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Talkwalker – A Unique Social Media Listening Tool

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been delving into a new tool – well new to me, called Talkwalker – A Unique Social Media Listening Tool.   With its multiple social data intelligence features Talkwalker  could be useful for not only Brands to listen to what people are saying about them or find out what their competitors are doing but also for companies who need to do research for marketing campaigns.  Or for instance find reach on  hashtags or information about products or even for bloggers who need to find out information about their own niche.   Basically, anything that is being talked about online you can find out about and discover really in-depth information with this tool.

What is Talkwalker

Talkwalker is really more than a social media listening tool – it is a leading European social data intelligence platform.  What can I say, it is huge, its a social media listening tool, analytics platform, sm monitoring tool plus more which is all intermingled to produce almost never-ending results.

Talkwalker was founded in 2009 by Trediction a company that is based in Luxembourg.  However in 2015 Talkwalker opened an office in New York headed by Todd Grossman to move the business forward and to improve the platform and service.

Talkwalker has 1500 servers processing 500 million posts from 150 million websites per day.  It pulls results from social networks, news websites, tv and radio, blogs, and others.

Social Media Listening Tool

So, I’ve called this monster platform a social media listening tool for ease as everyone mostly knows what that is and what it can do.   I was going to show you how brands can get results using this social media tool but I’ve gone for something a bit more fun this first time, that I thought you might enjoy.

chewbacca momChewbacca Mom

If you are reading this blog then you are probably on Social Media, so I will assume that you have heard about the Chewbacca Mom and her amazing Facebook Live video – titled – Its the simple joys of life – which went viral over the last few days.   This of course came as a big surprise to Candace Payne the Chewbacca mom who only wanted to share some joy about buying herself a Chewbacca mask from the Star Wars movies with her followers. Little did she know that she would suddenly have the attention of the whole of social media, TV and radio within just 24hours.   At this moment of writing the video has 145,417,291 Views which beat BuzzFeed’s record of the most views on a Facebook Live video by far a few days ago.

You might be thinking, what on earth does this have to do with a social media listening tool, Well, I found the speed and range that this story took over the internet fascinating and I wanted to show you how we can see the story progressing on the media by using the Talkwalker data intelligence features.  And more to the point how quickly and easy you can get results.

I’m not going to do a full tutorial at this stage – you can see an overview of how to use Talkwalker by Martin Shervington   – Social Listening: An Overview of Talkwalker

Okay, so here we go

Sign into Talkwalker

Click  Settings – Topic Setup – Add Topic

In the Search Query – I simply put the words “Chewbacca mom” in speech marks

And named the label the same.

talkwalker social media listening tool

I then clicked Analytics on the top bar and Chewbacca mom in the sidebar.

Now you have a huge amount of information at your fingertips.

The top bar lists

  • Results
  • Performance
  • Influencers
  • Sentiment
  • Themes
  • Demographics
  • World Map

and within each of those topics you can then see

  • Media Types
  • Sentiment
  • Countries/Regions
  • Languages
  • Gender
  • Smart Themes
  • Devices

I want to look at the Results and Media Types tab this gives me results over time and it shows me its given me 51.4k results

It breaks down the results as followers in percentages.

  •  386K Twitter
  •  3.9K  Online News
  •  16.8K Blogs
  •  Facebook
  •  25K TV/Radio
  •  854.5 Newspaper
  •  YouTube
  •  Forums
  •  2K Instagram
  •  Other

There is so much information on Facebook that it breaks it down further on the page – bearing in mind the original video was not entitled Chewbacca Mom – this is just from all the comments posts and news reports containing Chewbacca Mom as she was named a bit later.


You can see from this chart – that Candace started being referred to as the Chewbacca mom 2 days after the original video and we can see it first peaked on Monday the 23rd with 1268 mentions and then again on Wednesday the 24th at 3pm with 2765.

