Blogger down for over 20 hours – ITS BACK!

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Updated below.

Blogger (blogspot) announced 12 hours ago that after the downtime they had yesterday from 10-11pm that they had for maintenance there were issues found, so Blogger will be going in to read only mode. So they obviously unearthed some serious problems, are credit cards involved? I’m intrigued to why it would take this long to sort out, aren’t you?

Why is blogger down, some people thought it was because they were updating the site with the redesign but blogger are posting messages like this on there Twitter site.

@QMI_RSS We were not rolling out the new UI, but instead conducting a routine maintenance.

On the 19th of April we saw a blog from blogger stating the New UI will be

…. available to our loyal Blogger users as quickly as possible. We realize there might be some ‘rough edges’ (see this page for the known issues) but fear not, we’ll be continually updating and improving the experience until it’s ready to graduate from Blogger in Draft. Our team is also very eager to hear your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to let us know of any bugs or suggestions by clicking on the “Send feedback” link in the navigation bar (or directly on this form).

The last message we saw from @Blogger about the downtime was that …..

We’re making progress and hope to be back soon. Blogger will remain in read-only mode until work is complete. Sorry for the pain

I’ll say something for the Twitter account for Blogger it has been trying to apologise to everyone that comments to them, which is more than Playstation has even tried to do.

So we are playing the waiting game again …….  Hope its not too long for you guys.

9 hours later, and still Blogger is out of action.  This is what the website shows.

Blogger had to remove posts and comments made since the previous maintenance to fix this problem. The last posts of the Blogger status and Twitters @blogger states that they have started restoring the posts that they had to remove and expect Blogger to be back to normal soon, this was posted at 06.07 PDT  – over 3hours ago.

People on Twitter are really getting frustrated now and some are talking about going over to WordPress – see the hashtag #blogger.

Is this you?  How much longer do you think that you will wait?

Let us know your thoughts

18.09 GMT – Blogger appears have returned, lets see if its all working……