Brain Training with Monclarity

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Brain Training A few months ago I tested out a new website – brain training with Monclarity.  Monclarity is a website that claims to strengthen your brain with a series of tests.

We can all do with more brain power right – so I signed up right away.

MONCLARITY’S MISSION. We are what we think. Your mind is your most important asset, essential to your success in life. It is also the most complex aspect of your being and the one most amenable to change. Monclarity’s mission is to enhance the human mind through neuroscientifically-guided cognitive exercise. Mind with Monclarity

Brain Training with Monclarity

Monclairy – Trains six cognitive domains of the brain.

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Visual Awareness
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Language Skills

Once you have signed up and logged in you are assessed with a series questions to see which program is suited to you best.

Its very easy to use and set up. You are given step by step instructions along the way.

The brain training is really just like playing games, mentally stimulating games.  The games are very colourful, and visually pleasing.   All of the “games” have been designed by a team of scientists, using research from Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience!  That was the science part!


Brain Training

You are often given explanations to why and how that game helped you – called Whats The Science.

At the end of each game you are given your scores – response time – longest path etc.

Brain Training

The memory games were the hardest for me, it must be my age!  I found the others were easier but still kept you on your toes.

Each test last 2 minutes, which seems a long time if you are struggling.  This is probably because of our fast paced lives, we always feel the need to rush. So time to learn that focus, patience and concentration are important.

Brain Training

The Brain Coach tells you how you are doing and how you can achieve your goals – you also have performance tracking so you can easily see how you are doing.

Brain Training

There is more gamification involved as you collect trophies, share your score with others, and even challenge your friends to beat your scores.

At the end of  your days training you have the option to come back tomorrow or carry on into the games menu – where you chose from a selection of memory games.

Your performance – there are a great number of metrics and at any time you can get a overview of your performance to see how you are progressing with your brain training.

Brain Training


The program suggests you do your training once a day for 30 mins and soon you will see an improvement to Optimise your Mind with Monclarity’s Brain Training.

Monclarity looks like its available in open beta now –  I assume at some point that you will have to pay to subscribe, so its worth a look now, while its free.

Edit – it appears that over night – Monclarity have changed to Brainwell – you can sign up here to find out more – Brainwells Personal Trainer