If you hover over the chart at the highest points it gives you that further information as you can see from this example from the next day – also you can see there is still new content being shared as it peaked again today.

chewbacca mom


If you scroll down, or click on the chart – you can see part of the reason for these numbers are:-

And many others – it lists all of the news reports about the events over the last few days.

I’m not going to show you each result, as there is just so much information we’d be here all day (thank god you say).

But I do want to show you…


This chart shows us

Most Active Author – @mannaabe – a big surprise actually – he’s not a big user – created 133 posts with 19252 reach – you can click the name and see that he has reposted all of the content surrounding Chewbacca mom to his Tumblr account numerous times, well I guess, 133 times.

  • Most Influential Author – Huffington Post Facebook
  • Most Active Site – Myinforms
  • Most influential site –

You can see there that StarWar News was 6th on the list too.    Also shown on this list is a sentiment bar – which for the top one – @mannaabe show mostly red which means negative results – I’ve looked at his posts and they aren’t negative, maybe he got that because he reposted the same posts, I am not sure.

talkwalker social media


That is just the tip of the iceberg with this Social Media Listening tool. Just think what information you as a Brand or blogger could find out with this information at your fingertips.


If you want to try it out, just go to the Talkwalker website.

End-to-end encryption makes communication on WhatsApp finally private

whatsapp-892926_1280End-to-end encryption makes communication on WhatsApp finally private – Whatsapp today have stepped up their privacy game by adding end-to-end encryption – it was one factor that was leaving them behind in the communication race with many other apps such as Telegram and Skype already using this method of secure communication.

What is end to end encryption (E2EE)

Whatspp end-to-end encryption was developed in collaboration with Open Whisper Systems.

What it actually means is that no one – apart from who you allow – can read your chat or listen to your phone calls via WhatsApp – not hackers, cyber criminals, an internet service provider, government or indeed any other third party.  What they call cryptographic keys are used to encrypt and decrypt the messages. Basically all messages, documents, photos, videos, voice messages  are secured with a lock and key, and no one else can get your secret number unless you allow it.

End-to-end encryption makes communication on WhatsApp finally private

The absence of end to end encryption hasn’t prevented the hoards of people using Whatsapp and signing up – with something like 1 billion users worldwide its quite surprising that Whatsapp has only just added end to end encryption but now they are saying that they are one of the few platforms to have full end-to-end encryption by default. You may need to update your app to get this addition to your security but it will be automatic.

You will get this message to confirm.

Messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption, which means WhatsApp and third parties can’t read or listen to them.

where you can verify, or learn more on the popup.

So, people that weren’t worried about the security on WhatsApp before probably won’t be excited about this update. However, I’m sure that we will now see a lot more people using WhatsApp who were using other communication systems previously, purely because they were concerned about the security on WhatsApp.

Read more about WhatsApp’s security and a deeply technical explanation of WhatsApp’s end to end encryption 

Also check out our other Whatsapp posts,

How to stop Whatsapp Automatically Saving Photos

WhatsApp Finally on PC



Who unfollowed me on Instagram

Instagram made some changes to the desktop application today. You can click on the heart button to see who has liked and commented on your posts and you can reply right from there, which is pretty handy.  But what they still haven’t done is to add a followers button, like we have on the app.  Also, there is no way on either the phone app or the desktop platform for you to see if you are being followed reciprocally.  There are a number of ways to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram though.

Who unfollowed me on Instagram

There are a number of ways I can find out who unfollowed me on Instagram if my follower count suddenly drops.  Sadly people just follow you to get more followers and then they unfollow you so they have a larger follower to followed ratio, so I like to catch those people out and unfollow them too.  I do follow people that don’t follow me, it’s just those annoying users that are just following you to get you to follow back.  Its rather sad when you realise that they aren’t following you for your amazing images like this one 🙂

Hotel #Lisbon #portugal ◾️⬛️◾️⬛️◾️⬛️◾️⬛️◾️⬛️◾️

A photo posted by Michelle D Harris (@michelledh) on

I realised today there are people who have no idea that these tools are available, so I thought I would share them with you.  They also have a number of other features too.

