on Jooicer The founders Bartolome and David Rodriguez have been implementing changes, changes that users have suggested or updates that they already had planned but not managed to find the time yet - Well, they found some time alright - I can't believe how fast they work on this. Multiple Accounts This was a winner for me, I wanted this from the start, when I suggested it they said it was in the pipeline,  and it was quickly added.   You choose your primary account and you can add as many accounts as you wish.  So far I've only added two but I'm going to get going properly with it now. Live Roadmap Now, this is genius, I [...]

Learn to Code with Codecademy

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With Codecademy you can really learn to code for free, Codecademy have web based platform and a mobile app that actually teach digital skills. Codecademy was founded in 2011 by Ryan Bubinski and Zack Sims and now has over 24 million users globally. This platform certainly gives you the building blocks to become a coder, even schools in the UK are using it now to help kids understand coding.  Codecademys aim is to reduce unemployment around the world by helping to supply skills needed. Someone actually suggested the program to a friend as a joke a while ago - and I thought I'd try it out. Learn to Code for Free with Codecademy The Codecademy mobile app is free to download on iTunes its called Code hour the app is just a taster - if you want to do something better with your time on your smartphone than to play games like DOTS, then try this intro into programming basics, they call it "A fun one hour experience" where you can learn the basic structure of code. The web-based platform is [...]

Where do you get your news? #scredible

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There have been many reports out recently telling us that 30% of people get their daily news from Facebook.  I think probably the figure is much higher when you include all of the social internet.  There is no need to buy a newspaper anymore when all the news we could ever need is at our fingertips. This got me thinking, where do you get your news? How can you Find News I personally use Google News which often takes me to the  BBC website and a few others for specific news - or if I'm mobile I've recently stuck to Flipboard which is set up to give me all of the news on subjects that I require, and what I like about Flipboard is that you can also Pocket articles to read later, from anywhere, and share to all of your networks. On the PC I do use many different programs like StumbleUpon, Scoop it, Reddit and the list goes on but recently I was asked to join a beta for Scredible and I am really enjoying using that. Elevate [...]

An Overview Of Advanced File Sharing & Storage

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By now, most people with an eye on tech products have noticed Microsoft's Surface commercials, which frequently pit the popular tablet against Apple's iPad, highlighting advantages and extra features. It's an effective concept, but within the commercials there's an interesting detail that brings to mind a bigger development in technology: basically, the Surface boasts a USB port as an advantage. However, the fact is, Apple may have the real edge here, having deliberately left out USB capability in favor of cloud storage and more advanced file sharing mechanisms. Of course, a USB can still be very convenient and effective, and this means of storage is by no means archaic - not yet, anyway. But what the above example illustrates is that, more and more, people are taking advantage of and getting used to cloud storage and advanced file sharing. So with that said, here are a few of the specific benefits these sorts of services offer. Failsafe Storage The main benefit of cloud storage options is that they give you the ability to store digital files with complete safety and [...]

Meddle – A Free Micro-Blogging Service

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Meddle is a free micro-blogging service to designed to enhance your visibility and increase your social presence on the internet. Meddle was founded by Vidar Brekke CEO and Ballu Kommireddi CTO to provide an easy way to showcase your expertise. I usually like to compare new services, but you cannot really compare Meddle to other free microblogging sites, such as Twitter or Tumbler because its actually more a mixture of both but with a little of StumbleUpon and Pinterest thrown in. What is Meddle Well, we've begun to explain what Meddle is - but lets explain more by showing what you can do with Meddle.  Some people call it Pinterest for text, this is because it is very similar in the way that you share content and you know how easy Pinterest is. Meddle offer you a plug-in that so you can select, comment and share certain excerpts from articles, blogs or websites.  First you drag the Bookmarket to your bookmark bar - You just highlight what you want to share - click the bookmarklet and a box pops up [...]

