At last ! Create great designs from Canva on your iPhone

At last ! Create great designs from Canva on your iPhone

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canva for iphoneCanva was founded in 2012, they launched in Beta in 2013  after getting some funding and quickly became very popular, which is not a surprise because Canva is a very easy to use FREE design tool.  I wrote about Canva on my business blog in 2014 – telling everyone about the Free Design Tool.     So now we have Canva on the web, Canva on the iPad and Canva on the iPhone, I’m so excitred to have Canva on the iPhone – it does need iOS 8.1 as you would expect.

Canva on your iPhone

I’ve been using Canva for over 2 years now and have always wanted to be able to create designs on my phone.  Everytime I put in suggestions to the team they would always say, yes this is in the works, and it always came through so we just had to be patient.   Yes there are a number of different design apps but with Canva you are able to keep all of your designs and uploads of images that you use for your designs on your account, so its quick and simple to make something using your own logo or a template that you have, I don’t find that so easy with other apps.

So what’s different about Canva on your iPhone ?  

I thought there might be less on the app that on the web version but so far, there appears to be more!

  • Designed Layouts  – 1oo more created just for the iPhone 
  • Add Text
  • Add your own photos
  • Enhance photos like you would on Instagram, that’s new 
  • Share directly to another network – Brilliant! 
  • Switch seemlessly between devices. 

The last one for me, is a big bonus, any app, program, game, chat,  anything that you can switch between devices without anything changing is a bonus, like when Whatsapp Finally went to the PC  – it made me use it again properly.

I am finding it a little fiddly, if I am totally honest, I have the iPhone 5 and it has a small screen but wow – I just created something great in seconds and shared it diInstagram instagram.

The photo wasn’t the greatest, but literally I just took what I saw in my photos and stuck some text on – Strawberry Fields Forever

I am so happy to get this application, thanks Canva and the team!

How can Canva do all this for free?

How do Canva make money you might wonder – well one of the ways if that you can buy stock photo’s, images, frames, and other creations for your design, for very little money.

On the iphone app you can buy Canva credit as in-app purchases from $1.99 to $99.00

And you can now upgrade to Canva for work – well actually for sometime now.

On Canva for work you can have

  • Team branding kits – so that you can save your colours, logos and fonts 
  • Layout Creators – so you can customise your own templates 
  • Magically resize – so that you can resize your design to fit all networks or do what you want with them. 
  • Design and photo folders – so that you can keep all your stuff in folders for your team to find.

All of the above have been things that I’ve suggested and wanted over the years and Canva have cleverly put them into the Work package, which is actually very cheap @ around £10.oo per month per member – Which if you create a lot of designs, is nothing.

Love it try it out Canva iPhone 

canva on your iphone