The first one is Unfollowgram



As you can see you can also unfollowgram to monitor who follows and unfollows you on Twitter.  So, here which ever one you sign in with is the one that you will get your follower details on. However, we are talking about Instagram on this occasion.

The features available on this platform.

  • Who has unfollowed you on Instagram
  • Who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram
  • Who you don’t follow back
  • Follow and unfollow users on Instagram

You then just simply go through the results and follow or unfollow people as required.

The second platform I’m going to mention is Crowdfire, you may know this app as Justunfollow – which has been around for Twitter follower management for ages.  However since they’ve been Crowdfire they have made a few changes.  And one of those changes is adding Instagram.  You can also have this as a desktop platform or an app for your phone.


Here you have a few more options

Crowdfire will show you

  • Non-Followers
  • Fans
  • Recent Unfollowers
  • Recent Followers
  • Copy Followers
  • Whitelist

And again you can just follow or unfollow as required – both of these apps prevent you from unfollowing or following too many users on Instagram (and Twitter) which is actually a good thing I think, as I know Twitter doesn’t like you mass following and unfollowing people and you can get suspended.  You can, however, pay to do more on these platforms if you upgrade to paid accounts.

As I say there are many platforms and apps to get this information but these are two that I’ve used to find out who unfollowed me on Instagram.




The Free Windows 10 Desktop Screen Recorder

I think most people by now should have upgraded to Windows 10 but many people still don’t realise that Windows 10 comes with its very own screen recording software.  This video capture tool was seemingly designed for recording Xbox games streamed on a PC but you can use it to record your own computer screen activity.  So, if you want a simple, free image and screen capture tool and you have Windows 10 you have one already.

Who knew!

Windows 10 Desktop Screen Recorder

The screen recording tool in Windows 10 is pretty much hidden if you don’t use the Xbox app because it was meant for recording games and it’s actually part of the Xbox app. So, to use the screen recording tool you will need to open the Xbox App and keep it running in the background.

(First, you’ll need to find the Xbox App if you’ve never used it, you may have it in your start menu or you can just search for it)

Then all you need to do is to press the Windows Key and the G key on your keyboard which the will bring up a message that says “Do you want to open Game Bar”.  You then click Yes this is a game.

Then the Game Bar comes up – it’s pretty self-explanatory and easy to use – we’ve mostly seen these icons before.

Windows 10 Desktop Screen Recorder

Game Bar

Push the red circle for recording and the black square (which comes up when you start recording) to stop the recording. Once you start recording the Game Bar minimises (red) in the top right-hand corner.  You need to click this to stop recording again, there is one problem sometimes when you click it, it completely disappears.  All you need to do if the game bar or the minimised bar disappears, is to hit Win + G again and the Game Bar will pop up again and you can then stop recording.

Screen recorded using the Windows 10 screen recording tool

Sample recording

Another annoying thing for some people might be that – you cannot see the mouse pointer on the recording, although you can see what is being clicked.

You can also take screenshot images by pressing the camera icon.

To find your recordings you can either go to the XBox app again and click Game DVR and there you will see your recordings.

Windows 10 Desktop Screen Recorder

Or you can go directly to This PC\Videos\Captures where you will find the videos and the images.

Sound recording

If you wish to add sound to your video – make sure you have switched it on in settings to enable the microphone.

Or just press  – Win + Alt + M

Talking of keyboard shortcuts there are a number of them as follows (which you can also change to your own keys in the Xbox app settings if you wish)

  • Record – Win + Alt + G
  • Start/Stop Recording – Win + Alt + R
  • Take screenshot – Win + Alt + PrtScn
  • Show/hide Recording Time – Win + Alt + T

This Windows 10 Desktop Screen Recorder is pretty good if you just want a quick screen capture or video but don’t expect to do anything too fancy.


Virgin Media Fastest Broadband: why are people reporting 3mbs download speeds?

