Blackberry services still down worldwide

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Blackberry smartphones in Europe, the Middle East and Africa – EMEA  cannot connect to the internet, send instant messages (BBM) and emails due to a server crash or (serious fault) at RIM who make the Blackberry. It was suggested this was worldwide earlier but now it seems to be just EMEA –  the first problems were reported at 11am today almost 6 hours ago now, and users on twitter are getting very frustrated.

Four hours ago there was an announcement from T-Mobile on their website which states

There is currently an issue with sending and receiving via the BlackBerry Messenger service as well as using BlackBerry internet services. We’re investigating this with the maunufacturer RIM as a matter of priority and hope to resolve the issue soon. We’ll keep you updated regarding the issue over the course of the day.

All other major networks are reporting that RIM are still investigating and offer no time for a fix as yet.

What the tweeters are saying…..

Some are now reporting that they have internet but not all, so maybe it is starting to come back now?

35mins ago on the Blackberry Facebook page – this announcement was made …

Is yours still not working?

People are now starting to say that they have either internet or messaging back on their Blackberrys after 12 hours of silence!

UPDATE – Problems are occurring again – Blackberry users are reporting that it is working intermittently at the moment, some say nothing all day – Tuesday 11/10/11 

Hope this helps.