Brizzly – A Simple Way To Experience The Social Web Or Not?

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Always on the look out to try different ways to view twitter, a friend suggested that I try

Brizzly is a web application, with numerous novel added features, I was very excited!

To start – Set up a Brizzly account and then log in through your twitter account, and add facebook; then you can switch between Facebook and Twitter.

My first impression of Brizzly surprised me, I was instantly disappointed with the design or layout, it looks too busy like Facebook or Bebo, the minimalism and simplification of Twitter web, Tweetdeck or many others is what makes it work, its easy reading. I do like the added features; perhaps they are just not set out right for my personal use.

It also shows a different followers and following count than twitter!

I understand that the UI and the design may yet change, and hopefully you will be able to set your own preferences for items such as colours which might make it easier to look at. I feel that there is too much on the page and this makes the font too small and also the thumbnail avatars.

A very basic quick list view…

All the added features (that are new to most other twitter clients)
Contains lists

Didn’t like
Slow and laggy
Too busy on page

Useful features I do like

When you reply to a tweet a new box appears underneath the original tweet, which I like very much, and direct messages show at the side until you have read them or passed them, which is a great idea but it takes up valuable space.

You can easily see if you have new messages in DMs or Mentions or Home as a blue dot appears at the side.

If you click on a user from your feed it brings up a big box with a larger picture with lots of information – it also tells you if the user isn’t following you. The down side of this is I found was sometimes you click on users you are following, it showed a box which said Follow, and when you click it says already following, and at other times it will have an Unfollow button. You also get the option here to message, mute or edit lists. Mute might be helpful to some people although I’m unsure why you would mute them and still follow.

Another handy feature is on the trending topics – usually you have to click them and search through if you want to find out why they are trending but on Brizzly there is a link that shows why they are trending.

In your stream you will see that pictures and videos are already open, you do not need to click on a link and also shortened URLS show up as the original if you hover over the link.

Some people may find valuable that it gives you multiple account access.

Why it was slow

When I first went to look through my followers it was loading for 10mins, I clicked on home to try to stop it and it just appeared to crash, not really a great start, I reloaded the page twice before it settled down again.

When it up dates, everything disappears for a few seconds, it makes it feel unstable. Every time you click on something new it says loading for some seconds before it does anything. So slow its slower than a snail going up hill on roller-skates.


And when you first log in it take a while to show you that you have new DMs or other messages.

A friend told me they had updated they’re profile picture on Facebook and while I could see it on the facebook page – still 20mins later I could not see it on the Brizzly page, time to give up.

So although I do love all of the new features, and feel they do have uses, I won’t be using Brizzly until they sort out the design and the speed, as to me these are more important than fancy features, however innovative they are.

Have you tried it yet? If not try it out, let me know what you think.