I’m very confused, if its true that Virgin Media are the fastest broadband supplier, why are people reporting 3mbs download speeds?  I personally am getting this problem – I pay for 100mbs broadband and for a while now I’ve been getting from 3mbs – 70mb through out the day – and really only after about Midnight does it go back up to 100 consistently – of course which is great as that’s bedtime.

Virgin media fastest broadband, why are people reporting 3mbs download speeds

Virgin Media told me this is due to traffic, basically there are too many people using Virgin Media and they are having problems fixing it.   They also said its only in peak times but this isn’t true, its all day long that speeds are bad but it is guaranteed to get worse at around 7pm onwards.

This example of my speedtest is from 2pm – no not as bad as some that I get with 3mbs download and 200+ ping but bad enough.

Virgin media fastest broadband, why are people reporting 3mbs download speeds


Virgin Media say that, the problem is in my area, and work has to be done with a box (assume exchange) which can’t be completed until January 2016.  Of course, I have complained and they have offered me a small discount.   I’m not sure this is good enough – I pay for 100mbs download speed and I am not getting anywhere close to this for most of the day – almost all of the day.

The Power of Super Fast Virgin Broadband – as long as its not peak times, or you don’t actually use it much..

At first I asked Virgin Media if I was being throttled for over use – they told me they didn’t throttle downloads ……  however I looked at their website and in the small print it clearly says


Download Speeds maybe be affected by Traffic Management Meaures from 10am to 3pm – and 4pm to 9pm

I tweeted this to ZR who had been very vocal with his/her tweets previously but then strangely there was no reply.

virgin speeds


Virgin media fastest broadband, why are people reporting 3mbs download speeds

I thought I would investigate and see how many other people are complaining on twitter and the virgin media forums about this – and guess what – IT IS NOT JUST MY AREA!  It is country wide.  And its been going on for months.  I am not the only person complaining about virgin media download speeds. Not the only person with 3MB download speeds from Virgin Media when they are paying for a lot more – some people are paying for 152mb!

An engineer once told me that – they can turn a certain person up – so then others from the same exchange suffer, so if you don’t complain then you will never know.  I’m not sure that is correct or not, but it didn’t sound very good.

Why hasn’t the media caught hold of this or Ofcom.. this can’t be legal.  Why are they still signing new people up when they can’t supply what the rest of us what we pay for?   Its clearly an infrastructure problem if its going to take that long to sort out and its a probably all over the country.

We’ve now been told that from the first of October virgin media will be doubling our speeds ……. they have said this will not fix the slow speed problem …. wow thats helpful then.

What are Twitter saying – Please note this is a VERY small selection of many people saying the same, thing. I am compiling a list.

I realise that some people get very slow speeds and manage perfectly but for my usage I need more – that’s why I pay for more……  You get what you pay for ?  Not with virgin media…

Question is – do I wait while they sort this out – which may or may not be in 3 months – being as it took them 6 months to fix the last problem only 6 months ago – which was new cabling and a new box (that is actually a very long story which started in 2012. Maybe I should tell you that one)   Or do I bite the bullet and switch to BT or SKY broadband or both – and pay for a slower speed than I do now but hopefully more reliable.

I am now waiting for a manager to get in-touch with me. I requested this two days ago – and apparently it could take two more days… I’m such an important customer, we all are, clearly.   It might be due to the fact that the whole of South West of England – lost their broadband and TV for something like 24 hours recently, maybe that’s the hold up.

What are your views ?  Are you getting bad speeds from Virgin?   Are BT and SKY just as bad?  Do you ever even test your speeds? – look here

How to Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free

How to upgrade to windows 10 for freeHow to upgrade to windows 10 for free?  Have you clicked the upgrade button for Windows 10 yet, if you haven’t I think you should – as Microsoft say that this offer won’t last forever, you only have a year to take advantage of the offer, and  who knows they might change their minds, so get it now.

As long as you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and reserve your copy you will get the full upgrade for free, as soon as it is launched on the 29th of July. This upgrade is a full version of Windows 10 not the trial and will last forever on the device you have upgraded only – you don’t have to pay next year or ever.

