Can Virtual Conferences Help Save the Planet

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Virtual events and interactive video conferences are an amazing way to globally connect with your audience.  If we use these platforms enough, can virtual conferences help save the planet?  Its got to help right?

UPDATE 4th April 2020 – Obviously now during the COVID19 Lockdowns its more important than ever that we work out how to have virtual events, conferences and meetings because we must stay at home! To prevent the spread of the virus.

Online networking / Group chats are a brilliant way to meet people, to learn, to engage and to forge partnerships. We have groups on Whatsapp, Telegram, Discord, and Facebook – and we even video call on several platforms either 1 to 1 or in groups for meetups, which really saves having to take a whole day out of you working day to meet up with people, saves on that pollution and all sort of things.  Of course, nothing can really replace meeting someone face to face, however, it is still is a very valuable experience, and is an easy way to lead to face to face meetings.

Conferences. events, summits, and various different types of meetings are going virtual too now, businesses are starting to use these platforms to put on events to enable us to meet people from around the world, watch and listen to speakers and go to events we wouldn’t usually got to, using video conferencing and it is becoming much more available and much more main stream, and this can only be good for our planet.

What is a virtual conference?

A virtual conference is an interactive online event that brings together many people that have similar interests or expertise so that they can learn from one another. Similar to face to face live conferences, they just as engaging but occur entirely online rather than in a physical location

Lets look at the facts

We are all concerned about reducing our carbon footprint these days, if we aren’t we should be. Business are now too becoming more environmentally conscious. We’ve all heard the words from environmental activist Greta Thunberg about Climate change. We’ve watched how she is inspiring people to refuse to travel on planes by sailing to events around the world. And not only Greta but many other people have been getting the climate conversation going, which is brilliant.  Because the more we talk about the situation the more people will listen, and it we listen we will learn and hopefully think about doing more to help our planet and save the world.

Can Virtual Conferences Help Save the Planet?

Virtual conferences, meetings or event have to be one of the most effective ways that a business can be eco friendly. And the more people set this example the more will follow.   Not only at we reducing fuel consumption and CO2 Emissions, there will be less fuel used, less paper used, even down to wear and tear on clothing all this is effective in saving the planet.

As you can tell I’m not talking about conference calls you have with a few people from your office on Google hangouts. Or a Zoom call with a few friends at a networking event, although of course this helps too – but I’m talking about events where 100’s or even thousands of people can attend.

Can Virtual Conferences Help Save the Planet

Even cutting costs can help save the planet

Think of the cost involved in running these big events or conferences. It huge!  With virtual conferencing you don’t even have to worry venue rental fees, stands, signage and staffing!  Even hotels for speakers and catering for staff and attendees!  Now you can see not only can it save the planet it can save time and your pocket!

Online Events Platforms

These event have been going of for a number of year, but the technology is getting easier and cheaper and more common these days.  The platforms which are available give you all the benefits of a physical event in a virtual live event.

Some platforms have virtual rooms to use throughout events either 1 to 1 or with groups of upto 12.  They have stages for speakers. which can interact with attendees. Some platforms offer the virtual exhibition halls where you can display your products or services and chat with attendants at the same time.

Global and Online

With online events you can connect people from around the world very easily no one has to worry about where the event is, what time it is, jet lag, booking hotels and missing work to get there.  Even those who cannot attend at the time have options too.

Some platforms offer the services to record the event to later share to others who could not attend at the time – and others have that allowance for live streaming the event.

I didn’t even realise there were so many platforms and so many options until I started looking it all of the virtual events platforms.   Many of the platforms appear to be struggling with having this go mobile but a lot of them support all of the standard browsers already.  You might want to check out these guys on Twitter, but there are many more check them all out for their different features and numbers – @Use_Remo @INXPO @hopinofficial and I’ll even include @zoom_us   who have been around the longest but I don’ think they have the visual like the others do, but worth a check.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The future in Virtual networking

I wonder if the future is VR for this is Virtual reality networking or Social VR where we can actually walk into a room and feel like we are really there.  Wouldn’t that be amazing!

Facebook is making multi-user VR much more social.  Something like Facebook Horizon which yes is right now a VR game but could easily be used for business. Just think of the possibilities to use it as a place to hang out or have business meetings. You can easily create whatever backdrop/world you need people to see and to be immersed in.  There is a long way to go but as these tools become more innovative and accessible, it will open up more opportunity to get together and socialise without the need for face to face conventions and with the opportunity to save the world


So I think the answer to – Can Virtual Conferences Help Save the Planet? – is a resounding yes… lets do more of this..   Have you tried it yet, let me know what you think?