June 2009

The BR Gatekeeper

  The air was as hot and sticky as I felt, rushing to get to the station on time. People chattering all around the building, hustling, rushing to get to their destination, it unnerved me [...]

May 2009

Do the people at Apple get it?

Okay so do we get excited or not....? I've seen alot of reports this week about the new iPhone. No one is saying if its true or not. Its a rumour they say. So I've [...]

Written in the stars

I wrote a book about a girl who just didn't get it...... still sorting out some final adjustments, but here are the first few paragraphs.Be Careful What You Wish forChapter 1 / Grants WeddingStanding in [...]

Itouch iphone – I don’t get it?

Do you have an iphone or and itouch? What do you think of them. What is missing for you? Having only recently acquired an itouch myself, (from my lovely boyfriend who buys me all of my [...]