Note that if you have more than one device such as a PC, laptop and a tablet you will need to reserve a copy on each device.

How to upgrade to Windows 10 for free?

Just to go the Windows 10 upgrade page –

  • Click on the small Windows icon found at the right end of the taskbar.



  • Click “Reserve your free upgrade” in the app window.
  • Enter your email if you want a confirmation of this reservation.
  • All set. There’s no obligation and you can cancel your reservation at any time.

How to turn off notifications for Windows 10

You will start to get notifications about Windows 10 from the new window you now have on your task bar – you can stop these.

Click “Customize” at the bottom of the System Tray and turn off the Get Windows 10 app notifications in the menu that comes up.

Windows 10 Features

Now that you know – How to upgrade to windows 10 for free – you might want to watch this video to see what the Windows 10 features are.

The Top How To Searches on Google

monitor-560634_640As my “How To” blogs always seem get a lot of interest from Google searches – I thought I’d try to find out The top how to searches on Google.

So, I hoped over to Google Tops trends, which shows you the most searched items of 2014.

Google tells us we searched trillions of times in 2014!

How fascinating is that!  Its hard to imagine now, what we did before Google, we would have to look in a book, buy a book or even go to the library to look up the information we needed. Or if it was something more technical such as How to make a professional animated video  or a problem on social networks (which I realise we didn’t have back then) such as How to review and remove Facebook apps you might just hire someone to do that for you.

You can basically find out how to do practically anything on Google web search or any search engine actually. In the past I’ve searched for things like how to replace an iPhone screen or how to replace a laptop hard drive and been able to do this from the tutorials that I have found.

If you ask anyone how to do something if its too detailed or they don’t know they will generally say – Google it. Or maybe they will send you a link from “Let me Google that for you” which is a fun website for all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves.


 The Top How To Searches on Google

How to…

  • How to draw
  • How to kiss
  • How to crochet
  • How to meditate
  • How to knit
  • How to twerk
  • How to squat
  • How to shuffle
  • How to revise
  • How to wallpaper

It does make me wonder what these searches say about us.  My first impression is that these searches are probably the younger generation, although how to crochet and how to wallpaper have me stumped.  It also says a lot about how people search, short and to the point. they are hoping to find their answer from that. If you wanted to refine your search of course it would be better to be more specific and to put a few more words in such as How to draw a cat on the ipad –  The more specific searches that contain a phrase are what SEO guys all call a Long Tail Keyword, which they will put in their posts so that you can find them.

The Top Five Trending Searches on Google now


Its only the last search trend here I really understand – as it has been announced that Windows 10 will be released on July 29th 2015.

I just find it fascinating, what people search for, and our thirst for knowledge, so I hope you enjoyed finding out The Top How To Searches on Google and took a look through the other top ten searches on Google.





Automated personal assistant ClickHook

Automated personal assistant ClickHookRecently I was asked to beta test the Automated personal assistant ClickHook – I wondered what on earth it was all about so I signed up.  I love a new app or platform and I love beta testing to help out.  And just sometimes I feel compelled to write a blog or a review about the subject, to help or inform my readers of great things, just like now.

ClickHook was founded by Dave Vass and his Partner Rajeev who although are from Canada and India respectively have been working together for sometime. ClickHook has only been around for 4 tiny months so its in very early stages, especially when they are a very small team and the product is self funded by Dave himself. Just wow!   The idea behind ClickHook is to offer a simpler new approach to handling leads and contacts.  I love where Dave is coming from with this, he is enjoying the thrill of creating something for us, that is more flexible and easier than anyone has created before.

Automated personal assistant ClickHook

Essentially ClickHook is a sales management system, (a CRM) for Customer Relationship Management – although ClickHook is more like having your own personal assistant, who you email and then she/he organises your leads and contacts into various stages to track and automate the sales process.

