Breast Cancer Awareness Landmark Event #Iloveboobies

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Some Super Twitch streamers have organised a Breast Cancer Awareness Landmark Event in support of  Octobers Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  While many people are aware of breast cancer, people often forget to check themselves, and early detection of this disease can mean the difference between life or death. Sorry to be so blunt, but this is the truth. When breast cancer is detected early (localized stage), the 5-year survival rate is 98%

Breast Cancer Awareness #Landmark Event

I Love Boobies

Many people have to wake up to the reality of breast cancer every day, it seems everyone knows someone or is someone that has been affected with Breast Cancer.  I myself lost my mum to breast cancer after she had a 15 year fight keeping it at bay.

As I say this topic is important to many people – so lets raise awareness and raise some money.

breast cancer awareness landmark event

In support of breast cancer awareness month the I Love Boobies event was born

Daddio66  will be hosting and streaming this event on

Every Saturday in October live at

  • 12 pm PDT
  • 3 pm EDT
  • 11 pm BST

Also streamed by many others of the community Oodigames, Ebreck, Accountess, Daphonic, GeekDomo, Evolew, Xzialol, Skylatron, Jiminimonka to name just a few.  I’ll add more as I know them.

There are many charities involved with helping breast cancer and this time the Stream team are trying to raise some money for Keep a Breast  if you want to find out more about breast cancer please check out their website it has lots of great content or follow them on twitter

Daddio with much help (99%) from Metallical have been working very hard on the  I Love Boobie Temple on Landmark Game in which to start the events.

These gamers/streamers are walking ingame from the Boobie Temple to the Hub – and on the way – hopefully people will be sharing and donating for the charity.


breast cancer awareness landmarkevent

We are also hoping that the powers that be on Landmark Game will supply us with Pink outfits or bands to wear ingame or give out on the day, but so far this isn’t “in the plan”.

If you are a member SOE – Sony Online Entertainment – you can join in the discussions on the Forums here – Landmark I love boobies walk-a-thon thread.

Ways you can help 

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Please follow on Twitch or Twitter @daddio66 for news and please share or RT anything that you see connected with the #Iloveboobies Campaign

If you wish to help out and join in please go here

If you can’t come along you could just donate here – you’d be awesome if you did.

Its very important that people know how to check themselves or what to look out for – has this great leaflet shows you how to check and what to look out for.
Breast_signs_all_together (1)

If you can come along to support the Breast Cancer Awareness Landmark Event or do any of the above things to help, that would be fantastic!  Thank  you!

A couple of images from week 2

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