Buffer for Facebook is offically launched

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We first mentioned about buffer for facebook in August, but now it has finally arrived.  You can now schedule your Facebook posts to be shared at better times, so they are spaced out over the day.   This is of course for the heavy user, or business that shares a lot of posts, blogs or infomation, not really for Jenny who likes to tell all about her trip to the hairdressers’, those statuses should always be instant and in realtime! 😉

And there’s more!

Dual Posting via Buffer 

You can now post the same update to both Facebook and Twitter OR have them posted to either network only – just click on your face to toggle!

On the dashboard is now less clutter so you can concentrate on your content.

There appears to be a lot of integration between Facebook and Twitter lately – is it just me, or do they appear to be ganging up on Google+ Maybe thats another blog post! 🙂


Upgraded Browser Extensions

With Facebook access, Buffer have upgraded your browser extension automatically.

Links are now shortened automatically and the new editor allows you to attach links and see thumbnail previews just the way you are used to doing in Facebook!

Timeline Previews

Timelines show attached links and pictures when posting to Facebook.

You can even edit every part of a post before it sends or reorder them. Phew we like edit! 🙂

Check out Buffer’s Facebook Page for more information – https://www.facebook.com/bufferapp or their new Google + Page https://plus.google.com/101400863551721351087/posts

Hope this helps !