How does ClickHook work

Most of what you need is handled directly from your own email account, you don’t even need to log into ClickHook to add information. With ClickHook you are assigned a unique email ID – (which is like your personal assistants email) From your own email address you can send an email to your own ClickHook email and all of the information from the email is stored in your ClickHook CRM – all you need to add is hashtags and it will automatically file the infomation into the correct place.  This enables you to add, new contacts, leads, notes, tasks and even profile pictures.

Hashtags that you can use are…..

  • #name
  • #mobile
  • #homephone
  • #workphone
  • #type  (what type of contact is it, friend, lead, client)
  • #profile_pic, #pic, #avatar, #picture #bizcard
  • #salesflow, #sales, #sales-flow, #flow
  • #deal, #dealvalue
  • #notes, #note
  • #task
  • #call
  • #meeting
  • #message
  • #send

So… if you are in a hurry and on the go and you want to quickly store some information about a person you have just met, to remind you who they are and what you need to do, you could compose an email like this.

#name Lisa Grantham
#type client
#note call lisa about notes for meeting
#meeting 13th september 12014

The email will be stored on your CRM and all of the information within it will be in the correct place – you can also forward emails that your have received to be stored on your ClickHook system if related to the Client or Lead to keep all of the information safe in one place – no more lost emails or information.

As yet, it does take a few minutes for the information to reach your ClickHook but when its there it will be entered into those categories.

One of the great things I like about this platform is that you can take a photo of a business card and email to your clickhook email with the hashtag #bizcard and the program will scan the business card take all of the information from that business card, and add it to your contacts, plus find even more information about the person, or business.  This can take about 15 mins, so don’t panic if its not appearing right away.

ClickHook searches the web for you

Also when you add a contact, it searches the web to find out more about the person and will add things their social links, and website – thats really clever!   Although I must admit that a couple of times with my own accounts it did get one or two wrong, because I have a very common name, and many many different social media accounts and websites, so really it did very well actually.

Automated personal assistant ClickHook

 Salesflows on ClickHook

With your email hashtags #salesflow, #sales, #sales-flow, #flow you can add people to your Salesflow, which is your sales funnel – here you can add tasks and notes and move the person around in the sales funnel – ClickHook explains it much better than I could so please read – Working with Salesflows 

Another feature that I haven’t mentioned on ClickHook is the ability to add team members, so they can log in and see the information and add to it as well.

Beta Testing for ClickHook

There were a few of us Beta Testing for ClickHook and Dave was really pleased with the help, ideas and advice, many things that he hadn’t even thought of yet.  So expect big changes for the better with this platform, its workable now but I feel quite confusing at first, its not the sort of website you can just dive into and expect to know what to do right away – you do need to read the guides on the site and watch the videos.

However, I feel this could prove a very valuable addition to your regular platforms and applications if you need a way to manage your contacts and interactions simply and on the go.

If you want your own Automated personal assistant ClickHook  check out the website – ClickHook  and  Twitter here – @clickhookapp



Your desktop version of Skype is being retired

Your desktop version of Skype is being retiredIs your desktop version of Skype is being retired?!  People are getting emails saying that Skype are retiring their version of Skype and they are concerned that these emails might be a phishing email, scam or virus email.  Its good that people are concerned, you should never click links that ask for your passwords or to download, without checking first.

Skype Email – Your desktop version of Skype is being retired

The email reads like this

We are now retiring older versions of Skype and it appears that you’re currently using one of these. To continue signing into Skype on your desktop you’ll need to download to the latest version. The new version comes with improved performance and the latest features and security updates, so you’ll get the best possible Skype experience

Is this a scam email from Skype?

Skype have been saying for a long time that this will happen, and last month on their own blog they said that Skype are focusing on bringing us the latest most up to date versions of Skype and to make sure we are all using them, they are retiring older versions of Skype for Windows Desktop 6.13 and Skype for Mac 6.14 and all previous versions.  Skype mobile users are now also getting these letters and will have to update.

I have version 6.3 on my Windows 7 PC – I don’t really use it much there so its understandable its a really old version, I maybe got it when MSN Messenger closed last March.