Pocket App – The essential application to read it later

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Pocket is a new and improved free version of Read it Later from 2007 by Idea Shower. Nate Weiner, founder and CEO of Pocket said that they have made all of Idea Showers applications free and he explains why the Pocket App on his blog here. Why Read It Later/Pocket Went Free So, what is Pocket Nate said in his post that its hard for people to pay for something they don't understand or see the value in. The Value for me, is that Pocket is a time saver, and stops me procrastinating which is so easy to do when you are working online. Pocket is a mobile and computer application that enables you to save articles, videos or web pages to view later.  If you are like me, you are always stumbling across articles that you don't have time to read right now.   This handy app not only saves these pages for you but also syncs it with your phone, tablet and computer so you can view it anywhere, even without an internet connection so you can catch up anywhere [...]

Schedule Google+ posts with Do Share

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If you want to Schedule Google+ posts - I guess that's why you are here - then you are going to LOVE this ! I love social media, and social networking and I am a big fan of Google Chrome or anything Google in fact - so as you'd expect I love Google-plus and the option to be able to schedule google+ posts is very appealing - not that I need to do this all the time, but I like to have the option. In comes - Do Share ! Do Share is an offical Google Chrome extension that was created by Tzarfrir Rehan - and designed by Joel Califa. Do Share not only gives you the option to post and schedule posts on Google+  but there are loads of other things you can do with it too. Sharing to Profiles and Pages Sharing from a table on Google Chrome Shares to specific circles, communities or @mentions Autocompletes Hashtags Has Free Rich text Editor - no more ** __ Supports Drafts Share from your pages stream Multple Google Login Creating Polls and Automatic numbering as inspired by Gay Kawasaki Where do [...]

What is #Skillpages

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Skillpages is a social media directory or networking website for job seekers and recruiters or people looking just for a type of skill. If you are looking for full-time, part time, temporary or a one off job, Skillpages might be a great place to start as it now has over 10 million users. Skillpages was originally called Weedle and was launched in 2009. However it went through some changes and was relaunched in January 2011 as Skillpages. After recently launching an iPhone application Skillpages became just that bit more popular  increasing their database by 1.5million users. What is Skillpages Basically, Skillpages is where you find skilled people or showcase your own skills. People say that Skillpages is just another Linkedin but its different in the way that it concentrates on your skills. With Skillpages you are searching for peoples skills in certain areas - so people might be looking for an expert in eCommerce in London, Skillpages will find them for you, either in your own community of people you trust or new contacts.  With the search function you can immediately see who has the most recommendations by the thumbs up [...]

How to get a Whole Page Screenshot that you can easily annotate

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If you need a screenshot of a website and you just use PrtScrn Capture or even the snipping tool you can only capture whats on your screen at that time (hence the name, screenshot) and but you may need more or even the whole page.  Scrolling isn't an option and minimizing the screen and making the image larger can ruin the image. There is a fantastic Chrome extension called Awesome Screenshot:Capture and Annotate by Diigo which I wanted to share with you - Diigo also have another extension called Search all - which enables you to search through all search engines, but that's another story. If you use Google Chrome, which I think most of us do now, or if you don't, why not? - ( I am a Google fan, what can I say)  then you may (like I did) have over looked this extension or you may not even know how to find extensions or apps for chrome. Edit - Screen Grab for Firefox On checking 21% of my views are by Firefox users and a helpful gentleman Len @PetersNewJobs has said that a similar great product [...]

Microsoft Windows Live Messenger – MSN is Closing down

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Microsoft's Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger as we used to know it -  is shutting down its instant message service on the 15th of March 2013 after 14 years. Email from The Messenger Team  We are retiring the existing Messenger service globally (except for mainland China where Messenger will continue to be available) and bringing the great features of Messenger and Skype together. Update to Skype and sign in using a Microsoft Account (same as your Messenger ID) and all your Messenger contacts will be at your fingertips. You'll be able to instant message and video chat with them just like before, and also discover new ways of staying in touch with Skype on your mobile and tablet. A sad day for the die-hard MSN User Msn Messenger was released originally in 1999 it was for many the first instant messaging service in direct competition with AOL instant messenger - it was very popular by users. I personally have friends that I met on ICQ that moved to MSN and stayed there - some friends now have Facebook or Twitter but [...]

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