For some mobile users upgrading skype could be a problem, as they maybe have to upgrade their operating systems and I know of one person that doesn’t have the space to upgrade and others might have older devices where they can’t upgrade. Sound like Skype might be losing some customers over the retiring of old versions.

How can I check what version of Skype I have.

1 – Open Skype

2 – Click Help  (for Mac users click the Skype menu)

3 – Click About Skype at the bottom of the list

Here you will see what version of Skype you have

Your desktop version of Skype is being retired

I checked again on the Skype blog and the latest post which was the 16th of July does say that they are retiring all previous versions and that we should update to the latest skype version.

How do I update to the latest Skype version

When your version is retired you will be signed out of skype and you will have to download the latest version and sign in again – I would suggest not clicking on any links from any emails received though just in case – it seems this is a real email and not a scam but it won’t take long for the scammers to jump on the band wagon and start sending out fake emails. S0 download from – downloads   Or if you haven’t been signed out you can upgrade directly from Skype as there is a link saying – update now or find out more.

Your desktop version of Skype is being retired

Now I have updated I am now using version 6.18, so it seems that yes in fact its true –  Your desktop version of Skype is being retired.


Twitter Growth Hacking Tool

Twitter Growth Hacking Tool What Twitter growth hacking tool is this I hear you ask – Well I recently told you about Jooicer the new Twitter tool which you can use to add some Jooice power to your twitter account and I just needed to update you.  Its still in Beta/Alpha unsure which but they are updating like crazy and we need to keep up!

Updates on Jooicer

The founders Bartolome and David Rodriguez have been implementing changes, changes that users have suggested or updates that they already had planned but not managed to find the time yet – Well, they found some time alright – I can’t believe how fast they work on this.

Multiple Accounts

This was a winner for me, I wanted this from the start, when I suggested it they said it was in the pipeline,  and it was quickly added.   You choose your primary account and you can add as many accounts as you wish.  So far I’ve only added two but I’m going to get going properly with it now.

Twitter Growth Hacking Tool

Live Roadmap

Now, this is genius, I love this – how to involve your users! .. David and Bart want their company to be totally transparent which if you know me, I LOVE this type of company – one that involves the users and gets right stuck in there with us. And part of that is Live Road Map – So that you can see what the guys are working on they have released a webpage showing all of the changes as they happen and also plans for the future, where you can go in and upvote features to speed the guys up on that specific feature. Awesome! Oh and I just noticed I’m actually mentioned on the Live Road Map!  They guys could do with some more coverage so if you have a blog, maybe you might test it out too, and review it on your site. Our start ups need us to help so that we can have great things!

Followers and Unfollowers

One of the first changes that they made to Jooicer when I last wrote about them was a graph on your profile that shows how many followers and unfollowers that you have had per day – now I’m not sure how accurate this is as I’m sure I don’t have that my unfollowers. haha!

Twitter Growth Hacking Tool


They also added some clearer instructions and buttons to the website – so that people can maneuver around easier.

Twitter Growth Hacking Tool

What I like about Jooicer is that you can add your own recipes as well as use other peoples – but that you can ask Jooicer to create or help you create a receipe that you really want – which could be anything at all!!  Also the more people that use it and add recipes the better it will be.

New Jooicer recipes on the block are 

Discover my influencers 

Unfollow inactive users. 

Since Twitcleaner left us I’ve been using Just unfollow to unfollow inactive users – because I know it will only allow me to unfollow a few at a time, because you know if you aggressively follow or unfollow you could find yourself with a twitter ban or suspension.

But in saying that with Jooicer you can specify how many to unfollow per day – or just use it as a list so that you can choose – I’ve not looked closely as this recipe to see if those changes can be made but you could still make your own to do that.

I’m testing a recipe right now that RTs when a certain keyword is mentioned, I believe you can do that with another platform, but that platform – tweets the link so everyone knows it came from there.

There is so much you can do with Jooicer and because its constantly being improved on and listening to its users and offering transparency I’m backing it all the way and I think you should too.